California restaurant admits to sneaking Popeyes’ Chicken in back door, and serving it as their own.

“Sweet Dixie is southern inspired dining in the heart of the Long Beach arts district. Stay local, be happy and always, eat well!”
— Sweet Dixie tagline

It began with a Yelp review.

On October 7, a Yelp user who goes by the name “Tyler H.” posted a one-star review of Sweet Dixie Kitchen, a restaurant in Long Beach, California that boasts a menu of biscuits and gravy, sweet potato hash, salmon Benedicts, Frito pies, and bread pudding.

sweet-dixieHe claimed that he saw workers sneak a bag of Popeyes chicken into the kitchen shortly after he and a friend were seated at the restaurant. He’d assumed that the chicken was a snack for the kitchen staff, but when his $13 plate of chicken and waffles arrived at the table, he found the taste of this chicken eerily familiar and a touch too stale. When he asked his waiter where the restaurant had sourced the fried chicken, the waiter admitted that it came from none other than Popeyes.

“We are in the kitchen daily, personally plating each plate of food, developing new recipes and producing some of Long Beach’s best biscuits, breakfasts, comfort food and pastries. It’s traditional Southern cuisine but much is redefined to be healthier and lighter. “There is simply no reason food can’t look and taste amazing with the best ingredients, better cooking methods,” says Chef.
— From Sweet Dixie web page

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