Airline sues passenger for missing  a flight…
… a fight against “skip lagging”
… the unnamed passenger was supposed to fly to Oslo from Seattle via Frankfurt in April 2016. However, they skipped a connecting flight and returned from Frankfurt to Berlin on a separate ticket. His total cost was 657 euros, or $743. The airline says he should have paid 2,769 euros, or $3,133. It’s seeking the difference plus interest.

Apple’s plan to monopolize news hits snag: its own greed
Wall Street Journal
In its pitch to some news organizations, the Cupertino, Calif., company has said it would keep about half of the subscription revenue from the service, the people said. The service, described by industry executives as a “Netflix for news,” would allow users to read an unlimited amount of content from participating publishers for a monthly fee. It is expected to launch later this year as a paid tier of the Apple News app, the people said.

Calif. Gov. kills LA/SF high-speed rail
SF Gate
— “Let’s be real, the current project as planned would cost too much and, respectfully, take too long. Right now, there simply isn’t a path to get from Sacramento to San Diego, let alone from San Francisco to L.A. I wish there were.”

Researchers: This technique could turn much plastic into fuel

A team of chemists at Purdue may have found a partial solution to our plastic woes. As detailed in a paper published this week in Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, the chemists discovered a way to convert polypropylene—a type of plastic commonly used in toys, medical devices, and product packaging like potato chip bags—into gasoline and diesel-like fuel. The researchers said that this fuel is pure enough to be used as blendstock, a main component of fuel used in motorized vehicles.

Teen with “stupid” anti-vaxxer parents gets himself inoculated
The Independent
— Ethan Lindenberger, 18, appealed for help on a Reddit forum, asking which vaccines he should obtain, as he said he had never received any, because “my parents are kind of stupid and don’t believe in vaccines”. “God knows how I’m still alive,” he wrote.

Since Parkland, nearly 1,200 US youth die of gun violence
McClatchy/The Trace
— The 12-month period starting Feb. 14, 2018, saw nearly 1,200 lives snuffed out. That’s a Parkland every five days, enough victims to fill three ultra-wide Boeing 777s. The true number is certainly higher because no government agency keeps a real-time tally and funding for research is restricted by law.

43 Mexicans free in Canada after being held in “modern-day slavery”
— Police said that the traffickers had allegedly been controlling the wages made by the forced laborers. The victims had already paid traffickers significant amounts of money to leave Mexico, in addition to being charged fees for transportation and lodging.

Michelle Carter, who urged man to kill himself, reports to jail.
Mass Live

The SUV That’s About To Change Asset Forfeiture Rules Nationwide

Hawaii storm: Snow on Maui, 191-mph winds on the Big Isle
SF Gate

Is this a great country, or what?
Florida School Hires Combat Veterans To Patrol Campus To Prevent Mass Shootings
— Bill Jones, the school’s principal, hopes publicizing the new hires will deter anyone who might be thinking about shooting up the school.
— “If someone walks onto this campus, they’re going to be shot and killed,” he told the Bradenton Herald. “We’re not going to talk with them. We’re not going to negotiate. We are going to put them down, as quickly as possible.”
—–> Principal Bill already needs a lawyer, whether he knows it or not.

Georgia consider tax on downloads, streaming
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

— Possibly coming soon to a screen near you: a tax on Netflix and just about everything else you download or stream.
— Georgia lawmakers, coaxed by dozens of lobbyists swarming the state Capitol, are pushing for a tax on digital video, books, music and video games.
— That means you’d pay more for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Kindle e-books, iTunes music, Spotify and internet phone services.
–Legislators and internet providers see it as a giant pool of untapped cash that could be used to subsidize construction of internet lines in economically depressed rural parts of the state.

“We are witnessing the largest extinction event on Earth since the late Permian and Cretaceous periods.”
Nearly half of all insect species worldwide are in rapid decline and a third could disappear altogether, according to a study warning of dire consequences for crop pollination and natural food chains.
— “Unless we change our way of producing food, insects as a whole will go down the path of extinction in a few decades,” concluded the peer-reviewed study, which is set for publication in April.
— Restoring wilderness areas and a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides and chemical fertiliser are likely the best way to slow the insect loss, they said.
— The recent collapse, for example, of many bird species in France was traced to the use insecticides on industrial crops such as wheat, barley, corn and wine grapes.
— “There are hardly any insects left — that’s the number one problem,” said Vincent Bretagnolle, an ecologist at Centre for Biological Studies.
— Experts estimate that flying insects across Europe have declined 80 percent on average, causing bird populations to drop by more than 400 million in three decades.

Would you pull up at the drive-thru of this burning A&W?
Many did, hoping perhaps for a flame-broiled burger
Global News Canada

a&w fie

As more older Americans ‘age in place,’ millennials struggle to find homes
— With more seniors than ever aging in place and choosing not to sell the family home, an estimated 1.6 million fewer properties are now available in a market already experiencing a critical shortage, according to Freddie Mac.
— To put it in perspective, that is about the same number of new single-family and multifamily housing units built each year.
— That stay-put trend is crashing into the rising demand for housing from the huge millennial generation: fewer homes for sale will continue to put upward pressure on already overheated home prices.

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