Revealed: Thousands more migrant kids jailed 
— For nearly a year before family separation became an official and controversial policy of the Trump administration in the spring of 2018, federal immigration agents separated “thousands” of migrant children from their parents. That’s according to a government watchdog report released Thursday.
— “OIG found more children over a longer period of time were separated by immigration authorities and referred to HHS for care than is commonly discussed in public debate. How many more children were separated is unknown by us and HHS,” Ann Maxwell, assistant inspector general for evaluations at the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services, told reporters.
— She said HHS officials estimated the number of children was in the “thousands” but would not give a more exact figure.

More payback for our friend, Vlad the Impaler
House votes to scold Trump, but he can lift sanctions on his Russkie friends anyway
The Hill
— In a major rebuke of  Trump, the House overwhelming passed a resolution Thursday formally disapproving of the Trump administration’s rolling back of sanctions on companies owned by Oleg Deripaska, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
…. but the Senate’s previous approval means the administration can go ahead with lifting sanctions on the companies connected to Deripaska.

Supposedly, we’re in an immigration “crisis,” right? …
Due to shutdown, 1,200 immigration cases canceled in Illinois alone
CBS News
— Almost 1,200 immigration cases in Illinois have been canceled since the government shutdown. More than 42,000 cases have been canceled around the country.
–The government shutdown stems from the dispute over border security, but with the government shutdown immigration cases aren’t getting heard, and in some circumstances it’s buying immigrants more time in the country.

Two good reasons we don’t need a border wall
1) Most illegal migration is caused by people overstaying their visas.
2) Immigration to the US is slowing, possibly to our economic detriment

He risked his life for America, so let’s deport him
CBS News
— A Marine veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder was held for three days for possible deportation before federal authorities learned the 27-year-old is a U.S. citizen born in Michigan, lawyers said Wednesday. Jilmar Ramos-Gomez was a lance corporal in the Marines and received awards for service in Afghanistan.
— “He was decorated with a national defense service medal, a global war on terrorism service medal, an Afghanistan campaign medal, and a combat action ribbon, among other awards,” the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan said Wednesday in a statement.
— “Why did they think he was a non-citizen? Did they get him confused with someone else? Who knows,” ACLU attorney Miriam Aukerman said. “This is an individual who’s incredibly vulnerable with a mental illness.”

Apple CEO:
Let people delete their data ‘on demand’
… Cook says he and others are calling on U.S. Congress to pass “comprehensive federal privacy legislation” that lets consumers minimize the data held on them by firms and gives them the ability to know what personal information is being collected and to delete it.

Fed finally figures it out:
Student debt keeping young people from buying homes
— We all know that millennials are killing the housing market, diamonds, and pretty much everything else good and holy. But did you know that millennials inability to buy homes is linked to their crushing student debt?!
— The Federal Reserve is apparently just catching on to this reality. A new paper published by the Fed today connects rising student debt to dropping home ownership among young Americans between 2005 and 2014.

“They are making Hawaii look like a banana republic”
The Guardian
Islanders fight Zuckerberg’s sneaky move to build walled paradise on Kauai.

Jury says Hilton should pay $21 million to Catholic dishwasher
for making her work Sundays … but …
Orlando Sentinel
011619+marie+jean+pierre— A jury has awarded a Miami hotel dishwasher $21.5 million, concluding that her employer failed to honor her religious beliefs by repeatedly scheduling her on Sundays and ultimately firing her.
— Marie Jean Pierre, a dishwasher at the Conrad Miami, sued Virginia-based Park Hotels & Resorts, formerly known as Hilton Worldwide, for violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in 2017. The jury found for Pierre and the award was filed on Tuesday with the U.S. District Court in Miami.
— But Pierre, a 60-year-old mother of six children in Miami, isn’t likely to end up getting all that money. Instead, it’ll be more in the range of $500,000, because punitive damages are capped in federal court, her lawyer said.
— “The jury was not aware of the cap,” said Pierre’s Miami-based lawyer, Marc Brumer. “They thought that they punished Hilton hotel with $21 million [in damages].”
— She’d get up to $300,000 in punitive damages — that’s the limit in federal court — in addition to $500,000 awarded for emotional distress and $35,000 in back wages, Brumer said. From all that, Pierre could get about $500,000 after legal fees are factored in, Brumer estimated.
— Pierre is a member of the Soldiers of Christ Church, a Catholic missionary group that helps the poor, and said she needed Sundays off from work.

Nordic countries crying: We need babies

Michael Cohen Hired Firm To Rig Polls For Trump, And He Owes Them Money
— Michael Cohen, former lawyer and fixer for President Donald Trump, hired an IT company to influence online polls in Trump’s favor before his presidential campaign, then stiffed the company out of most of the fee, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. 

Those Tiny Cotton Sprouts China Grew on the Moon? They’re Dead Now
Live Science

May wins confidence vote, buys a little more time before Brexit crash
— Prime Minister Theresa May won a confidence vote in the British parliament on Wednesday and then appealed to MPs from across the political divide to come together to try to break the impasse on a Brexit divorce agreement.

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