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‘Shocking’ Huawei Arrest Threatens to Upend Trump-Xi Trade Truce
welcome_meng_wanzhou— On the same day So-called Trump and Xi Jinping struck a trade war truce in Argentina, some 7,000 miles away Canadian authorities made an arrest that now threatens to make the U.S.-China conflict much worse.
— The U.S. is seeking the extradition of Wanzhou Meng, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co., after convincing Canada to arrest her on Dec. 1. Canada confirmed she was in custody shortly after the Globe and Mail reported she had been arrested in connection with violating sanctions against Iran.
— China promptly reacted with outrage after the news broke, demanding that both countries move to free Meng. Later, the foreign ministry said it was waiting for details on why she was arrested, and said trade talks should continue.
— It’s hard to overstate the significance of her arrest in Beijing: Meng is the daughter of the founder of Huawei, a national champion at the forefront of Xi’s efforts for China to be self-sufficient in strategic technologies. While the U.S. routinely asks allies to extradite drug lords, arms dealers and other criminals, arresting a major Chinese executive like this is rare — if not unprecedented.
— “The timing and manner of this is shocking,” Andrew Gilholm, director of North Asia analysis at Control Risks Group, said by phone. “It’s not often the phrase OMG appears in our internal email discussions. ”
This program actually works
to dramatically reduce
the killing of young men

And it’s spreading around the world.

The Guardian
gives the men a stark choice. Stop the violence and a whole range of assistance will come their way: nappies for the kids, the right paperwork for a job, even help with relocation to get out of the damaging environment in which they live. Carry on, and prison awaits – or worse.
— Relatives and representatives of local services also attend. At the New Haven meeting, one social services coordinator, Letitia Charles, pointed at the audience as she asked the young men: “Have you ever heard it takes a village (to raise a child)? Look around you. You have a village.”
— The dialogue approach is based on carrots and sticks. The police also use peer pressure dynamics in criminal gangs to reach all members, not just the individuals present at the call-in.

The Insect Apocalypse is here: What does it mean for the planet?
NY Times (Paywall)

Term limits for Supreme Court? Ds and Rs think maybe it’s time
The Hill
— A bruising battle over the court’s latest appointee and a recent health scare involving the oldest justice has renewed interest in the age-old debate over whether there should be term limits for the Supreme Court.
— It’s an idea that’s been floated before, but senators on both sides of the aisle now say it’s one that’s worth discussing in public.
— “I would sure love to have the debate,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), 67, told The Hill last week. “I don’t know exactly how I would come down, but it’s certainly worth talking about.”
— Fellow Judiciary Committee member Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), 72, said he’s intrigued by the idea.
— “The institutional stalwart inside me says no way, but, you know, we’re living in a different world, literally, than the Framers ever envisioned and maybe we need to think about it,” he said. “I haven’t reached any conclusions yet.”

Americans Prefer Watching to Reading the News –
and Mostly Through Television

Pew Research
— Three-quarters of Americans who prefer watching the news opt for TV, but since 2016, slightly more watchers name the internet as their platform of choice

24 Amazon workers sent to hospital after robot unleashes bear spray
ABC News

“For Profit” (ahem) college shutdown surprises 20,000 students, employees
—–> Let me guess. Tuition refunds will be slow in coming?

Texas border patrol killer headed for death penalty
Houston Chronicle
— The Texas border patrol supervisor who confessed to killing four women in September may receive the death penalty, authorities said.
— U.S. Border Patrol agent Juan David Ortiz, 35, was indicted Wednesday on charges of capital murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint and evading arrest or detention in the deaths of four sex workers in September, according to Webb County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz.
— Ortiz, a 10-year Border Patrol veteran, allegedly told investigators he killed the women in an effort to “clean up the streets” in Laredo, Texas.

U.S. trade deficit hits the highest level in a decade

Ever the friends of working families ….
Michigan Republicants undermine minimum wage, paid sick leave
The Hill

California rule requires solar power for new homes
Orange County Register
— Energy officials estimated the provisions will add $10,000 to the cost of building a single-family home, about $8,400 from adding solar and about $1,500 for making homes more energy-efficient. But those costs would be offset by lower utility bills over the 30-year lifespan of the solar panels.

NY women raise $1.5 million to pay medical debts of the poor
— Judith Jones and Carolyn Kenyon are two New Yorkers who are passionate about the New York Health Act, a bill that would bring universal health care to the state. Jones and Kenyon are 80 and 70 years old, respectively, but according to the New York Times, they didn’t want to just wait around for that to happen—so they rallied their friends and neighbors and raised $12,500 for the non-profit R.I.P. Medical Debt.
— R.I.P. Medical Debt buys up people’s old medical bills and forgives them. With Jones and Kenyon’s donation, the organization bought up $1.5 million in medical debts, belonging to thousands of people in need across New York. The non-profit focuses on alleviating the debts of those who really cannot afford to pay their bills, like those who earn less than two times the federal poverty level.

Study: Half of US adults have had close family member jailed
——> The only answer — let’s lock more people up.

As Evacuation Orders Lift, Some Paradise Residents Return Home To Devastation

“Stolen Pencil” data espionage campaign targets professors