He played Santa at Walmart, and now, kids’ bodies in his yard
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Idiots vs. idiots
Pair steal nail guns, 6 bystanders draw weapons and fire (Everett Wa.)

These nurses won $10K in lottery, donated it to stressed-out colleagues

Stephanie Brinkman (middle) organized a lottery pool for the NICU staff at Mercy Children’s Hospital in the St. Louis area. When the group won $10,000, they decided to give the cash to Gretchen Post (left), whose 17-year-old son died by suicide the night of the drawing, and to Casey Orellana (right), whose husband is battling cancer.

New tax laws to cost charities billions
USA Today

Midwestern corn, wheat farms vulnerable in climate change
———-> We cut through this flabby story to find the gist:
…. primary reason: the reliance of the Midwest on non-irrigated crops, especially cereals like corn and wheat … without the extensive irrigation seen in, say, California …  Midwestern farmers are much less able to cope with heat waves and droughts.

NFL wins, cheerleader loses
Courthouse News Service
— The Ninth Circuit won’t revive a former cheerleader’s proposed antitrust class action accusing the National Football League of suppressing cheerleader wages.
— The court’s three-judge panel unanimously affirmed a federal judge’s 2017 order throwing out the suit, finding former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader Kelsey K. failed to state antitrust and conspiracy claims under the Sherman Act and California’s Cartwright Act.
— “[T]hose allegations ‘just as easily suggest rational, legal business behavior,’ as they do the existence of an agreement among the defendants to restrain trade,

Federal judge says N.Korea should pay $501 million in student’s death
Courthouse News Service
….. The family’s experts testified last week that Otto Lambier likely endured torture during his time in the North Korean prison. When Otto came back to the United States, (in a coma) his family noticed his teeth had been rearranged and he had a large scar on one of his feet.

Gov’t shutdown locks 95% of food stamp offices

911 calls raises questions about police response in death of Utah student
CBS News
Audio from a 911-call shows Lauren McCluskey, 21, telling Salt Lake City dispatchers she’s worried about how long it was taking campus police to investigate 37-year-old Melvin Rowland, a sex offender who had lied about his identity.
— McCluskey’s first call came a day after she initially reported Rowland was extorting her over compromising photos. The second was six days later, the same day campus police opened an investigation. Both times, dispatchers directed her back to university police under protocol. She died three days after the second call.

Sen. McCaskill, fresh from defeat, says Trump is “nuts” but Dems must focus on helping working class

ACLU sues government to learn about NSA call records program
Philadelphia Inquirer

Two Koreas, one rail line, that’s the dream
NY Post
— South Korean officials have traveled to North Korea by train to attend a groundbreaking ceremony for an aspirational project to modernize North Korean railways and roads and connect them with the South.

Japan to resume whale hunting

Guatemalan boy, 8, dies in immigration custody after being diagnosed with a cold
NBC News
>>>>>UN demands inquiry into death of Guatemalan girl held in US

NY Post
>>>>> ICE  Releasing Asylum-Seekers At Public Park In El Paso

I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated.
Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon.
By Austin Murphy, in The Atlantic
— Holiday parties were right around the corner, and I needed a cover story. I didn’t feel like admitting to casual acquaintances, or even to some good friends, that I drive a van for Amazon. I decided to tell them, if asked, that I consult for Amazon, which is loosely true: I spend my days consulting a Rabbit, the handheld Android device loaded with the app that tells me where my next stop is, how many packages are coming off the van, and how hopelessly behind I’ve fallen.
— Let’s face it, when you’re a college-educated 57-year-old slinging parcels for a living, something in your life has not gone according to plan.

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