Rape, stalking not Big Tech’s problem, court rules
Courthouse News Service


The case of the New Yorker whose nightmarish experience on Grindr sparked national headlines and federal litigation will disappear with neither a trace nor a precedent.

An attorney for Matthew Herrick, whose ex-boyfriend used the hook-up app to send about 1,100 suitors Herrick’s way, had choice words Wednesday after the Second Circuit affirmed dismissal of their case.

“They’re allowing Big Tech to knowingly profit from stalking, rape and murder, when Big Tech companies are the only ones who can stop it,” attorney Tor Ekeland said in a phone interview.

California agrees to sweeping changes to protect sea life
Courthouse News Service

The state of California will roll out a sweeping set of changes to protect endangered whales and sea turtles from the dangers of crabbing gear entanglement under a settlement announced Tuesday.

To resolve a lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, the state has agreed to shorten this year’s crabbing season, limit crabbing in whale hot spots in future years, incentivize the use of rope-less crab gear, invest in technology that predicts the movements of endangered marine life and fast-track new regulations, among other measures.

The changes will put to rest claims that the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife was violating the Endangered Species Act by permitting crab traps, fishing lines, buoys and other gear that can trap and kill endangered humpback whales, blue whales and leatherback sea turtles.

Trump’s pick for Federal Reserve is tax deadbeat

Stephen Moore, whom President Donald Trump said he’ll nominate for a seat on the Federal Reserve, owes more than $75,000 in taxes and other penalties, according to the U.S. government.

A federal tax lien filed in the circuit court for Montgomery County, Maryland, where Moore owns a house, says that the government won a judgment against Moore for $75,328.80. The January 2018 filing said it was for unpaid taxes from the 2014 tax year and could accrue additional penalties and other costs.

Russia responds to Mueller report:
Moscow wins, Putin is stronger than Trump and US is a ‘pain in the ass’
The Conversation

Kremlin pundits may be claiming Trump’s victory as Russia’s victory. But that doesn’t mean they are showing him the same sympathy they did two years ago, when the investigation into the president and his election committee began.

Today, most Russian media outlets are holding up the Mueller story as just another example of American dysfunction. Trump is cast as a symptom of larger problems, rather than as the man who might solve them.

Monday, Russian Sen. Aleksei Pushkov tweeted that the Mueller investigation was “a humiliation for the USA and its political elites.” A typical comment posted in response read: “The whole country is full of idiots.”

——> Thank God for those guardians of our nation, the Supreme justices
Court: This is America. Man can use Hovercraft to hunt moose.
The Independent

A man who was banned from using his hovercraft while hunting moose in Alaska by the US National Parks Service  has had the decision overturned in the Supreme Court, allowing him to continue.

John Sturgeon of Anchorage had hunted the animals for 40 years along the Nation River,
but in 2007, park rangers told him it was illegal to use his hovercraft there.

In 2011 he took legal action against the NPS over the issue and had sued and lost in lower court rulings. But on Tuesday justices unanimously rejected the agency’s argument the river was “public land” and that the agency’s water rights interest gave it rule-making authority.

GOP legislator prays to Jesus for forgiveness before state’s first Muslim woman swears in

Stephanie Borowicz loves her some Jesus.

State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz was on the ninth “Jesus” of her opening prayer in the Pennsylvania statehouse when other lawmakers started to look uncomfortable.

Speaker Mike Turzai, a fellow Republican, glanced up — but Borowicz carried on, delivering a 100-second ceremonial invocation that some of her colleagues decried as an offensive, divisive and Islamophobic display shortly before the legislature swore in its first Muslim woman.

“God forgive us — Jesus — we’ve lost sight of you, we’ve forgotten you, God, in our country, and we’re asking you to forgive us,” Borowicz said, followed by a quote from the Bible’s second book of Chronicles that implores God’s followers to “turn from their wicked ways.” Then she praised President Trump for his unequivocal support of Israel.

Baltimore mayor “too sick” to answer pointed questions about book deal
Baltimore Sun

The U/Maryland medical system paid her for 100,000 copies of her self-published “Healthy Holly” books, in five orders of 20,000 books at $5 each, from 2011 to 2018.

Michigan cops fumbled chance to stop pervert Nassar in 2004

A Michigan police investigator who looked into allegations that Larry Nassar sexually molested girls and young women in 2004 admits that he was fooled by the now-convicted sports doctor and didn’t pursue the case.

“I believed his lies,” said Meridian Township, Mich., Detective Andrew McCready.

Nassar told Detective McCready that he was treating Brianne Randall-Gay’s scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine and that he was required to touch her lower back and upper leg region. In his summary of that interview, McCready says that Nassar gave him a Power Point presentation explaining the medical procedure. The 26-page printed presentation was written by Nassar.

Gas stop by spring breakers turns into fight for their lives
Miami Herald (w/video)

An armed robber thought he had easy late-night prey at an Oakland Park gas station Sunday. Instead he and his getaway driver found four Indiana natives who weren’t about to give up cash or take any nonsense.

They did take the robber’s gun, however, during a 40-second struggle at the Mobil gas station, 901 W. Oakland Park Blvd. And Alex Wisbey and Aric Wisbey and their cousins, Aric Tanoos and Jacob Tanoos, lived to finish out their vacation.

They also took down “079 MLZ,” the license plate of the black Hyundai. That and surveillance video led Fort Lauderdale police to Kevin Campbell, 33. He’s charged with armed robbery, giving a false identification to law enforcement and resisting arrest without violence. His bond is $10,100.

Rich idiots land helicopter in middle of Calif. poppy bloom

Oxy maker, and Sackler family, agree to pay Oklahoma $270 million

Pilots in Lion Air 737 Max crash tried to recover by hitting a switch again and again, unaware there were 3 other steps they needed to take
Business Insider

The pilots of Lion Air’s Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed last year reportedly hit an rebalancing switch repeatedly in an effort to save the plane, unaware that they needed to take three further steps.

Sources investigating the crash told The New York Times that the pilots flying the Boeing plane pressed a switch meant to rebalance a destabilization caused by a piece of software called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, which investigators believe was forcing the plane into a dive.

—–> It’s a really tiresome cycle. Wing nut legislators write draconian abortion laws to appease the “Christians.” The legislators are well aware that the courts will probably strike the laws down. Don’t we have anything better to do in this country?

North Carolina’s 20-week abortion ban is unconstitutional, a federal judge rules

Under the ruling — which will take effect in 60 days, pending an appeal from the state or revised legislation — women will be able to seek abortions at any point before a doctor determines the fetus is “viable” and could be able to survive outside the womb.

Found: A stolen Picasso

Arthur Brand said the painting had circulated in the criminal underworld of the Dutch capital.
“It was used as some kind of money as payment for drug and arm deals,” he said.

The Hague (AFP) – A Dutch art detective dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the Art World” has struck again, finding a Picasso painting worth 25 million euros stolen from a Saudi sheikh’s yacht on the French Riviera in 1999.

Arthur Brand said he had handed back the 1938 masterpiece entitled “Portrait of Dora Maar”, also known as “Buste de Femme (Dora Maar)” to an insurance company earlier this month.

The discovery of the rare portrait of Maar, one of Pablo Picasso’s most influential mistresses, is the culmination of a four-year investigation into the burglary on the luxury yacht Coral Island, as she lay anchored in Antibes.

Robert Kraft seeks Jury Trial In Happy Ending Case
CBS Boston

—>Billionaires need justice too.

Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages
Huffington Post

The vast majority of the people who propose and make changes to Wikipedia are volunteers. A few people, however, have figured out how to manipulate Wikipedia’s supposedly neutral system to turn a profit.

That’s Ed Sussman’s business. And in just the past few years, companies including Axios, NBC, Nextdoor and Facebook’s PR firm have all paid him to manipulate public perception using a tool most people would never think to check.

EU nations get two years to implement news Internet copyright rules

The law will require anyone sharing copyrighted content to obtain permission from rights owners, even if the content is just an animated GIF on Twitter. To protect their platforms from legal trouble, sites such as Facebook and Wikipedia will now be forced to implement “upload filters” to ensure that user-generated content doesn’t violate copyright.

Expensive to implement, vulnerable to bugs, and prone to inadvertently censoring lawful content, such filters have been slammed by critics as an existential threat to free expression on the internet.

Tens of thousands marched in protest across Germany ahead of the vote, decrying what they viewed as severe online censorship.

“I wonder if I shoulda bought that gun” chapter 99,965
Cops say Arby’s manager killed man who spit on her
Oklahoma News4

TULSA, Okla. – A fast food restaurant manager in Tulsa was arrested after she allegedly shot and killed a man who threatened her and spit on her, police say.

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday, police arrested 25-year-old Deionna Young in the shooting death of 25-year-old Desean Tallent.

Police say Young and Tallent allegedly got into an altercation at an Arby’s, where Young was reportedly the manager, about an hour before the shooting. Tallent allegedly threatened Young and spit on her.

Mom sues Weather Channel over “Storm Chasers” fatal wreck
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The mother of a National Weather Service storm spotter killed in a 2017 traffic wreck has filed a $125 million lawsuit against The Weather Channel, which employed storm chasers involved in the fatal collision.

Karen Di Piazza filed the lawsuit Tuesday in federal district court in Lubbock, Texas. Her son, Corbin Lee Jaeger, 25, was killed on March 28, 2017, in a two-vehicle crash on County Road 419 just west of Spur and southeast of Lubbock.

The lawsuit alleges The Weather Channel’s on-air personalities Kelley Williamson and Randall Yarnall ran stop signs and traffic lights and violated other traffic laws to obtain video for their show, “Storm Wranglers.” Officials at The Weather Channel were aware of their dangerous and reckless driving habits, according to the lawsuit.

Newspapers to Apple News: Drop dead

Many newspaper publishers — after suffering for a decade from job losses, shrinking ad dollars and circulation declines — are so far shunning Apple’s new “Netflix for news” subscription.

For $10 a month, Apple News Plus offers articles from more than 300 magazines, but only three newspapers. Despite a potential audience of millions of iPhone users, newspaper publishers may be wise to be skeptical.

“Is this the thing that’s going to save media? The answer is ‘no.’ It’s not one thing,” said Jim Brady, who built a local-news business, Spirited Media, and now consults with media companies.

Chicago Tribune: Smollett deal “indefensible”

State’s Attorney Foxx, you recused yourself, but your office dropped the case. You owe Chicagoans answers. Starting with: When did you first learn of this indefensible deal? Why was it cut in secret? Why doesn’t Jussie Smollett have to own what he was accused of doing? Because like it or not, Ms. Foxx, you own this.

Chicago Police Union Wants Federal Investigation Into Kim Foxx’s Handling of Case After She Exchanged Texts With Smollett’s Relatives
The Gateway Pundit

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