Reporter jailed on murder charge after smartphone evidence
Oregon Live
A Jacksonville woman facing a murder charge in the shooting death of her uncle has been ordered held without bail after a smartphone recorded her shouting an expletive when told he was still alive a few minutes after the shooting.
— The Mail Tribune reports that Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif on Friday made the ruling during a hearing for Aisling “Tucker” Moore Reed. Reed, 29, blogged, wrote books and reported for the Grants Pass Daily Courier under the name Tucker Reed.

Capital murder charged in shooting of Texas girl, 7
Houston Chronicle
… Suspect said to have confessed … cops sought white man but he is black … related to gang violence, family innocent victims ….

Poll of 25,000 Brits shows most want to kill Brexit

Maine’s insane governor is gone, and 70,000 gain health care
— Maine approved Medicaid expansion by a ballot initiative more than a year ago, but former Governor Paul LePage had blocked it from taking effect.
— Newly-elected Gov. Janet Mills, in her first executive order on her first day in office, ordered Maine to move forward with Medicaid expansion.

dog-pony-juggleToday’s Dog & Pony Show
Cruz files constitutional amendment
to limit Senators to 2 terms

Business Insider
— Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a constitutional amendment Friday that would restrict senators to two six-year terms. If it’s passed, it would limit Cruz’s Senate career to its current term.
——> Which has almost zero chances of becoming law but will allow him to further bullshit his lunatic base.

Babysitter from Hell?
She dressed boy in snowsuit, told mom he was only sleeping
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
tietsort— The Wausau baby sitter charged with killing a 2-month-old boy in her care tried to hide the infant’s death from his mother and then went swimming at a Wausau hotel with her boyfriend and son, police say.
— She dressed the baby in winter clothes and strapped him in a car seat, pretending he was alive during a trip to McDonald’s and continuing the ruse when she gave the boy back to his mom, court documents said.
— Marissa Tietsort, 28, was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide in the baby’s death.

Hundreds of TSA screeners,
working without pay,
calling out sick at major airports

CNN: Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration officers, who are required to work without paychecks through the partial government shutdown, have called out from work this week from at least four major airports, according to two senior agency officials and three TSA employee union officials.
— The mass call outs could inevitably mean air travel is less secure, especially as the shutdown enters its second week with no clear end to the political stalemate in sight.
“This will definitely affect the flying public who we (are) sworn to protect,” Hydrick Thomas, president of the national TSA employee union, told CNN.
— TSA spokesman Michael Bilello said the agency is “closely monitoring the situation” and that “screening wait times remain well within TSA standards,” although that could change if the number of call outs increases.
>>>> Trump: Shutdown could last months or years

Netflix and chill no more–
— streaming’s about to get complicated
ABC News
— Streaming TV may never again be as simple, or as affordable, as it is now.
— Disney and WarnerMedia are each launching their own streaming services in 2019 in a challenge to Netflix‘s dominance. Netflix viewers will no longer be able to watch hit movies such as “Black Panther” or “Moana,” which will soon reside on Disney’s subscription service. WarnerMedia, a unit of AT&T, will also soon have its own service to showcase its library of blockbuster films and HBO series.
— Families will have to decide between paying more each month or losing access to some of their favorite dramas, comedies, musicals and action flicks.
— “There’s definitely a lot of change coming,” said Paul Verna at eMarketer, a digital research company. “People will have more choices of what to stream, but at the same time the market is already fragmented and intimidating and it is only going to get more so.”

Bluefin tuna sells for $3.1 million
–fisherman worry about scarcity
SF Gate

Woman bites jogger who pepper-sprayed her dog
SF Chronicle
— A woman told police she was jogging through Anthony Chabot Regional Park around 10:30 a.m. when a dog attacked her. She pepper sprayed the dog. The dog’s female owner then tackled and punched the jogger, officials said.
— And that’s when the dog’s owner bit the jogger on the forearm, leaving an angry, round wound, police said Friday.
— “A heated exchange and fairly violent confrontation occurred,” police said. “The suspect bit the victim. It was only human to human, no canine to human bite.”

Drug-testing coming to more music fests, with police approval

3 dead, four injured in shooting at Torrance, CA bowling alley
LA Daily News
Witnesses said a fight preceded the shooting, but details on what started the altercation were not immediately available.
— Wes Hamad, a 29-year-old Torrance resident, was at the bowling alley with his 13-year-old niece and cousin when he saw a “huge fight” break out.
— Hamad said the brawl, which lasted about five minutes, blocked the entrance and devolved into “complete chaos.”
— “I grabbed my niece and started running towards the far end of the bowling alley,” he said. “As we were running, we heard 15 shots.”
— As he was leaving, Hamad said he saw a woman weeping over a man who was riddled with multiple gunshot wounds in his head and neck.

Wildfire liabilities may cause PG&E to file bankruptcy

Bill to make D.C. a state has 151 sponsors in Congress
The Hill

Chinese cops demanding people delete their tweets
Skip WaPost paywall with LMT Online

First ‘Dreamer’ to get Rhodes scholarship fears he won’t be able to return to U.S.
NBC News
He became the first “Dreamer” to win the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, but for recent Harvard graduate Jin Park, the joy of that achievement has given way to uncertainty.
— Park, 22, who lives in New York City, risks not being allowed back in the country if he enrolls at the University of Oxford in England in the fall.

Los Angeles Sues the Weather Channel, said to sell user data
Courthouse News Service
— Los Angeles’ city attorney sued The Weather Channel on Thursday, claiming it fraudulently and deceptively uses its Weather Channel App “to amass its users’ private, personal geolocation data,” not, as advertised — “to provide them with ‘personalized local weather data’”— but to monetize the information by selling it to third parties.

Worry less about children’s screen use, parents told
— There is little evidence screen use for children is harmful in itself, guidance from leading paediatricians says.Parents should worry less as long as they have gone through a checklist on the effect of screen time on their child, it says.
— While the guidance avoids setting screen time limits, it recommends not using them in the hour before bedtime. Experts say it is important that the use of devices does not replace sleep, exercising and time with family.

Huge growth in ride-hailing in US
Pew Research
— The share of Americans who use ride-hailing services has increased dramatically. Today, 36% of U.S. adults say they have ever used a ride-hailing service such as Uber or Lyft, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in fall 2018. By comparison, just 15% of Americans said they had used these services in late 2015, and one-third had never heard of ride-hailing before.

Womanhunt underway for suspect in nail salon ramming death
NY Daily News
— The parking lot footage shows Nguyen and her husband rush outside as Whipple begins to back out of her space, allegedly in a stolen rental car. Nguyen can be seen making her way in front of black Chevy Camaro convertible and appears to hold both of her hands up before the driver strikes her and then drags her for roughly 50 feet.
—–> Hmm. Meth?

Report on Parkland shooting highlights lies, incompetence — AND calls for arming some teachers
— … administrators and other staff can receive training to carry concealed weapons. But only teachers with a military or law enforcement background are allowed to participate in the program.
… According to the report, Deputy Scot Peterson, the school’s only dedicated armed security officer on the day of the shooting, opted not to enter the building where Cruz had begun firing on students and teachers. Instead, he took up what the report calls a “hiding place” at the base of a stairwell for 48 minutes and only emerged after Cruz had run off campus and into the surrounding neighborhood where he was eventually arrested.
The report also notes Peterson repeatedly lied about where he was from the moment he first heard the gunshots through the end of the massacre. In a statement given on Feb. 16, 2018, to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Peterson said that he was in his office at the time he heard what he believed to be firecrackers. But video indicates he was elsewhere on campus.

Boy, 11, saves man from drowning in pool

When Advaik Nandikotkur’s mother urged him to jump into the deep end of a swimming pool to save a man who was drowning, he had some hesitation. Advaik is 11 years old and weighs all of 80 pounds. “He’s probably too heavy for me,” Advaik told his mom. The 34-year-old man had sunk to the bottom of an indoor pool at their apartment complex in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota. He was about eight feet down, floating with his hands stretched out and mouth and eyes wide open. Advaik’s mother, Lalitha Mareddy, said there were nine men around the pool. But when she yelled for help, no one responded. They didn’t know how to swim.

So-called college cancels $500 million in student debt
NBC News
— A company that owns two national for-profit college chains said Thursday that it will erase nearly $500 million in debt incurred by former students as part of a settlement with 48 states and the District of Columbia.
— The deal with Career Education Corporation will resolve allegations that it lied about job placement rates and misled potential students to get them to enroll. State attorneys general began investigating the company in 2014 following complaints from students and a damning report by the U.S. Senate.

Human rights? Nah, US doesn’t give a shit anymore
The Guardian
— The US has stopped cooperating with UN investigators over potential human rights violations occurring inside America, in a move that delivers a major blow to vulnerable US communities and sends a dangerous signal to authoritarian regimes around the world.
— Quietly and unnoticed, the state department has ceased to respond to official complaints from UN special rapporteurs, the network of independent experts who act as global watchdogs on fundamental issues such as poverty, migration, freedom of expression and justice. There has been no response to any such formal query since 7 May 2018, with at least 13 requests going unanswered.

With new autonomous train, Australia is now home to the world’s largest robot
Digital Trends
— … A series of mine-to-port trains able to run completely free from human intervention. These AutoHaul trains travel an approximately 800-kilometer return journey, taking 40 hours to complete, including loading and dumping their cargo.

Smug asshole leaves Congress, 88% applaud

Former Speaker Paul Ryan has left Congress to spend more time with his lobbyists.

More First-Time Home Buyers Are Turning to the Bank of Mom and Dad
Wall Street Journal (paywall)
— 26% got help from a relative….

Chicago ward boss charged with extortion
Chicago Tribune
——>If you’ve ever wondered how deep Chicago corruption goes, take a dive into this pool. Yikes, it’s dirty.

… According to the charge, Burke tried to extort the owners of a company that operates dozens of fast-food restaurants in the Chicago area after they came to him in 2017 for help with permits for remodeling a restaurant in Burke’s 14th Ward on the Southwest Side.
The complaint does not identify the executives or their company, but details included in the charges show it is the Dhanani Group based in Sugar Land, Texas. The privately owned company is one of the country’s largest franchisees for Popeyes and Burger King restaurants, according to Forbes magazine.
…. After deciding to play “hard ball” with the executives, Burke had a stop-work order placed on the project and also sent a Chicago Department of Transportation inspector to the site to issue tickets for failure to procure a permit for a driveway at the restaurant that actually had been previously obtained, according to the charges.
… Burke, who recently marked a record 50th year in office, often decides whether Chicago’s most important legislation will move forward. He controls millions of dollars in campaign funds. He is the sole steward of the city’s $100 million workers’ compensation program. And he plays a crucial role in redrawing the city’s ward maps — a key in maintaining political power amid shifting demographics.
…. He’s also married to Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, who was quietly sworn in to a second 10-year term on Nov. 29, the same day her husband’s City Hall and 14th Ward offices were raided.
…. In his rise to political power, Burke also built a lucrative business as one of the city’s most prominent property tax appeals attorneys, routinely saving some of Chicago’s largest business interests millions of dollars on their tax bills. One of Burke’s most high-profile clients was Donald Trump, who used Burke’s firm to save millions of dollars on taxes for his Chicago tower before Burke cut ties last year.

Iphone era is over …. (NY Times)
But this NYT opinion piece misses the obvious …
The new gold rush: Voice-activated devices (Bloomberg)

House passes bill to re-open government
The Hill
— The House measures appear to be dead on arrival in the Senate and have been rejected by So-called President Trump, who is demanding that $5 billion in funding for his wall on the Mexican border, despite his promise that Mexico would pay for it. Democrats have rejected providing money for Trump’s wall.
— But the measures could shift the debate as Democrats seek to raise pressure on the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-Ky.) to end a standoff.

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