With nothing better to do, Texas cops seize a load of CBD oil
NBC Local

Amy Wazwaz, who owns the stores with her husband, said police seized more than $50,000 worth of CBD products.

“They took everything that was remotely related to CBD,” Wazwaz said, adding that she would have allowed the police to test anything in her stores, if they’d simply asked.

San Francisco To Pay $13.1 Million To Man Framed By Police For Murder

In April of last year, a jury in Oakland found that two police officers on the case, Maureen D’Amico and Michael Johnson, deliberately fabricated evidence and failed to disclose exculpatory material.

Alex Reisman, one of the lawyers for Jaml Trulove, told the Associated Press that Trulove “endured a lot,” spending years in maximum security prisons in Southern California, hundreds of miles away from his family.

Police arrested Trulove for the 2007 murder of his friend Seu Kuka, who was shot in a public housing project in San Francisco. Trulove was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.

Italian politician, a leading anti-vaxxer
goes to hospital with chicken pox
The Daily Mail

Massimiliano Fedriga is the president of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Italy.  Argued against decree which made vaccination mandatory for schoolchildren.

Most produce in US has pesticides even after being washed
The Guardian

About 70% of fresh produce sold in the US has pesticide residues on it even after it is washed, according to a health advocacy group.

According to the Environmental Working Group’s annual analysis of US Department of Agriculture data, strawberries, spinach and kale are among the most pesticide-heavy produce, while avocados, sweetcorn and pineapples had the lowest level of residues.

More than 92% of kale tested contained two or more pesticide residues, according to the analysis, and a single sample of conventionally farmed kale could contain up to 18 different pesticides.

Petition: Trip Advisor is “covering up sexual assault” 

Anxiety overtaking an awful lot of young people
Voice of America

Margaret Pisacano, 19, focuses on where she is in the moment to deal with anxiety.

Nineteen-year-old college student Margaret Pisacano can usually feel a panic attack coming on; her thoughts start to spiral, her breathing speeds up, and her heart races.

“It’s as if a tornado and a tsunami of emotions just like overcame your body and you couldn’t control anything,” Pisacano says. “It was like almost a total loss of control over any feeling or thinking in your body.”

The Arizona native, who attends college in Florida, was first diagnosed with general anxiety disorder in middle school. She is among millions of stressed-out members of Generation Z — the group of young people born roughly between 1995 and 2015, who are currently between 4 and 24 years old.

A report released Thursday by the American Psychological Association finds the rate of adolescents reporting symptoms of major depression increased 52 percent between 2005 and 2017 — from 8.7 percent to 13.2 percent — among youth from the ages of 12 and 17.

The increase was even higher — 63 percent from 2009 to 2017 — among young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

Millions watched her kids on YouTube.
Off-screen, she was beating and starving them, police say.

hackneyThey cast spells and engage in Nerf wars. They go on a “cookie capture mission,” suspending themselves over a granite countertop in a handsome suburban kitchen to swipe their sister’s baked goods.

The siblings who appear in the blithe family comedy series “Fantastic Adventures,” which has garnered nearly 800,000 subscribers and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, exude wonderment and youthful joie de vivre.

When the camera wasn’t rolling, however, police say the seven adopted children were being starved and sequestered for days in a closet with a bare tile floor. Its color evoked a green room, almost like a staging area for their performances. They were being pepper-sprayed and beaten with belts, brushes and hangers. They were forced to take ice baths. They were required to stand with their arms raised above their heads from dawn until midnight. On more than one occasion, at least one of the boys bled when the tip of his penis was pinched.

The perpetrator of this catalogue of abuse, according to a statement of probable cause prepared last week, was their adoptive mother, Machelle Hackney, 48, who goes by her maiden name Hobson and runs the “Fantastic Adventures” channel, which has more than 250 million views. The channel started in 2012 and features 10- to 15-minute videos of the children engaging in various make-believe scenarios, involving everything from zombies to spiders to s’mores. Several new videos appear each month. At the end of the segments, the children face the camera and ask viewers to like and subscribe.

Hackney was arrested on Friday at her home in Maricopa, Ariz., along with her two biological sons.

High potency pot ‘strongly linked’ to psychosis
Medical Express

High potency cannabis, especially when used daily, is “strongly linked” to the risk of developing psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and paranoia, scientists said Wednesday. In Amsterdam and London—where high-THC marijuana has long been the rule rather than the exception—50 and 30 percent of new psychosis cases, respectively, were associated with potent forms of the drug.

The findings, reported The Lancet, bolster a growing body of research connecting pot to a range of mental health disorders.

With piecemeal legalisation and decriminalisation, consumption in North America and Europe has increased markedly over the last two decades, even as levels of the drug’s mind-bending molecule, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have risen four- or five-fold.

Jury: Roundup caused man’s cancer …
Penalty phase, and many more lawsuits, to come
S.F. Chronicle

A jury in the first federal court trial of thousands of lawsuits by cancer victims against the manufacturer of the world’s most widely used herbicide found Tuesday that Monsanto’s Roundup was a likely cause of a Sonoma County man’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The six jurors deliberated for nearly four days after a two-week trial in San Francisco before agreeing unanimously that Edwin Hardeman, 70, had proven the herbicide was probably a “substantial factor” in causing the cancer with which he was diagnosed in 2015. Hardemen said he’d sprayed Roundup on his property for decades.

A pilot who hitched a ride on a Lion Air 737 saved that plane.
The next day, the same Boeing jet crashed
Mercury News/Bloomberg

… a new clue in the mystery of how some 737 Max pilots faced with the malfunction have been able to avert disaster while the others lost control of their planes
<Reuters>Cockpit voice recorder of doomed Lion Air jet depicts pilots’ frantic search for fix

The pilots of a doomed Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX scoured a handbook as they struggled to understand why the jet was lurching downwards, but ran out of time before it hit the water, three people with knowledge of the cockpit voice recorder contents said.

For the next nine minutes, the jet warned pilots it was in a stall and pushed the nose down in response, the report showed. A stall is when the airflow over a plane’s wings is too weak to generate lift and keep it flying.

The captain fought to climb, but the computer, still incorrectly sensing a stall, continued to push the nose down using the plane’s trim system. Normally, trim adjusts an aircraft’s control surfaces to ensure it flies straight and level.

“They didn’t seem to know the trim was moving down,” the third source said. “They thought only about airspeed and altitude. That was the only thing they talked about.”

How Did the F.A.A. Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly?
The New Yorker

How can a manufacturer of something as complex and potentially dangerous as a passenger jet be allowed to play such a large role in deciding whether its product is safe? It turns out that the F.A.A., with congressional approval, has “over the years delegated increasing authority to Boeing to take on more of the work of certifying the safety of its own airplanes,” the Seattle Times said. In the case of the 737 Max, which is a longer and more fuel-efficient version of previous 737s, Boeing was particularly eager to get the plane into service quickly, so it could compete with Airbus’s new A320neo.

Lawyers who took on Big Tobacco are aiming at Realtors and their 6% fee
Market Watch

The suit was filed in Chicago on behalf of anyone who sold a home through one of 20 of the largest listing services in the country over the past five years. It charges that the mighty Washington-based lobby National Association of Realtors, as well as the four largest national real estate brokerages, and the Multiple Listing Services they use, have conspired to require anyone selling a home to pay the commission of the broker representing their buyer “at an inflated amount,” in violation of federal antitrust law.

Outfielder Mike Trout to get biggest payday in sports history

$430 million over 12 years.

More households subscribe to streaming than cable/sat TV
L.A. Times

The survey found that the average consumer subscribes to three streaming services and that binge-watching continues to be a popular activity, with 91% of U.S. millennials saying they have watched three or more episodes of a show in a single sitting.

But many consumers experience frustration with streaming services’ content, with 47% saying they need multiple subscriptions to watch everything they want and 57% saying shows that they enjoy have disappeared from streaming services.

And speaking of streaming services…
Hundreds of hotel guests were secretly filmed and live-streamed

About 1,600 people have been secretly filmed in hotel rooms in South Korea, with the footage live-streamed online for paying customers to watch, police said Wednesday.
Two men have been arrested and another pair investigated in connection with the scandal, which involved 42 rooms in 30 accommodations in 10 cities around the country. Police said there was no indication the businesses were complicit in the scheme.


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