Trump’s chump Cohen gets 3 years in prison

cohen-sketch-px-trix— Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer and fixer for President Donald Trump, was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for crimes that include ones which put Trump into legal peril.
— “I take full responsibility for each act that I pled guilty to — The personal ones to me and those involving the president of the United States of America,” Cohen said in federal court in Manhattan before he was sentenced.
— “Blind loyalty’ to Trump ‘led me to take a path of darkness instead of light,” Cohen said.
— And that loyalty, Cohen told a judge led to his effort to cover up president’s ‘dirty deeds.”
— Judge William Pauley, before imposing sentence, said, “Mr. Cohen pled guilt to a veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct.”
— And each of these crimes standing alone warrant considerable punishment,” Pauley said.
–The sentence of 36 months was on the low end of what prosecutors had suggested was appropriate for Cohen’s crimes, but much more than the sentence of no time locked up that Cohen’s lawyers were asking for.

OMG, now California wants to tax texting
Mercury News

Investigation of generic drug pricing now involves 16 companies, 300 drugs

DEA Agent Arrested, suspected In Decade-Long drug, weapons conspiracy
US Dep’t of Justice

Vatican’s Third-Most Powerful Official Convicted as Choir Boys pervert
Black Christian News

N.J. sting uses Amazon boxes, GPS to catch porch pirates

Chicago mayor: Legalize pot, build casino to deal with pension shortfall
USA Today

Retired judges scold ICE: Stop arresting people at courthouse
Dozens of retired state and federal judges called Wednesday on U.S. immigration officials to stop making arrests at courthouses of people suspected of being in the country illegally, saying immigrants should be free to visit halls of justice without fearing they will be detained.
— Nearly 70 former judges from 23 states — including federal judges and state supreme court justices — said in a letter sent to Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Ronald Vitiello that courthouse arrests are disrupting the criminal justice system.

Brit’s Conservatives try to boot May over failed Brexit talks
-U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is fighting to keep her job as members of her Conservative Party seek to oust her in a no-confidence vote. May has been unable to shore up support for the Brexit deal she negotiated with the European Union.
— “I will contest that vote with everything I’ve got,” May said outside of 10 Downing Street.

Baylor frat boy goes free after sex assault
Fox News

NY doctor may have abused more than 1,000 victims over 40 years
CBS News
— Patients and relatives of those treated at a famous research hospital in New York want to know why Rockefeller University stayed quiet about a prominent doctor who died 11 years ago and is believed to have abused children for decades. Attorneys representing those individuals now say there may be over 1,000 victims in what may be the largest case of sexual abuse by one person in U.S. history.

Stormy Daniels ordered to pay Orange Clown $290,000 legal fees

Oakland sues Raiders, NFL alleging ‘illegal move’ to Las Vegas
S.F. Chronicle
— Oakland filed a lawsuit in federal court Tuesday challenging the relocationof the Raiders to Las Vegas, calling the move illegal and demanding compensation for hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.
— The long-awaited suit against the Raiders, the National Football League and every other team in the league seeks damages for the “unlawful decision to boycott Oakland,” but does not ask for the Raiders to remain in the city. Oakland claims the NFL and its teams collude as an “illegal cartel” to demand that cities bankroll new stadiums with public funds or be shut out of the marketplace with team relocations.

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