Let’s arm schoolteachers. Oh, wait!
Cops say teacher threatens to shoot up school; drugs, guns seized
teacher— A Bergen County preschool teacher was arrested after co-workers told police she threatened to come into the school with guns and start shooting, authorities said Tuesday.
— Gina Schroeder, 38, of Nutley, made the threat Friday at The Goddard School on Riverfront Boulevard in Elmwood Park, according to Chief Michael Foligno of the borough’s police department.
— Schroeder is accused of saying, “One day, I’m gonna come here and shoot it up,” Foligno said in an email. A staff member told police Schroeder disclosed she owns three guns, Foligno said.

Jobs with the brightest future: Nurse practitioner, app developer
Voice of America

Oracle Accused of Underpaying Women, Minorities by $400M
Courthouse News Service

St. Louis gives up on prosecuting pot possession
Riverfront Times

Dude wrecks home, car after wife damaged his “action figures”

Yeah, that’s gonna happen
Angry Saints fans file lawsuit, seek replay of title game

This wealthy wine dealer’s drive to kill alcohol laws in all states
The Intercept
— If the Supreme Court sides with Total Wine, state alcohol laws will have little or no force, making it easier for retail giants to dominate the sector and potentially roll back health and safety measures on alcohol in a drive for profit.
— So you have David Trone, a proud member of the new Democratic congressional majority, trying to use a conservative judiciary to deregulate an industry so that his wine shops can pop up on every street corner in America.


CBS rejects Superbowl ad for medical marijuana
NY Mag
— An unfinished version of the 60-second ad introduces a Colorado boy who suffers from Dravet syndrome; his mother says her son would have dozens to hundreds of seizures a day and medical marijuana saved his life. A Buffalo man says he was on opioids for 15 years after three back surgeries and that medical marijuana gave him his life back. An Oakland man who lost part of his leg in military service says his pain was unbearable until medical marijuana.

US airlines, scrambling for pilots, recruit military chopper jockeys
— The industry’s aggressive recruitment of military helicopter pilots is one of the most striking examples yet of the contortions required to quickly train new commercial aviators since the FAA increased the minimum flying requirement. The pilot shortage threatens the industry’s growth just as travel demand booms.
— Airlines have been forced to more than double starting salaries to $54,000, excluding bonuses, in 2018 from $21,000 a decade ago, according to aviation consultant Kit Darby.

IRS Union: Absences May Delay Tax Refunds

Millennials just shrugging off health care
— “I think there’s a few reasons. I think the primary one happens to be access to care,” he said. “We found that millennials tend to want to have access to care right away, they want it immediately and they want to be able to see a doctor quickly.”

A licensed practical nurse was charged with sexual assault in the case of the woman with “significant intellectual disabilities” who gave birth at a Phoenix health care facility, authorities said Wednesday.

L.A. may charge drivers by the mile
LA Times
… congestion has grown so bad in Los Angeles County that politicians have no choice but to contemplate charging motorists more to drive — a strategy that has stirred controversy but helped cities in other parts of the world tame their own traffic.
— The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is pushing to study how what’s commonly referred to as congestion pricing could work in L.A., including converting carpool lanes to toll lanes, taxing drivers based on the number of miles they travel, or charging a fee to enter certain neighborhoods and business districts.

We’re going to build that (pay)wall
and readers are going to pay for it
New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Wired will put up barriers
Wall Street Journal (paywall!)
— Magazine publisher Condé Nast said it would put all its titles behind paywalls by the end of the year, a move that underscores how critical it has become for major publishers to generate revenue beyond advertising.
— Condé Nast, which publishes magazines including Vogue, GQ and Bon Appétit, lost $120 million in 2017. The company, a unit of closely held Advance Publications Inc., expects to return to profitability by 2020. It also expects to rely on advertising for only half of its revenue by end-2022, down from 70% last year, Chief Executive Bob Sauerberg said last summer.
— Last November, Condé Nast said Mr. Sauerberg would step down from his position after a new global CEO is named to oversee both Condé Nast and Condé Nast International. A search is under way.
— Condé Nast currently has three titles behind metered paywalls that allow access to four free articles each month: The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Wired.

Poll 56% support “Medicare for all”
The Hill



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