US plans to end wolf protections
Yahoo News/AP

U.S. wildlife officials plan to lift protections for gray wolves across the Lower 48 states, re-igniting the legal battle over a predator that’s run into conflicts with farmers and ranchers after rebounding in some regions, an official told The Associated Press.

Wildlife advocates reacted with outrage and promised to challenge in court any attempt to lift protections. Agriculture groups and lawmakers from Western states are likely to support the administration’s proposal.

Nearly 3 million dropped pay-TV in 2018, Double 2017 Total 

— There are some stories that you just can’t resist posting…
Billionaire diamond trader, 65, dies during penis enlargement surgery
The Daily Mail

Feinstein, Grassley call for investigation into sex abuse of kids at HHS facilities
The Hill
… “into the alleged widespread and long-term pattern of sexual abuse against unaccompanied children in HHS facilities and reports that these cases of sexual assault are not being appropriately investigated…”

… more than 4,500 allegations of sexual abuse committed against unaccompanied minors, including more than 1,000 that were reported to the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, Trump lackey Nielsen blathers on about the “emergency” at the border. Hey, Nielsen, you empty suit, the sexual abuse of children on your watch is the real emergency.

Chained dog hears Iditarod race go by, breaks free, joins in the fun
Anchorage Daily News

Skagway musher Ryan Redington spotted Dillon running on the trail between his team and the team of Bethel musher Pete Kaiser.

Dog-walking can be hazardous for seniors, study suggests

Six people were convicted of a murder they didn’t even remember. Now a county owes them $28 million.

In this February 2009 photo, Joseph White, left, one of six people wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of Helen Wilson in 1985, is hugged by Rachel Morgan, daughter of Ada Joann Taylor, right, another member of the “Beatrice Six,” following his testimony before the Judiciary Committee in Lincoln, Neb.

For years, a group of outcasts in Beatrice, Neb., were convinced they had brutally raped and murdered an elderly woman named Helen Wilson one night in February 1985, even though they couldn’t remember any of it.

That was only what they had been told by the detectives and the police psychologist at the Gage County Sheriff’s Office. At first, it was befuddling: Why couldn’t they recall any details about something so terrible? None of the six suspects could even remember being in the woman’s apartment that night. But that was okay, the police assured the group: They had simply repressed the traumatizing memories.

The police psychologist, Wayne Price, assured them the memories of the murder would probably come back in dreams or in deep thought, but that it may take awhile. For some it didn’t take long. “I block bad things out. I always have,” Ada JoAnn Taylor told police in one of her first interviews in 1989, parroting the psychologist.

By the end of the investigation, three of the six suspects — Taylor, Debra Shelden and James Dean — wholeheartedly believed in their guilt.

But for at least one of them, Joseph White, it was a different story. Convicted on nothing more than his friends’ false memories and dreams, he would spend the next 20 years seeking to prove his innocence — a pursuit that finally came to an end this week.

On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld $28.1 million in damages to the wrongfully convicted, now known as the Beatrice Six. The judgment comes as a result of a civil rights lawsuit that White filed in 2009, the same year the group was pardoned and declared innocent beyond all doubt after DNA evidence exonerated them. They had collectively served more than 70 years in prison.

Amazon/Whole Foods raises pay, as promised, but then cuts hours
The Guardian

In response to public pressure and increasing scrutiny over the pay of its warehouse workers, Amazon enacted a $15 minimum wage for all its employees on 1 November, including workers at grocery chain Whole Foods which it purchased in 2017.

All Whole Foods employees paid less than $15 an hour saw their wages increase to at least that, while all other team members received a $1-an-hour wage increase and team leaders received a $2-an-hour increase.

But since the wage increase, Whole Food employees have told the Guardian that they have experienced widespread cuts that have reduced schedule shifts across many stores, often negating wage gains for employees.

German gardener keeps blowing people up, even after he’s dead
AP/Courthouse News Service

Net neutrality is back in play as Democratic lawmakers announce a bill. Here’s what to expect

Democrats control the House. But with Republicans in control of the Senate, the legislation could be dead-on-arrival there unless the two parties agree to negotiate a compromise. Even then, it’s unclear whether the resulting bill could pass both chambers — or be signed by Trump.

“Sneak-and-peak” warrants questioned in Florida “Happy Ending” arrests 

Arkansas teen saves for 2 years to buy his friend an electric wheelchair

“He’s just been a really good friend and I wanted to do him a favor,” Tanner Wilson said. “I just felt like I needed to do it. … Brandon, he’s just always been there for me.”


US explosives have killed hundreds, including kids, in illegal Yemen bombings

A report published by the U.S.-based University Network for Human Rights (UNHR) and Yemeni monitoring group Mwatana identified 27 air strikes launched by the Gulf alliance—led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—between April 2015 and April 2018, which they said were unlawful.

The organizations said U.S.-made weapons were likely used in 25 of the attacks. In total, the 27 unlawful strikes killed at least 203 people and wounded close to 750. More than 120 children and at least 56 women were among the casualties, the report said.

‘Sconsin dude arrested after going to gym, breaking measles quarantine
NBC News

Dollar Tree is losing it; 390 Family Dollar stores to close

—–> But what are they going to do with all those attractive buildings?

Scranton cannabis festival expected to attract 10,000.
But Pa. bans dispensaries from being there.
Marijuana legalization is winning the 2020 Democratic primaries

North Korea rebuilding long-range rocket site, photos show
NBC News

Photos taken just 2 days after the Trump-Kim Hanoi summit show rebuilding at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, North Korea’s operational space launch facility.


4-year-old begged for her life before monster father killed her
NY Post

“There was a struggle,” said attorney Steven Lambert. “Of the things that have been hard for the [family] to comprehend and to accept in this reality, what happened to Bella in those last moments has been the hardest.”

Chef Mario Batali Sells Stake in All His Restaurants One Year After Sexual Harassment Accusations

Teen who defied anti-vax mom says she got false information from one source: Facebook

In an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday, Ethan Lindenberger said Facebook, or websites that were linked on Facebook, is really the only source his mother ever relied on for her anti-vaccine information.

Most importantly, Lindenberger said, was the impact Facebook’s anti-vax communities had on his family.

“I feel like if my mom didn’t interact with that information, and she wasn’t swayed by those arguments and stories, it could’ve potentially changed everything,” he said. “My entire family could’ve been vaccinated.”
State lawmakers pushing for weaker vaccine rules despite measles outbreaks

In biggest advance for depression in years,
FDA approves novel treatment for hardest cases

The nasal spray works in a new way and is based on an old anesthetic, ketamine, that has been used as a party drug.

Police Arrest 84 After Stephon Clark Protest In Sacramento

The march comes two days after Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced she would not file criminal charges against the two police officers who killed Clark, a 22-year-old unarmed black man who was fatally shot after police chased him into his grandmother’s backyard.

U.S. Credit Card Debt hit Record $870 Billion

Brits to require ID to surf porn sites
The Sun

Dr Victoria Nash of the Oxford Internet Institute says “it may make it harder for children to stumble across pornography, especially in the younger age range, but it will do nothing to stop determined teenagers.”

Experts have also raised concerns that people’s privacy will be threatened by the new system.

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