Frontier Airlines, reluctant to pay good wages, urges tips for flight attendants
CBS News Denver

Trump storms out of “waste of time” meeting on shutdown
The Hill
— “Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!”
— Republicans said Trump posed a direct question to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: If he opened the government would she fund the wall? She said no.
— Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Trump slammed his hand on the table and walked out.
…. Buoyed by polls showing Trump shouldering the brunt of the blame, Democrats moved ahead with votes on spending bills to reopen individual government agencies even though White House has threatened to veto them.
— The House voted to 240-188 to pass a legislation that would fund the Treasury Department, IRS and certain other agencies.
— Eight Republicans voted with Democrats, just one more than who voted for last week’s package to open most of the government.

Hunter boasted on dating app about poaching deer —
not realizing her potential suitor was a game warden
Fox News

Iowa’s “Ag Gag” law, in force 6 years, ruled unconstitutional

NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All 
— New York City will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident regardless of someone’s ability to pay or immigration status, an unprecedented plan that will protect the more than half-a-million New Yorkers currently using the ER as a primary provider, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
— It’s not health insurance, his spokesman clarified after the surprise announcement on MSNBC Tuesday morning.
— “This is the city paying for direct comprehensive care (not just ERs) for people who can’t afford it, or can’t get comprehensive Medicaid — including 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers,” spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted.
— At a press conference Tuesday, de Blasio said the plan will provide primary and specialty care, from pediatrics to OBGYN, geriatric, mental health and other services, to the city’s roughly 600,000 uninsured.
>>> House Democratic chairman begins prep work for ‘single payer’ healthcare

Manafort accused of sharing 2016 election data with Russians
— Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data during the 2016 presidential campaign with a business associate accused of having ties to Russian intelligence, and prosecutors say he lied to them about it.
— The allegation marks the first time prosecutors with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office have accused Trump’s chief campaign aide of sharing election-related information with his Russian contacts. Although the filing does not say whether the polling information was public or what was done with it, it raises the possibility that Russia might have used inside information from the campaign as part of its effort to interfere with the election on Trump’s behalf.

Twitter user asks followers whether there’s a national emergency in their home towns, and 5,500 say NO.
— People in N. Carolina, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Hawaii, Texas, California, New Mexico, Kentucky, Utah, Delaware, Arizona, New York, Connecticut and more all report no signs of national emergency.

Second Suspect Charged With Murder
In Shooting Of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes

— The Harris County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that homicide investigators had filed a capital murder charge against Larry Woodruffe, who has been in custody for several days.
— According to officials, the 24-year-old was arrested after they received a tip connecting him to the Dec. 30 shooting. He was picked up along with Eric Black Jr. on Jan. 5. But while the latter quickly admitted to his involvement in the drive-by attack, Woodruffe was initially booked into the Harris County Jail on felony drug possession pending further investigation, officials said.
>>> Family of man wrongfully accused in Jazmine Barnes’ shooting still getting threats

US cancer death rate hits milestone: 25 years of decline

Won the lottery? Maybe you shouldn’t tell your roommate
SF Gate
— Police say Adul Saosongyang, 35, had purchased the same type of lotto scratcher and altered it, before swapping it for the winning ticket. Saosongyang returned to the California Lottery offices Monday in Sacramento to — as he believed — collect his prize, but was instead arrested by police and charged with grand theft.

Florida man says syringes found in his rectum aren’t his
News10 Tampa
… he doesn’t know how they got there.

White House caves, will fund food stamps after all

Inside the cult: Facebook’s workplace
… “the pressure for us to act as though everything is fine and that we love working here is so great that it hurts …”
>>>Samsung Phone Users Can’t Delete Facebook
“Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do?”

Paris nudist restaurant closes after 15 months
The Daily Mail

Owners Mike and Stephane Saada, who are not nudists themselves, thanked their customers and said they were ‘delighted to share exceptional moments’

Brit Parliament blocks “no deal” Brexit
— “This vote is an important step to prevent a no-deal Brexit. It shows that there is no majority in Parliament, the Cabinet or the country for crashing out of the EU without an agreement,” opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party said.
— The government downplayed the significance of its defeat.
— “This amendment does not change the fact that the UK is leaving the EU on the 29 March, and it will not stop the government from collecting tax,” a spokesman said.

Chinese scientist who created “edited babies”
is under arrest and may be, uh, deleted

Genetic Frontiers Gene Edited Babies
The embattled scientist He Jiankui is reportedly living under armed guard at a state-owned apartment in Shenzhen, China, according to geneticist Robin Lovell-Badge of the Francis Crick Institute in London, who now worries that he could face the death penalty.

Sears asks judge’s permission to commit suicide

Germany’s huge data leak was the work of a 20-year-old student living with his parents
Vice News
— The hacker, who was arrested Sunday, published private information on almost 1,000 high-profile German public figures, including some 900 politicians.

Seattle councilors warn NYC: Get hold of Amazon before it’s too late
The Guardian
— Two lawmakers from Amazon’s hometown in Seattle traveled to New York on Monday to warn the city of potential unintended consequences of the tech company’s planned new headquarters.
— Lisa Herbold and Teresa Mosqueda, members of Seattle’s city council, addressed a summit of activist groups fighting Amazon’s plan for a new campus in Long Island City, Queens. They told the New Yorkers that Amazon’s presence in the west coast city had driven up housing costs, that the company had ducked efforts to make them help pay to address the crisis, and that they should resist it.
— At the event at the offices of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which is attempting to organize workers at a Staten Island Amazon warehouse, the council members urged their New York counterparts to learn from Seattle’s mistakes and demand concessions like labor standards before the company gains a foothold in the city.

China, India to surpass US in economic power by 2030
… and …The middle-class is at a tipping point, with a majority of the world’s population entering that income group by 2020.

Magic mushroom decriminalization 8,000 signatures closer to Denver ballot
Denver Post

Opus Dei paid $1 million to settle pervert lawsuit against popular priest
— Global Catholic organization Opus Dei revealed this week that it had paid almost $1 million to settle a sexual misconduct suit against the Rev. C. John McCloskey, a once-prominent cleric in the Washington area who helped convert several well-known conservative figures, including Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback and Larry Kudlow.
>>> All about the secretive Opus Dei (Wikipedia)

“Sonic attack” on Cuba embassy caused by crickets, scientist claims
The Scientist
— A recording of a high-pitched sound thought to be connected to a possible “sonic attack” on diplomats in Cuba is actually the calls of a cricket, scientists who analyzed the tape reported at the annual meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology in Tampa, Florida.
— “There’s plenty of debate in the medical community over what, if any, physical damage there is to these individuals,” Alexander Stubbs of the University of California, Berkeley, tells The New York Times. “All I can say fairly definitively is that the A.P.-released recording is of a cricket, and we think we know what species it is.”
——–> Uh huh. Special crickets that have evolved to live only at embassies in Cuba and in China? The chirping of these special crickets damaged the brains of a few people at embassies, but effected nobody else anywhere in the world? WOW! Ain’t science amazing!

Four NY cops stripped of weapons in sex quadrangle
NY Post

China has launched a campaign of cultural extermination against the Uighurs
— IN AN attempt to defend the gulag in which it has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Uighurs and other Muslims in the Xinjiang region, China has tried to rebrand concentration camps as centers for “vocational training.” The goal, as a state television broadcast put it, is to “rescue ignorant, backward and poor rural minorities.” That description encapsulates the gross bigotry with which Chinese authorities view the Uighurs, against whom they have launched a massive campaign of cultural extermination.

Stripper with a “vision” of mass murder arrested
basarich— A woman in Florida, who admired serial killers and mass murders, was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly making threats on social media to commit a mass shooting.
— Brien Basarich, 31, was arrested on Wednesday without incident and booked into Polk County Jail, according to Polk County Sheriff’s Office records. Lakeland Police Officer Thompson visited Basarich at her home, during which time she confirmed her Tumblr username was“taking-lives.”
— She told Thompson she used the online blogging website to make a number of posts that expressed homicidal urges and the desire to kill or harm others. Among the posts that were published on the site were that she would purchase an AR-15 “soonish” and that she was “pretty excited” to get her first gun. She added that she had plans to get other firearms as well. She also wrote about a “vision” she had of a venue that only had one way in and one way out.
— Basarich reportedly told police that she liked true crime and was an admirer of serial killers and mass murderers. A screenshot of one of her posts referenced Dylann Roof who was sentenced to death after killing nine African-American people while they were at church services.
— “Trust me, I am well aware of what he has done and where these quotes came from,” Basarich responded to a user who commented on her page criticizing her posts about Roof. “I adore and support him and have since day one.”
— Basarich works as an exotic dancer at Showgirls Men’s Club in Plant City, Florida, according to WFTS, and was charged with making a written threat to kill or injure. She was given a $5,000 bond and was released on Thursday after posting bail.

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