OK for heads of state to murder journalists, says Trump
Just in case you’ve been wondering what kind of nation America has become, here you go. A couple of shit-eating grins. A shit-load of oil. And probably quite a few criminal secrets. 


Facebook auction sold girl, 17, for 500 cows, 3 cars and $10,000
CNN/Plan International
^ Would love to see Zuckerberg explain this one.
— Five men participated in the auction, some of whom are reportedly high-ranking government officials in South Sudan.
NGO official: “While it is common for dowries to be used in marriages in South Sudanese culture, nothing can excuse the way this girl – who is still a child – has been treated as nothing more than an object, sold off to the bidder prepared to offer the most money and goods.”


Massachusetts mayor first in line
as recreational marijuana sales begin

CBS News
— Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana more than two years ago, but retail stores had to meet a number of rigorous conditions laid out by the state before opening. The initial small rollout is intentional. Lawmakers are hoping to avoid problems other states, like Colorado, have faced such as increases in crime.


Chicago hospital killings blamed on jilted man
(Would love to link to original Chicago Tribune article, but, stiff paywall.)
— Witness says gunman demanded a ring back before shooting doctor in Chicago.


Estonian actress goes quiet after accusing Avenatti
NY Post

It’s unclear whether Miniutti is the same woman who claims Avenatti left her “swollen and bruised.” But online records show the actress filed for a temporary restraining order at the Santa Monica courthouse of Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday — five days after the attorney was detained on a felony domestic violence charge. A hearing in the case is set for Dec. 10.


Senate finally figures out drug company jacked the priced live-saving opioid antidote by 600%


12 kids injured in dog attack at Oklahoma school
— Fire officials said 28 children in 3rd and 4th grades and three teachers were in the playground when a dog, described as a brown and white pit bull, became loose and began attacking the children.
— Officials with the school district said the dog made it into the hallway and was tackled by an (underpaid) teacher.


China cuts off movie awards show after winner says: Let Taiwan go
The Guardian

Documentary filmmaker Fu Yue called for Taiwan to be recognised as an “independent entity” during her acceptance speech, fighting back tears as she said, “this is my biggest wish as a Taiwanese”. Her speech was quickly censored on Chinese television and streams, with the coverage going black.


Nothing’s proven yet, but police say L.A. deputy Neil Kimball was working with a 14-year old rape victim — and raped her.  Kimball was arrested on Friday, after another deputy began reviewing the case while Kimball went on medical leave.



Raw Story, Alternet and other outlets are spreading this crap: Trump supposedly won’t visit US troops in fear of being shot. But this is the shoddiest form of journalism, attributed to ONE ANONYMOUS official without any corroboration whatsoever. Bullshit, I say. We already know Trump’s a coward. All this story does is make the ultimate source (The Washington Post) look weak.

In more bullshit journalism, some actress named Gellar posted a not-all-that revealing photo to Instagram, and USA Today mistook it for news. Here’s the pix and Instagram post. Yawn.  Warning, publicity agents at work. Saved you a click!
PS: USA Today also wants you to know that Shania Twain has “peed herself” on stage. Jeez, where can I subscribe to this fine newspaper?


Dems sue the Orange One, say his DOJ appointment sucks
Courthouse News Service


The Brexit fantasy was always doomed.
A second referendum is the only way out
The National Interest
— It is now clear that the original Brexit referendum was built on false promises and outright lies, and included hardly any mention of the one issue that has complicated Brexit the most: the Irish border . There is even a criminal investigation into the major supporter and funder of one of the primary campaign groups supporting Brexit. It is therefore entirely appropriate for the British people to reconsider their original decision now that they can see what Brexit will actually look like, rather than the inaccurate picture painted during the referendum campaign. 


Missing N.C. teacher killed by drug dealer in Mexico
— A North Carolina high school teacher reported missing in Mexico last month was murdered by a local drug trafficker, authorities said, ending a desperate weeks-long search by his family and friends.
The man, Patrick Braxton-Andrew, 34, taught Spanish at a private school in Mooresville, about 30 miles north of Charlotte. He regularly visited Latin America and was traveling solo in the state of Chihuahua when he vanished on Oct. 28 during an afternoon walk in the town of Urique, his family said.

Thanks for the billions, Michael Bloomberg, but your mega-donation to Johns Hopkins isn’t going to cut it. Here’s why….
Opinion from Vox
— Bottom line: The students who most need help ain’t exactly clamoring to get in to selective schools like Johns Hopkins ….


Camp Fire: Will the town of Paradise ever exist again?
Mercury News
— “It’s overwhelming if you try to look at the whole thing. It’s just overwhelming,” says the mayor.


Scientists: With climate change, disasters will come in clusters
CBS News

Trumpty Dumpty’s asylum ban loses in federal court

Buzzfeed makes begging for $$$ part of its business strategy

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