Anti-vaxxer wife of White House official:
“Bring back our childhood diseases,
they keep you healthy and fight cancer.”

Raw Story

Darla Shine, wife of White House PR hack Bill Shine, curates the “Happy Housewives Club” on Twitter. The Twitter user “ANNA” had this rejoinder to Shine’s anti-vax tweet: “Actually a recent study was released that indicates that the measles vaccine has a dual purpose. It prevents the measles which is is deadly in itself. And it also prevents the accompanying immune system suppression. Science. It’s good for you.”

Cosby, in prison, compares his wonderful self to Mandela, MLK
USA Today
“Despite the circumstances, this is an amazing experience.”

Butterfly Center Asks for a Halt to Border Wall Construction
Courthouse News Service
— The association’s executive director Marianna Trevino Wright said in a court filing Monday that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents changed the locks on the refuge’s gate and are blocking access with their service vehicles, so its visitors cannot access the 70 percent of the Butterfly Center that is south of the levee.

Oregon moves toward nation’s first statewide rent control
Oregon Public Broadcasting
——> However, they obviously haven’t done the math, or don’t understand the principle of compounding. A 7% cap on rent raises, plus the rate of inflation, gives landlords freedom to raise rents about 10% a year. 
— Average rent in Portland is $1500 a month … in ten years at the max allowable, it would be $3900 … in twenty years, more than $10,000 per month. So is this rent control? Or a Trojan Horse designed by landlords?

You killed somebody?
You’ve got no ID?
Sorry, cops can’t jail ya
Inside Edition
— A man wanted for murder spent nearly an hour convincing deputies in New Orleans to book him into jail after he was unable to produce identification, his attorney told
— Frank Sams Jr., 25, turned himself in to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Wednesday after learning a warrant for second-degree murder was out for his arrest in connection to the September killing of a gas station clerk.

“Upskirting” becomes criminal offense in England
The Independent
… The act of taking a photograph underneath another person’s clothing without their knowledge or consent is known as upskirting and could now see perpetrators face up to two years in prison and being placed on the sex offenders register.

Click on terrorist propaganda? It’s 15 years in prison for you
The Independent
—–> Ladies and Gentlemen, “thought crime” has arrived

Why the Trump rally attack on our cameraman was no surprise
… I covered endless Trump rallies in the run-up to the election and since – and there is a pattern. The attacks on the media are hugely popular with his supporters. They are every bit as much a part of his “set” as Honky Tonk Woman and Satisfaction are part of a Rolling Stones concert. You just can’t imagine it not happening.
… At some point in the president’s remarks he will point a finger to where we are filming and you know then the fun is about to begin. “Have you seen a group of more dishonest people? They are fake news; they are the enemies of the people.”
.. And like at a Christmas pantomime the crowd would jeer and boo. Honestly, for the overwhelming majority it is good fun; a part of the ritual. Like being at a football match and saying disobliging things about the referee.
… But for a few – and I should add, a growing few, it is more than that. The uncomfortable truth is that with each month that passes the attacks have become more vociferous, the violent atmosphere on these occasions more palpable.
… All of my colleagues have stories of occasions when they’ve been jostled; some have been spat at. Last night Ron heard the words ‘CNN sucks’ and ‘[expletive] the media’ before he was taken down.

Map offers vision of how climate change will “move US cities south.”

West Coast real estate so expensive that married couples are moving in with multiple roommates
Market Watch
— In Honolulu and Orange Country, Calif., the share of married couples with roommates is between four and five times the national rate. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle also have sky high rates of married couples with roomies. 

Calif. Gov.: Tech should share “data dividend”
— In his “State of the State” speech on Tuesday, Newsom said California is proud to be home to tech firms. But he said companies that make billions of dollars “collecting, curating and monetizing our personal data have a duty to protect it. Consumers have a right to know and control how their data is being used.”
— He went further by suggesting the companies share some of those profits, joining other politicians calling for higher levies on the wealthy in U.S. society.

Ex-boyfriend arrested in killing of Valerie Reyes, missing woman found in suitcase
NY Post
— Javier da Silva was nabbed by detectives from both New York and Connecticut after he used an ATM card belonging to the victim, Valerie Reyes, to withdraw cash from her account, according to the Greenwich, Conn., Police Department.


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