The Well-Regulated Militia
Texas Boy, 12, Allegedly Killed Pro Boxer After Breaking Into His Home

Tony private Maryland school admits its staff abused kids
Yahoo News/AP
— A private school in Maryland confirmed Monday that 10 adults in positions of authority engaged in sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students from the 1970s through the early 1990s, and that the school failed to protect students from them.

Carolyn Surrick poses for a photo on the back porch of her home in Annapolis, Md. Surrick has spoken publicly about being sexually abused by two teachers in the 1970s at Key School and wrote about her experience on social media using the hastag #KeyToo, a reference to the #MeToo movement. The Associated Press doesn’t normally name victims of sex crimes, but Surrick said she wants to be identified. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

Promising (but not definitive) study links high blood pressure, dementia
NBC News

Five cops in hospital after warrant service leads to gun battle
Houston Chronicle

Chinese checkers: US unveils charges vs. Huawei exec
Wall Street Journal
The Trump administration unveiled a sweeping set of criminal charges against China’s Huawei Technologies Co. in its latest salvo against the telecom giant, with authorities unsealing a pair of indictments just days before U.S.-China trade talks are set to resume.
— In the cases unsealed Monday, federal prosecutors accused Huawei of violating U.S. sanctions on Iran and of stealing trade secrets from a U.S. business partner, portraying the company as a serial violator of U.S. laws and global business practices.
— The actions included charges against Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, who is being held in Vancouver after Canadian authorities arrested the executive because of a U.S. extradition request.

Google to package and sell location info on cell phones
The Intercept
— If Sidewalk Labs has access to people’s unique paths of movement prior to making its synthetic models, wouldn’t it be possible to figure out who they are, based on where they go to sleep or work?

Rape victim, 12, needed police escort to leave N. Ireland for abortion
The Independent
— A 12-year-old rape victim in Northern Ireland has been forced to travel to England under police escort for an abortion, MPs have been told.
— Dawn Purvis, former director of the Marie Stopes pregnancy advice service in Belfast, said an officer seized samples from the procedure as evidence.
— The child, who was not identified, could not be treated in Northern Ireland due to strict laws prohibiting the procedure in most circumstances.
— Northern Ireland has a ban on abortions in almost all cases – even rape or incest.

With Unfilled Jobs, Businesses Push Rural Residents Toward College
— Now, growing demand for college-trained workers has brought a powerful new voice to the chorus: businesses desperate to fill increasingly complex jobs at a time of almost nonexistent unemployment. With worker shortages hitting industries nationwide, their companies — and many states’ economies — depend on it.
— “No employer wants to locate where it has to bring in outside labor or train its staff from the ground up,” editorialized one newspaper in Tennessee’s rural Washington County. That area was short-listed for a new factory planned by a South Korean auto parts manufacturer that would have provided 1,000 jobs, but the company pulled out because of the low proportion of skilled workers available.
— As this gap becomes more critical, Tennessee is trying to prod working adults to go back to school. Starting this fall, it extended its groundbreaking promise of tuition-free community college to all residents.

GOP lawmaker employs hundreds of minors …
… and wants to kill child labor laws. 
Indy Star
chip— A lawmaker who employs hundreds of minors at an Indiana ski resort is pushing to scrap all state child labor laws, which is raising questions about whether his role in such an effort is a conflict of interest.
— Senate Bill 342 — filed by Republican state Sen. Chip Perfect, the CEO of Perfect North Slopes — would get rid of work permit requirements for minors and remove all restrictions on what hours 16- and 17-year-old Hoosiers can work.


Why Detroit’s plan to reforest its streets ran into roadblocks
Pacific Standard
— Many citizens pushed back against a government-backed urban greening program due to an abiding mistrust of the city and its officials.



Gov’t shutdown cost the economy $11 billion,
including a permanent $3 billion loss
>>>  Treasury to Borrow $1 Trillion for a Second Year to Finance Deficit (Bloomberg)

Some Florida cities rebel against use of forced prison labor
The Appeal
… More than 500 public entities—mostly cities and counties—have arrangements with the Florida Department of Corrections to use incarcerated workers. The work crews are typically dispatched to do grounds maintenance and pick up litter in the community…

3 militia thugs get long sentences in bomb plot targeting Somali immigrants
Lawrence Journal-World
WICHITA — Three militia members convicted of taking part in a foiled plot to massacre Muslims in southwest Kansas were sentenced Friday to decades in prison during an emotional court hearing in which one of the targeted victims pleaded: “Please don’t hate us.”
— U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren sentenced Patrick Stein, the alleged ringleader, to 30 years in prison and Curtis Allen, who drafted a manifesto for the group, to 25 years. Gavin Wright, who authorities said helped make and test explosives at his mobile home business, received 26 years. The plot was foiled after another militia member alerted authorities.
— Stein’s attorneys have argued that he believed then-President Barack Obama would declare martial law and not recognize the election if Donald Trump won, forcing militias to step in.


Witnesses live-stream brutal beating instead of calling 911
— “I couldn’t believe that,” neighbor Gilberto Graham said. “I was watching it on my phone this morning. I said that couldn’t be him. That’s my friend. He don’t bother nobody.”

Lancet report slams Big Food’s influence
Three years in the making, the report echoed past indictments of sectors such as tobacco, alcohol, energy and firearms for using political clout to shape laws, policy and health guidelines. The 43-member panel pointed to food companies’ lobbying prowess as a reason for nutrition recommendations that sometimes have run counter to scientific evidence.
— The group called for a treaty that would exclude the food and beverage industry from policy development, similar to the WHO’s global conventions on tobacco. And because food production is one of the largest contributors to climate change, $5 trillion in U.S. government subsidies that currently flow toward big agriculture companies and fossil fuels should be directed to sustainable farming and transport instead, according to the report.
Taxing red meat to reduce consumption would have benefits across the chain, the panel said, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, opening up more land for sustainable agriculture and potentially leading to healthier diets.

US lifts sanctions on Russian oligarch’s company
— The U.S. Treasury Department lifted sanctions on three firms tied to Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, including United Co. Rusal, a move that will provide relief to the global aluminum market. The metal fell in London.
— Deripaska, an ally of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, will remain under U.S. sanctions, and his property will remain blocked. But the Treasury Department is removing restrictions on Rusal, EN+ Group Plc and EuroSibEnergo JSC
… “This represents just one more step in undermining the sanctions law, which President Trump has obstructed at every opportunity, while Russian aggression remains unabated,” said Representative Lloyd Doggett, a Texas Democrat.

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