Congress Gone Wild: Why Lawmakers Fail to Prioritize the National Debt
The National Interest
— National politicians keep abandoning fiscal restraint and their constituents seem fine with it.

Trump may be enamored of Kim, but N. Korea keeps hacking US infrastructure
Vice News
— The Onslow Water and Sewerage Authority in Jacksonville, North Carolina, was still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Florence when hackers started attacking its computer systems with malware.
— At 3 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13, the malware launched a sophisticated piece of ransomware known as Ryuk. A member of the utility company’s IT staff reacted quickly, disconnecting the computer system from the internet — but it was already too late.
— The malicious code had spread through the network, encrypting files and databases. Soon after, an email with a ransom demand arrived. The FBI is still investigating the attack, but all the evidence points to one suspect: North Korea.

Avenatti ordered to pay $4.8 million debt
— A California judge on Monday ordered Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti to pay $4.85 million to an attorney at his former law firm, the first time the potential presidential candidate is being held personally liable in the case.
— Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dennis Landin issued the ruling after turning down a request from Avenatti to have the matter moved to federal court, which the opposing side called a delay tactic.

Netflix Is Selling $2 Billion of Junk Bonds to Fund New Shows
— The $2 billion bond offering, which will be issued in dollars and euros, comes just a week after the company reported a bigger jump in subscribers than Wall Street analysts expected. While the bonds would push the cash-burning company’s debt load above $10 billion for the first time, the company has seen its equity value skyrocket as it adds subscribers internationally

Maybe rising insurance rates will convince the rubes that climate change is real
hurrican damage… the insurance industry paid out a record $135 billion from natural catastrophes in 2017, almost three times higher than the annual average of $49 billion. That’s not to mention the uninsured losses that were also incurred – uninsured losses from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy were 50 percent of the total $65 billion in losses, a staggering tab picked up by individual citizens and the taxpayer.
— Insurers will eventually adjust to this emerging reality. And with it will come changes in our economy, including higher costs that will affect everyone’s pocketbook.
— Our ability to drive a car, buy a house, build an office building, run a manufacturing plant and enter into contracts are all supported by insurance. Without it, a great deal of these activities would become more expensive or even stop.

14-year oil leak into Gulf on cusp of being worst ever
 — You’ve heard of the Deepwater Horizon and the Exxon Valdez oil spills. But how about a 2004 spill involving Taylor Energy? As it turns out, the latter has been quietly leaking oil off the coast of Louisiana so steadily for 14 years—with no end in sight—that it threatens to overtake the Deepwater Horizon spill as the biggest offshore disaster in US history.

Tariff panic beginning to sink in among Wisconsin manufacturers
USA Today
√ As usual, the reporter failed to ask these people whether they voted for Trump.
MILWAUKEE — Rob Parmentier has weathered some rough times in the boat building business, but the trade wars with China, Europe, Canada and Mexico have shaken him to the core.
— “It’s been catastrophic,” said Parmentier, president and CEO of Marquis-Larson Boat Group, which builds Carver yachts in Pulaski, Wisconsin.
— The first “hand grenade,” as Parmentier described it, was a 25 percent tariff the European Union placed this year on boats built in the U.S., along with scores of other products including Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
— Then there was a 10 percent tariff slapped on boats shipped to Canada, along with price increases up to 40 percent on boat building materials.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys among 22 burger chains ignoring dangers of antibiotics in meat
CBS News
— Only two chains – Shake Shack and BurgerFi – received an “A” rating. “Both companies currently serve only beef raised without antibiotics,” the report says.

√ Why no Khashoggi stories? He was killed on orders of the Saudi Prince. That’s obvious. All else is spin.
√ Likewise, we are not fool enough to believe all the crap being spewed about the so-called immigrant caravan. If it’s bullshit you want, see the Drudge Report.

Go ahead, uninstall that app —
it’ll track you anyway
— (Bloomberg Businessweek) — If it seems as though the app you deleted last week is suddenly popping up everywhere, it may not be mere coincidence. Companies that cater to app makers have found ways to game both iOS and Android, enabling them to figure out which users have uninstalled a given piece of software lately—and making it easy to pelt the departed with ads aimed at winning them back.
— Adjust, AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics, and CleverTap are among the companies that offer uninstall trackers, usually as part of a broader set of developer tools. Their customers include T-Mobile US, Spotify Technology, and Yelp.


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