Donald Trump, master of blame

trump-wheel-revisedcopyHere’s just a sampling of Trump’s finger-pointing:

  • At a joint press conference with the French president in Paris, Trump said the media are making “a very big deal over something that really a lot of people would do.”
    He then turned his focus to Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, saying he had “heard” Lynch was the one to approve Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya’s visa.
  • His ire was aimed at US District Judge James Robart, who last week put a nationwide hold on Trump’s executive order.
  • After Gary Cohn, the chief White House economic adviser, went on Fox News Sunday this month to talk about the reform push, the media-obsessed president complained bitterly about the appearance, venting that Cohn failed to clearly sell the merits of the plan,
  • Headline: Trump passes blame for Yemen raid to his generals: ‘They lost Ryan’
  • Headline: Trump blames Democrats for House GOP failure to pass health care bill.
  • In the final hours of the health care debate, President Trump’s primary political strategy became clear. He threatened to blame Speaker Paul Ryan and the congressional Republicans if the bill went down to defeat. They would be responsible for the continuation of Obamacare.
  • Headline: Trump shifts blame for health-care collapse to far right
  • WASHINGTON — President Trump seems to have a pretty clear idea who to blame for many of the problems that cross his desk in the Oval Office.
    It’s President Obama.
    From the civil war in Syria and the nuclear showdown with North Korea to the loss of manufacturing jobs in the Rust Belt and problems with health care, the 45th president has blasted the 44th for misguided policies and weak leadership that have left him with a multitude of troubles to fix. He’s even accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the campaign and his team of breaking the law in the Russia investigation.
  • Donald Trump flack Katrina Pierson blamed Humayun Khan’s death on Hillary Clinton and President Obama — even though the soldier died during the George W. Bush administration.
  • Headline: Trump’s Lawyer Places Blame For Russia Meeting On Secret Service, But Not So Fast, They Say.
  • Headline: Trump Confirms FBI Probe, Blames ‘Witch Hunt’ on ‘Man Who Told Me to Fire’ Comey
  • Headline: Donald Trump Blames Baltimore Riots on Obama

Are we beginning to see a pattern here?