Pharma big shot pleads guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe opiods
— The former chief executive of Insys Therapeutics Inc pleaded guilty on Wednesday to participating in a nationwide scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe an addictive opioid medication and has agreed to become a government witness.

Yes, plants can hear and react to those sounds
The Atlantic

Real-time translating gadgets can now handle 15 languages

Waverly Lab’s “Pilot” headphones translate 15 languages and are priced from $180 and $250. If each person in a conversation is wearing a Pilot, they can speak directly to one another using their own language. During a brief demonstration in Las Vegas, an AFP journalist speaking French was ably translated into the ears of English-speaking Andrew Ochoa, boss of Waverly Labs. Translation work was routed to the cloud by Ochoa’s smartphone, where an application can also create a written transcription of a conversation.

Tesla advises buyers: It will be a “very long time” until cars self-drive

Discovery indicates that women, not just monks, illustrated medieval manuscripts
– “Here we have direct evidence of a woman, not just painting, but painting with a very rare and expensive pigment, and at a very out-of-the way place,” said Christina Warinner, senior study author and anthropologist at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, in a statement. “This woman’s story could have remained hidden forever without the use of these techniques. It makes me wonder how many other artists we might find in medieval cemeteries — if we only look.”

Raids in Spain net 28 tennis players, Armenian gangsters, in cheating scam
The Independent

Yikes! Toxic chemicals in dental floss?
USA Today

Coast Guard advises payless workers to try babysitting, garage sales
… the document, which was saved and shared online by The Washington Post, also suggested that the thousands of furloughed Coast Guard workers try to become mystery shoppers. “Bankruptcy is a last option,” the document said.
— The tip sheet was removed from the Coast Guard’s website on Wednesday morning, shortly after The Post inquired about it, the newspaper said.
>>>> “My son wants to sell his drawings to pay our bills”

Mayor takes bus to encourage use of public transit
— and arrives two hours late for work

A quiet rush to arm teachers across the US
Vice News
— Since the 17 deaths at Parkland school, scores of American school districts across the country — including many in poor and rural areas — have quietly adopted new policies to arm teachers or school staff.
— At least 215 school districts across the U.S. have adopted such policies since last February, a VICE News review of state and local policies has found. Nationwide, at least 466 districts now allow school staff to be armed, encompassing hundreds of thousands of students of all ages.
— In many states, the decision to arm teachers or staff often rests with local school district officials who are left on their own to decide who should carry guns. School districts are racing to arm staff even as there’s no definitive evidence that arming school staff saves lives, no clear guidelines on how to implement these programs, and in some cases despite opposition from local law enforcement and school insurance carriers.
>>>>> Los Angeles schools sue to block walkout

Wing-Nut site Daily Caller publishes fake nude of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez
The Guardian
——> Conclusion: She really, really frightens the right wing frat boys.

Jaguar to Slash 4,500 Jobs in Brexit Slump
The Guardian

FDA: All routine food inspections now shut down

The Hill
 seeking to bring back enough workers to investigate high-risk facilities, which deal with sensitive foods such as seafood and cheese.
>>>> US declares no more e-coli in romaine lettuce
——> Looks like the FDA’s Romaine Lettuce division somehow escaped the shutdown

Doctors working, finally, on way to measure (and really treat) pain
— The National Institutes of Health is pushing for development of what its director, Dr. Francis Collins, has called a “pain-o-meter.” Spurred by the opioid crisis, the goal isn’t just to signal how much pain someone’s in. It’s also to determine what kind it is and what drug might be the most effective.

US judges show NO consistency in sentencing
The Guardian
— Comparing more than 140,000 cases over 13 years across 30 US cities, the study found that within the same city the length of a defendant’s sentence could swing by as much as 63% depending on the federal judge.
— The growing discrepancy follows the supreme court’s landmark ruling in US v Booker, which struck down laws that mandated federal district judges to impose sentences within a range of preset guidelines.

Bezos: The $140 billion divorce?  No prenup?
From that always reliable source, TMZ

Trump: Feds will stop fighting California wildfires
Yahoo News
“Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest [sic] fires that, with proper Forrest [sic] Management, would never happen. Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money. It is a disgraceful situation in lives & money!” Trump tweeted.
— Based on Trump’s phrasing, it’s unclear whether he meant that he has already ordered the funding to stop until the issue is addressed or if he would order the funding to stop if the issue isn’t addressed.

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