Here are stories about American workers from August, 2018

Federal government is biggest cheapskate employer in US
The Guardian
— The federal government employs more workers making less than $15 an hour than any other employer in the US, a new report has revealed.
— The study, compiled by pro-union group Good Jobs Nation, analyzed federal data and showed that the government spends more than $1.6tn on federal contractors employing more than 12.5 million people with 4.5 million of those workers making below $15 an hour.
— Many of these workers are employed by contractors as janitors, cafeteria workers, call center workers, administrative assistants and healthcare aides, and union campaigners say they are being kept on poverty wages.
>>> Highest core inflation in decades flattens wage growth
federal worker

Union-busting law goes down hard in Missouri
— Voters in Missouri have overwhelmingly rejected a right-to-work law passed by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature that would have banned compulsory union fees — a resounding victory for organized labor that spent millions of dollars to defeat the measure.

For most US workers, wages have barely budged in decades
Pew Research
… today’s real average wage (that is, the wage after accounting for inflation) has about the same purchasing power it did 40 years ago. And what wage gains there have been have mostly flowed to the highest-paid tier of workers.

SHOWTIME Series Kills Off Actress Who Complained About Pay Parity…
Showbiz 411
“I definitely get less money than a male in my situation would. Definitely.”
— Ruth Wilson, actress on “The Affair”

911 dispatch jobs getting harder to fill
Wall Street Journal
— Cities across the U.S. are struggling to find 911 dispatchers as a historically tight labor market makes it harder to fill a job that was already a tough sell.
— Dispatchers are a linchpin of the nation’s emergency-response infrastructure. Their responses to 911 calls directly impact how quickly police, firefighters and other first responders are sent to help and whether they go to the right place.
— They are also hard to hire, since the job can require workers to make snap judgments on life-or-death situations, often based on incomplete information, for about what they could make working as a manager at a retail store.

Mere expectation of checking work email after hours harms health of workers and families
Eureka Alert
email family— “The competing demands of work and nonwork lives present a dilemma for employees, which triggers feelings of anxiety and endangers work and personal lives.”
— Other studies have shown that the stress of increased job demands leads to strain and conflict in family relationships when the employee is unable to fulfill nonwork roles at home — “such as when someone brings work home to finish up.

Trade war is killing American blue jeans
… a customer in Scotland who’s apologizing for canceling an order worth tens of thousands of dollars. The reason? The shop owner balked at paying an additional 25 percent tariff the European Union slapped on American-made jeans in June.

Uber gives up on self-driving trucks
clearing the road for Google, Tesla
— With Uber out of the picture, its former competitors — Google subsidiary Waymo and Tesla — are poised to duke it out as they continue to develop their own vehicles. The timing of the announcement is particularly good for Tesla — CEO Elon Musk has a call scheduled with Tesla shareholders on Wednesday to update them on Tesla’s Q2 financial results.