A fake solution for a fake president

ovalThere really is far too much fuss being made over this Trump fellow.

The solution is quite easy, folks.

Build him a fake Oval Office.

Most of his staff are already fake, so he won’t notice the fakers bustling around the fake Oval.

Next, rent a TV studio and deliver Fake News to the Fake Oval Office.

BULLETIN: Congress unanimously passes Trump Care. All Americans to be covered at no charge. Disease rates already falling. Americans deliriously happy.

BULLETIN: N. Korea President Kim so intimidated by Trump that he dismantles nuclear weapons, and disbands his military.

BULLETIN: Ivanka Trump declared world’s most admired woman as every female on the planet (even her factory slaves!)  orders 10 pairs of Ivanka’s “Janie Pump” high heels.

The Fake President will of course want to take a few “victory laps” in Air Force One. This can easily be solved by renting the “stunt double” airplane that was used in the Harrison Ford flick “Air Force One.”  A foley operator could be hired to make “vroom-vroom” jet noises while scenery is projected onto to the windows. The fact that this fake Air Force One never leaves the ground will make it much easier to deliver the President his lunch bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He’s lived in a fake world all his life. He’ll never know.