Thanksgiving weekend

Judge orders Trump lackey to jail

EU leaders approve Brexit deal
— European Union leaders on Sunday approved a historic Brexit deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May, and together warned rebellious MPs in London this was the best and only option available.
— Leaders meeting at a special Brussels summit expressed sadness at the “tragic” end of four decades of British EU membership, but said the terms of the withdrawal were now set.
>>> May tries to pimp the deal to Brit public
The Independent
— Despite the increasingly bleak prospects for her deal passing the House of Commons next month, in what she called “one of the most significant votes for many years”, May struck a defiant note.
— Despite the fact it is MPs, not voters, who hold her fate in their hands in the coming weeks, she said she wanted to “speak directly to the British people”, and would be embarking on a campaign in the next few days, to sell the deal to the public.

Georgia woman jailed 3 months for possession of  “blue meth” …
… that turned out to be cotton candy
— Dasha Fincher, who was charged with trafficking and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, spent more than three months in jail after her bond was set at $1 million, her lawsuit said.
^ She’s caught with a “bag of meth.” Well, not really.
But bail is set at $1 million. With our 10% bond system, she could only have gotten out after posting $100,000 bond, which money would disappear forever into the bondsmen’s pocket, even if she showed up in court, and even if she was proven innocent. Nice system, eh?

China sends a million informants into Muslim homes
The Independent
— Uninvited, more than one million Han Chinese people have reportedly moved into the homes of Uighur Muslim families to report on whether they display Islamic or unpatriotic beliefs.
— Sent to homes in Xinjiang province by the Chinese government, American anthropologist Darren Byler said they were tasked with watching for signs that their hosts’ attachment to Islam might be “extreme”.
— The informants, who describe themselves as “relatives” of the families they are staying with, are said to have received specific instructions on how to get them to let their guard down.

That chilling new report on the costs of global warming
… Meanwhile ….
Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high: UN

So-called pastor who hated gun-free zones shoots woman who refused him sex
Raw Story
(A report from a strange nation where everyone, no matter how crazy, has a right to carry lethal weapons.)
… police say 53-year-old Thomas Bruce this week went into a Catholic Supply store, drew a gun, and forced three women working there to go with him into a back room.
— After they went with them, he ordered them to “perform deviant sexual acts on him,” police allege.
— One of the women refused to give in to his demands, which was when Bruce allegedly killed her with a shot to the head. This prompted the other two women to begin complying with his requests, and Bruce eventually fled the scene.

Standing desk? Meh. Just another worthless health fad
— The real problem with prolonged sitting is when it’s part of an overall sedentary lifestyle.

MIT Engineers Fly First-Ever Plane With No Moving Parts
Courthouse News Service
— A team of engineers developed a first-of-its-kind silent, lightweight plane that flies without any moving parts like propellers or fans.
— Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology power the plane with a silent “ionic wind” produced above and below the plane. They published their findings Wednesday in the journal Nature.
— In the short term, the project has implications to develop quieter drones. In the longer term, the plane could lead to the production of fuel-efficient passenger planes.
— The technology was partially inspired by “Star Trek,” said MIT aeronautics and astronautics professor Steven Barrett. In particular, the TV series’ spacecrafts that flew through space without moving parts, exhaust or noise.


Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia in response to Yemen famine
The Independent
—-> Oh America, you city on the hill, you shining light, you last best hope of the world  …. 
From Wikipedia: On May 20, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed a series of letters of intent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase arms from the United States totaling US$110 billion immediately, and $350 billion over 10 years.
— The 2017 deal was partially created with the help of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of and senior advisor to President Trump; Kushner had cultivated relationships with Saudi royalty during the transition and personally contacted Lockheed Martin during the deal-making process.

The rain’s getting “rainier”
Live Science
— Half the planet’s precipitation falls on just 12 days … and these deluges are likely to get more concentrated.

London cops have had it with drive-by moped thieves,
now they’re knocking ’em right off their scooters
A short story and amusing video.

Proposal in N.Y. … want to buy a gun? Submit your social media accounts

Thousands of Euro Amazon workers strike over shitty working conditions 
Business Insider

Revealed: Sniveling coward who bombed Boston Marathon went crying to prosecutors with plea deal
The Hill

Study challenges belief that human hunters long ago wiped out Africa’s biggest animals
USA Today
— In research published in the journal Science on Friday, authors analyzed records on megaherbivore communities in eastern Africa over seven million years. A megaherbivore is a mammal weighing more than 2,000 pounds. They concluded that extinctions of diverse mammal communities in Africa occurred before evidence of human hunting.
–The animal decline might have instead been because of environmental factors such as declining atmospheric carbon dioxide and expansion of grasslands, researchers write.

The coming “white minority” and why it makes demographers nervous
NY Times
^ Basically, they set up a study and found that the notion of white people losing their majority status made white people fearful. And ….

…. “The question really for us as a society is there are all these people who look white, act white, marry white and live white, so what does white even mean anymore?” Dr. Waters said. “We are in a really interesting time, an indeterminate time, when we are not policing the boundary very strongly.”

Enterprising workers at Hawaii burger stand grilled a rat and ….
what do you know, they were fired.
Unfair! Sad! It’s a disaster


Democrats Built A Small-Donor Money Machine.
Now, Republicans Want Their Own

— In 73 hot House races, Democrats raised more than $62 million from donors of $200 or less. Republicans raised barely $27 million.

Chicago hospital shooting lunatic was firefighter washout

Gee, it’s kinda funny how these Russian spies keep …. dying
^ Their boss, Vlad the Impaler, must be very upset.

Wacked in Jersey? Wealthy tech exec charged in weird family murder/arson
CBS News

Paul Caneiro, charged with aggravated arson for setting fire to his own home in Ocean Township.

— Keith Caneiro, 50, was found shot to death on the lawn. Inside, authorities found the remains of his 45-year-old wife, Jennifer Caneiro, and their children, 11-year-old son Jesse and 8-year-old daughter Sophia.
— The bodies of the mother and children were badly burned. Medical examiners had not determined causes of death for them as of midweek.

N.J. Dep’t of Transportation may be still recovering from the George Washington Bridge fiasco. They’re finally getting around to suspending an employee involved in the $400,000 GoFundMe scam. 

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