Joe’s thing

bartonOkay, Texas Rep. Joe Barton sent a picture of his junk to a woman.

Okay, the woman in question has bad taste in men. But she’s not a child, and that means Joe “Junk” Barton is not a criminal child molester. He’s just a horny old dude who doesn’t realize that Americans lost their right to privacy 20 years ago.

Barton is more or less what you’d expect of a Texas Republican: He was a consultant for Atlantic-Richfield before switching to politics. He’s an apologist for his  backers in the Oil Business, and once said: “I cannot imagine any objective finding that CO2 is a pollutant. If that’s true, God is a polluter.” He also says Medicaid is just too much of a burden for wealthy Americans to bear, and that as a result, the poor get better medical care than the rich.

Year after year, he’s won his gerrymandered and largely rural district (south of Dallas-Fort Worth) with a 60% majority.

Joe Junk, with his voters’  hearty approval, wants to drag America back to the 19th Century. Back to the good old days when companies could do anything they pleased and the poor had the good sense to die young and spare us all that medical expense.  He owns a tiresome and predictably mindless list of positions, including cheerleading for Trump’s immigration policy. He wants Congress to pass a law enabling online poker, which certainly will make America great again.  He voted against relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Which affected millions in his home state.

Yes, Joe Junk is a a jackass.

An ineffective jackass. Joe was co-founder of the House Privacy Caucus.  They didn’t do a very good job ensuring privacy, now did they?

But my Fellow Travelers in the Loony Left are wrong to demonize Joe for immortalizing his junk.

Many of the comments on Twitter amount to: Yuk, he’s old and disgusting.

Such comments, when applied to others, are disparaged as “body shaming.”

If it’s not okay to “body shame” an overweight woman, why is it okay to “body shame” an old man? Remember, Joe did not mean for anyone but his paramour to see his junk. Whoever first shard Joe’s Junk may well have broken the law.

Joe’s guilty of bad judgement. But he’s been guilty of that since he arrived in Congress.