Flynn sentence postponed after judge’s tongue-lashing
— Michael Flynn’s sentencing for lying to the FBI was postponed on Tuesday after a federal judge suggested all sides wait until President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser was finished cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.
— The surprise outcome came after an unexpectedly contentious hearing, in which U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan repeatedly admonished Flynn, telling him, “Arguably, you sold your country out,” drawing gasps and head shakes from members of Flynn’s family sitting in the courtroom.


Chris Cox from Bikers for Trump is outside the DC federal courthouse today with his dog Trigger. He says he’s come to defend Michael Flynn’s family from Antifa.

Congress can’t question border agents in death of girl, 7
— U.S. Border Patrol agents who detained a 7-year-old Guatemalan migrant girl who later died in federal custody will not speak with U.S. lawmakers investigating her death, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said on Monday, citing their union membership.

Wisconsin group asks judge to quash Lame Duck bills
Courthouse News Service

California plan: 2 free years of community college
SF Gate

Charter Spectrum to pay record $174 million fine
and give refunds to New York customers
USA Today
settles a consumer fraud case brought by New York last year that claimed the state’s largest internet service provider, which operated initially as Time Warner Cable, didn’t provide reliable and fast internet service as promised.
…. includes restitution of $62.5 million for over 700,000 active subscribers, Underwood said.

Ya think?
Vatican committee: Church credibility at risk over sex abuse

11-year-old girl’s fatal brain tumor disappears.
Doctors have no clue why


After experiencing headaches and sickness for a few weeks, then-10-year-old Roxli Doss was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Roxli went through weeks of radiation while her parents, Gena and Scott Doss, prayed for a miracle – and they got one. Roxli’s tumor disappeared. Even when doctors double-checked the scans to confirm the results, they could find no trace of it. Doctors say they can’t explain what happened.

So-called “Trump Foundation,” under legal pressure, agrees to commit suicide
The Hill
“shocking illegality” .
.. reached a deal to dissolve amid a legal battle with New York’s attorney general … who will continue to pursue its lawsuit against the foundation, which seeks $2.8 millions in restitution plus penalties, as well as an order barring Trump and his three oldest children — Donald Trump Jr.Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump — from serving on the boards of other New York Charities.

>>> Trump caves on Wall, shutdown
——> Breaking news: Mexico’s not gonna pay for it … 
US pledges billions in aid to Mexico

Feds move to make “bump stocks” illegal

10,000 Vegas homes on market; 7,000 get NO offers
— While thousands of homes are going no bid in November, some homes are still selling, but not as often as they used to, a sign that the housing market is headed for trouble. Buyers acquired about 2,300 houses in November, down 12% from November 2017, the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors reported.

Brave New World: Drone grocery deliveries begin
Reuters/Yahoo Finance
drone groceries

Fox News clown says immigrants make US dirtier; advertisers flee
— Fox News spin doctors blame the usual America-hating leftists and reassured their remaining backers: “We continue to stand by and work with our advertisers through these unfortunate and unnecessary distractions.”
——> However, advertising is more effective with a less-sophisticated, more credulous audience. Which Fox delivers. So….

2 Chicago cops, pursuing suspect, killed by commuter train
— A train struck and killed two Chicago police officers Monday evening as they were pursuing a suspect on the city’s far South Side.
— Speaking at a press conference, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said officers Conrad Gary, 31, and Eduardo Marmolejo, 37, were investigating a report of shots fired and had followed the suspect onto the tracks. The officers were hit by a Metra commuter train shortly after 6 p.m. CST.

US to create Space Cadet Academy
— Hopefully, Silent Mike Pence will be sent off in the general direction of Pluto.

Mother of toddler who vanished seven years ago files wrongful death suit against child’s father
NY Daily News
— “I wonder if this is haunting you, Justin,” Trista Reynolds said Monday. “I wonder if our daughter haunts your dreams or if you see her blue eyes when you close your eyes at night. I wonder if you even think about that night — that night you murdered her.”
— Her daughter Ayla’s body has never been found, and no charges have been filed. A judge declared her legally dead in 2017, but the investigation remains open.

The fallen metropolis: the collapse of Caracas, the jewel of Latin America
The Guardian

Rosemarie Newton, a former language teacher, has lost 14kg as a result of being reduced to eating one meal a day.
Photograph: Tom Phillips

— A generation ago, Venezuela’s capital was one of Latin America’s most thriving, glamorous cities; an oil-fuelled, tree-lined cauldron of culture that guidebooks hailed as a mecca for foodies, night owls and art fans.
— Its French-built metro – like its restaurants, galleries and museums – was the envy of the region. “Caracas was such a vibrant city … You truly felt, as we used to say around here, in the first world,” says Ana Teresa Torres, a Caraqueña author whose latest book is a diary of her home’s demise.
…… Soaring crime and the breakdown of a city where even those regarded as well-off now often live without water or power meant he saw few alternatives. “It’s astonishing. By 6 or 7pm you don’t see any more cars on the streets and by 8pm it’s completely deserted. This is a capital city that used to have a night life. Not anymore. Everyone’s holed up at home.”

US sportswear traced to China slave labor camps
HOTAN, China (AP) — Barbed wire and hundreds of cameras ring a massive compound of more than 30 dormitories, schools, warehouses and workshops in China’s far west. Dozens of armed officers and a growling Doberman stand guard outside.
— Behind locked gates, men and women are sewing sportswear that can end up on U.S. college campuses and sports teams.
— This is one of a growing number of internment camps in the Xinjiang region, where by some estimates 1 million Muslims are detained, forced to give up their language and their religion and subject to political indoctrination. Now, the Chinese government is also forcing some detainees to work in manufacturing and food industries. Some of them are within the internment camps; others are privately-owned, state-subsidized factories where detainees are sent once they are released.
— The Associated Press has tracked recent, ongoing shipments from one such factory inside an internment camp to Badger Sportswear, a leading supplier in Statesville, North Carolina. The shipments show how difficult it is to stop products made with forced labor from getting into the global supply chain, even though such imports are illegal in the U.S. Badger CEO John Anton said Sunday that the company would source sportswear elsewhere while it investigates.

US ranks 51st in gender equity
——–> Way behind Namibia, the Philippines, Rwanda, Nicaragua, you know, the “shit hole” countries.
At this pace, “it will take (the US) 108 years to close the gender gap across politics, work, health and education, and 202 years to close the workplace gender gap.”

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