— Susan Collins received $1.8 mil in donations after voting to confirm Kavanaugh ($250K+ from Super PACs). She raised just $140K in the quarter before the vote. There shouldn’t be a financial incentive for a Senator to confirm a Supreme Court justice. It’s an insult to democracy.
— Former Sec’y of Labor Robert Reich

Global Warming Will Change the Color of the Oceans, MIT Study Finds

— Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  suggest that much of the ocean surface will be bluer and greener due to the effect of rising global temperatures on phytoplankton, or microscopic marine algae that contain chlorophyll and need sunlight to live and grow.
>>>This undersea robot just delivered 100,000 baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef
NBC News
Researchers in Australia have developed an underwater robot that could help repopulate damaged sections of the Great Barrier Reef.

On the way out: America’s Chinatowns
The Atlantic
— LOS ANGELES—As a new immigrant to the United States, Li Zhong Huang knew there was only one place he wanted to live: the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, where he could be surrounded by language, food, and people from his home province of Guangdong. In 2001, he found an apartment with a shared bathroom and kitchen for $390 and moved in, relishing the sunny weather and ample transportation options of his new neighborhood.
— A decade after he arrived, though, the neighborhood started changing. Construction started on two new luxury apartment condos. One, Blossom Plaza, now offers two-bedroom apartments with amenities such as a pool, a shuffleboard court, and a fitness center for $2,600 a month. The other, Jia Apartments, features a pool, a spa, and black granite countertops, with two bedrooms starting at $2,500.

5 reasons autonomous cars are many years away
1) Snow blocks the view of lane lines that vehicle cameras use.
2) Lane lines aren’t standardized, so vehicles have to learn how to drive differently in each city.
3) For many years, autonomous vehicles will have to deal with humans who don’t always play by the rules.
4) Deciding when to turn left in front of oncoming traffic without a green arrow is one of the more difficult tasks for human drivers and one that causes many crashes. Autonomous vehicles have the same trouble.
5) Surveys taken after the Uber crash showed that drivers are reluctant to give up control to a computer. One by AAA found that 73 percent of American drivers would be too fearful to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle. That’s up from 63 percent in late 2017.

Drug, once free, now priced at $375,000/year.
Sen. Sanders asks why
— “Catalyst’s decision to set the annual list price at $375,000 is not only a blatant fleecing of American taxpayers, but is also an immoral exploitation of patients who need this medication.”

Health news online? Mostly misleading, scientists say
Of the top 10 shared articles, scientists found that three quarters were either misleading or included some false information. Only three were considered “highly credible.” Some lacked context of the issue, exaggerated the harms of a potential threat, or overstated research findings. Many writers either twisted data or simply couldn’t properly interpret it. Others, it seems, had an agenda.

Soak the rich? Americans say go for it
— Surveys are showing overwhelming support for raising taxes on top earners, including a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released Monday that found 76 percent of registered voters believe the wealthiest Americans should pay more in taxes. A recent Fox News survey showed that 70 percent of Americans favor raising taxes on those earning over $10 million — including 54 percent of Republicans
— The numbers suggest the political ground upon which the 2020 presidential campaign will be fought is shifting in dramatic ways, reflecting the rise in inequality in the United States and growing concerns in the electorate about the fairness of the American system.

She committed fraud to help kid who had strep throat,
and now she’s out of her job as schools chief
CBS News
“Unfortunately, my recent lapse in judgment has brought negative attention to the community and myself.”

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings has told NBC News that Smitherman took the student to one urgent care location but was denied because she is not his guardian. That’s when Smitherman took the student to St. Vincent Med in Elwood and used her insurance to have the student evaluated under her son’s name, Cummings said.

Health Dep’t: Addicts outnumber high school students in S.F
SF Chronicle
— “The drugs of choice among the homeless appear to be heroin during the day, and methamphetamine at night — to stay up,” said Eileen Loughran, who heads the city’s syringe access and recovery program. Loughran said on average an addict shoots up three times a day, “but some people do more.”
— While City Hall solidly supports the free syringe program, the proliferation of needles on city sidewalks and parks was a major issue in Mayor London Breed’s mayoral election last year — one she promised to clean up.

Brexit riot plan: Evacuate the Queen
— “These emergency evacuation plans have been in existence since the Cold War, but have now been repurposed in the event of civil disorder following a no-deal Brexit,” the Sunday Times said, quoting an unnamed source from the government’s Cabinet Office, which handles sensitive administrative issues.

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