Collapse of the electrical grid,
transportation and communications?

“North Korea has the capability of making an EMP right now, and does – right now – constitute an existential threat to the United States,” said Peter Vincent Pry, chief of staff with the congressional EMP commission.

“A single weapon could put an EMP field down over not just the United States, but all of North America that would cause the collapse of electric grids, transportation, communications – all the life-sustaining critical infrastructure,” he continued. “And it wouldn’t be a temporary blackout either. We might not ever recover from it.”

Without protections in place to shield the electric grid, Pry said an attack could result in millions of American deaths.

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Report from the General Accounting Office (PDF)


From Popular Mechanics:

Back in March, a bogus claim circulated that 90 percent of Americans would die in such an attack, a figure also regurgitated by a former director of the CIA. That simply is not the case.

… The long, slow E3 pulse is a threat, though, and may be strong enough to burn out transformers attached to long power cables.

 …. the damage inflicted by E1 and E3 pulses mean no electricity can reach people, so the lights will go out. What happens after that is speculation. The most extreme suggestion is that, pushed back to 19th century technology, America would starve, but likely it the situation wouldn’t be quite so dire.