Camp fire becomes most destructive in Calif. history
At least nine dead … some trapped in cars as they try to flee
Nearly 7,000 structures destroyed
“Not much left” of town of 27,000
52,000 people evacuated

CBS News
… Stay up to date with reports from the Chico Enterprise-Record
… A swing set and parking lot were part of what remained at Paradise Elementary School.
The Honey Run Covered Bridge in Butte Creek Canyon also burned. The iconic bridge was the site of weddings and pancake breakfasts, and the subject of countless plein air paintings and artsy photographs. It was building in the 1880s and was on the National Register of Historic Places.
— There were rays of good news — Paradise High School was still standing, along with Town Hall, Paradise Intermediate School, Holiday Quality Foods and an Ace Hardware store. There was damage to Feather River Hospital buildings but the main building appeared unscathed, including the emergency room and the maternity center.
— Reporters on the ground in Paradise said there were pockets of saved businesses and homes, but the scene was mostly devastation. Frequently, businesses across the street from spared businesses were gone.

As wildfires rage, so does Donnie Trump, President of the Electoral College. He went on another dry-drunk bender on Saturday to blame “gross mismanagement of the forest” for the catastrophe and threatened to withhold federal funds if the issue is not remedied.

Photos show uncounted ballots lying around Florida post office
Miami New Times
√ Forget about it, Jake, it’s Florida

Yelp Yelps as Wall Street rates it one-star
30% stock slide as advertisers leave site many users distrust.

FDA to impose severe restrictions on e-cigarette flavors

(The Independent) The ban will be placed in convenience stores and gas stations, an agency official said.

Jury awards cancer patient $25mil as an “example” to shitty insurance company
— The case revolved around the 2014 denial of coverage for Orrana Cunningham, who had stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer near her brain stem. Her doctors wanted her to receive proton beam therapy, a targeted form of radiation that could pinpoint her tumor without the potential for blindness or other side effects of standard radiation.
Aetna denied her coverage, calling the therapy investigational and experimental.

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DEA, ICE hiding cameras in street lights
— The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have hidden an undisclosed number of covert surveillance cameras inside streetlights around the country, federal contracting documents reveal.
— According to government procurement data, the DEA has paid a Houston, Texas company called Cowboy Streetlight Concealments LLC roughly $22,000 since June 2018 for “video recording and reproducing equipment.” ICE paid out about $28,000 to Cowboy Streetlight Concealments over the same period of time.
— It’s unclear where the DEA and ICE streetlight cameras have been installed, or where the next deployments will take place. ICE offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio have provided funding for recent acquisitions from Cowboy Streetlight Concealments; the DEA’s most recent purchases were funded by the agency’s Office of Investigative Technology, which is located in Lorton, Virginia.

New Top US lawman is a scam artist… and people are surprised?
Raw Story
— Customers defrauded by a company that falsely promised to patent and market their ideas in exchange for thousands of dollars say they’re shocked to see one of its board members serving as U.S. attorney general.
— A federal court shut down Miami-based World Patent Marketing as part of a $25 million settlement following an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, which subpoenaed Matthew Whitaker as part of the probe.

Wall Street Journal: Trump directly involved in payoffs to hoes
Law & Crime
A massive report by the Wall Street Journal on Friday says that federal prosecutors have evidence of President Donald Trump‘s involvement in hush payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal to keep them from discussing allegations that they had affairs with Trump in the past. The report describes Trump as being “central” to the payments, which resulted in Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen being convicted of campaign finance violations for his participation. More importantly, however, is the distance Trump maintained while it went on.
…. The evidence of Trump’s involvement in the payments is legally significant, as it backs up Cohen’s claim that Trump directed payments that were found to have been in violation of federal law. The most damning evidence of all, however, isn’t just regarding Trump’s involvement in the payments, but the details of discussions of a cover-up.
— Cohen reportedly told the feds that he talked to Trump and a Trump Organization executive about how to keep Trump’s fingerprints off the Daniels payment.

200,000 told to evacuate in S. Calif, including all in Malibu
LA Daily News
The Woolsey Fire jumped the 101 Freeway near Chesebro Road in Agoura Hills Friday morning and was burning on the south side of the freeway in area evacuated hours earlier.
— The California Highway Patrol has shut down a four-mile stretch of the 101 Freeway.

1000 homes burn in deadly N. California fire
Paradise Post
— The fast-moving Camp Fire burned up to 1,000 buildings and homes in the Paradise area Thursday and reportedly killed multiple people, then roared into Chico and forced evacuations there.
— Cal Fire-Butte County Chief Darren Read said in the afternoon that hundreds of structures in Paradise have burned, perhaps as many as 1,000. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said there are reports of multiple fatalities, and authorities are trying to verify how many.
(from CNN) … Morgan Mason said her father told her that he could hear propane tanks blowing up all over Paradise this morning. Her father, a lineman for Pacific Gas and Electric Company, was called in from another district to help shut down power, she said.
“This does not look good at all,” Mason said on Twitter. “Please keep Paradise and all the first responders in your prayers.”


“Remarkable” decline in world fertility rates
— In 1950, women were having an average of 4.7 children in their lifetime. The fertility rate all but halved to 2.4 children per woman by last year.

Judge orders work halt on Keystone XL pipeline

  • A federal judge in Montana …
  • … on the grounds that the U.S. government did not complete a full analysis of the environmental impact of the TransCanada project.
  • …. brings uncertainty to future of $8 billion, 1,180 mile pipeline.

Internet splitting in two as US, China squabble
…. West absent …. World Internet Conference in Wuzhen … presided over by the likes of Tencent Holdings Ltd. Chairman Ma Huateng. … pushed the concept of a rigidly policed medium that — nonetheless — is a wellspring of innovation to revolutionize businesses and modernize the Chinese economy.

“Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him.”
— Michelle Obama in memoir “Becoming “
Source story: CNN

“You’re so easily played”
NYT columnist tweaks reporters who fell for Trump’s border panic ruse
Raw Story
… … Krugman pointed out that coverage of the caravan had completely died ever since the election ended on Tuesday — a sure sign that it was a manufactured issue Republicans used to gin up their voters. rubes.

Notorious R.G.B. up and working after injury

Doctors rip NRA:
‘Where are you when I tell families their loved one has died’
Raw Story

Promise not to kill anyone? OK!
GOP judge loses election, frees all defendants
— After losing his bench in a Democratic sweep, Harris County Juvenile Court Judge Glenn Devlin released nearly all of the youthful defendants that appeared in front him on Wednesday morning, simply asking the kids whether they planned to kill anyone before letting them go.
— “He was releasing everybody,” said public defender Steven Halpert, who watched the string of surprising releases. “Apparently he was saying that’s what the voters wanted.”
…… A Houston Chronicle investigation last month found that Devlin and Judge John Phillips accounted for more than one-fifth of all children sent to the state’s juvenile prisons last year. The two jurists not only sent more teens to juvenile prison, but they also sent them younger and for less-serious offenses than the county’s third juvenile court.

Maybe the Florida governor’s race isn’t over
NBC News
…. Gillum statement: “it has become clear there are many more uncounted ballots than was originally reported. Our campaign, along with our attorney Barry Richard, is monitoring the situation closely and is ready for any outcome, including a state-mandated recount.”
>>> Dem lawyers descend on Broward County, vote fraud suspected
Miami Herald
>>> Statewide recount likely in Senate, Gov. races
Sun Sentinel
… Meanwhile, questions continued about why more than 24,000 people voted for governor but not for Senate in Broward.

Yep, Scott Walker can’t seek a recount because of a law he signed
CBS News

North Carolina Dems won 50% of votes, 23% of seats. Hmmm.
Brennan Justice Center
Smells like Gerry’s been Mandering.

13 dead, including cop, in shooting at California tavern
LA Daily News
— Thirteen people are dead after a gunman opened fire on a crowd at a country dance bar holding a weekly “college night” Wednesday in Southern California, sending hundreds fleeing in terror including some who used barstools to break windows and escape, authorities said.
— The dead included 11 people inside the bar, the gunman and a sheriff’s sergeant who was the first officer inside the door, Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said.
— “It’s a horrific scene in there,” Dean said at a news conference early Thursday in the parking lot of the Borderline Bar & Grill. “There’s blood everywhere.”

From Britain’s Daily Mail:

  • Ian Long, 28, opened fire at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks at 11.20pm on Wednesday night
  • He was dressed in all-black and used a legally owned .45 caliber handgun which had an extended magazine
  • Witnesses said he also let off smoke grenades inside to confuse the terrified crowds as they ran for their lives
  • In April, police and mental health specialists were called to Long’s home after a disturbance but they cleared him instead of having him committed 
  • Long served in the Marines for five years between 2008 and 2013 during which time he was given 10 medals and toured Afghanistan 
  • Neighbors claim he was suffering from PTSD and say they had ‘no idea what he was doing’ with a gun
  • He killed himself on Wednesday in an office in the bar after killing 11 patrons and a sheriff’s sergeant who responded 

Mother of teen slain over loud music wins U.S. House seat on gun control platform
CBS News
…. Lucy McBath, a former flight attendant, told Elle Magazine she decided to run for office to make a difference on her son’s behalf. She said she wanted to work to strengthen gun control especially after the February mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Funeral mass held for Whitey Bulger in the city he terrorized
Boston Globe
— God alone knows how many Catholics have been denied a Church funeral for petty reasons … and now this vicious murderer  …. oh, don’t ask. The Church is way way beyond disgrace these days anyway. 

Notorious R.B.G.  hospitalized after a fall
— Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractured three ribs after suffering a fall Wednesday night in her office and has been admitted to the hospital, according to the court.
— A report said Thursday morning that Ginsburg went home after the fall, and after experiencing discomfort overnight, she went to George Washington University Hospital, where tests showed she fractured three ribs on her left side. She was admitted for “observation and treatment.”

President of the United States of America afraid to answer TV reporter’s questions, bans him from White House
BBC (with real video)
— Sarah what’s-her-name claims it was because CNN’s Jim Acosta “put his hands on a young woman.” If that’s the reason, her pussy-grabbing Orange Boss should have been banned from the White House long ago.
>>> AND … White House circulates a doctored video to make it seem as if Acosta assaulted the woman. See Vice News

Cable companies lose a million customers …
— still can’t figure out why people hate them

USA Today
— Cable and satellite TV providers lost about 1.1 million subscribers during the July to September period, the largest quarterly loss ever – and the first time the industry lost more than 1 million subscribers in a quarter, according to media and telecommunications research firm Moffett Nathanson.

Thousands of dogs will need homes as Florida kills greyhound racing
NBC News
— Florida voters dealt a surprisingly decisive blow to greyhound racing, approving a measure that’ll ban the sport in their state by the end of 2020.
— Amendment 13, which needed 60-percent approval to become law, got more than 5.3 million votes on Tuesday, good for 69 percent.
— Passage of the sweeping measure means dog racing at 11 Florida tracks, with anywhere between 5,000 to 7,000 greyhounds, will be out of business by Dec. 31, 2020.
— The state is home to 11 of America’s 17 dog tracks, with greyhounds also running in West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Iowa.

Self-driving cars to become rolling ho-houses, researchers predict
The Telegraph

Senator: Constitutional crisis looming
The Hill
“I think it’s a big mistake to let Sessions go.”

Stacey Abrams refuses to concede in Georgia
Atlanta Journal Constitution
— Abrams’ hopes center on picking up enough votes from absentee and provisional ballots to deprive Kemp of an outright win. She also could ask for a recount. And she could file a lawsuit, seeking a judicial solution to a political problem.
— Citing “significant irregularities” in Tuesday’s voting, Abrams’ campaign vowed to make sure all ballots get counted.

The other 2018 midterm wave:
A historic 10-point jump in turnout among young people

The Conversation
— Young people showed decisive support for liberal candidates and ideas. About 67 percent of young people supported Democratic House candidates, compared to just 32 percent for Republican candidates. This 35-point gap is even larger than their preference toward Democrats in 2008, when President Barack Obama was first elected.

Probably time for Congress to wake up and smell the marijuana
…. Emblematic of this shift was the defeat of House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas), an unreconstructed drug warrior whom Kampia calls “the sphincter who has constipated all marijuana bills and amendments in the House in recent years.” Sessions was defeated by Democrat Colin Allred, a medical marijuana supporter who has criticized Sessions’ anti-pot prejudices.

Tesla Names New Chair As Elon Musk Steps Down
Perhaps this is part of a deal with the SEC …. or does Musk just want to concentrate on his flamethrower business?

Cave paintings in Indonesia are world’s oldest

Former Texas congressman gets 10 years for campaign $$$$ fraud
Courthouse News Service
— A federal judge sentenced Steve Stockman to 10 years in federal prison Wednesday for defrauding two businessmen of $1.2 million to fund his campaigns, chiding him for abusing the public’s trust in elections.

Google googles sexual misconduct, and vows to do better
Uh huh. We’ll see.
“Google’s leaders and I have heard your feedback and have been moved by the stories you’ve shared.”

Parents photograph their kids in bathtub … social workers remove said kids from their home … now face court hell
Courthouse News Service

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