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Details leak out in shocking Wisconsin double murder and abduction
Daily Mail (also see report at RadarOnline)
… the attack does not seem to have been random: “it was targeted. The perpetrator had the specific intent to leave the home with Jayme in their possession.”
… “There is a report that someone allegedly knocked on the door and as the father went to answer it gunfire erupted through the door. That has not been confirmed yet as it’s an active investigation,” an FBI source said.

Extreme Court knocks down children’s enviro lawsuit
— The US Supreme Extreme Court blocked a climate lawsuitthat pits children against the federal government. The trial was set to start in 10 days, and the lawyers for the young people have until Wednesday to respond and convince the court justices to let the trial begin.
— The case Julian vs United States was filed in 2015 in the US district court in Oregon. It claimed that the US government, then led by Barack Obama, had violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property through actions that cause climate change. It asks a judge to order the government to create a recovery plan that will reduce carbon-dioxide emissions to 350 parts per million (ppm) by 2100 (down from more than 410 ppm today) and stabilize the climate system.

Seattle gun storage law ’eminently reasonable,’ judge says in tossing NRA, gun group’s lawsuit
Faux News
— A Seattle judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the National Rifle Association and a local gun rights group against a law that will require gun owners to lock up their firearms when not carrying or using them.

More workers, job applicants failing drug tests
NY Post

 30 injured in floor collapse at party near Clemson University
CBS News

Germany urges global minimum tax for digital giants

Carl Bernstein: Trump preparing to call midterm elections ‘illegitimate’ if Democrats take power
Washington Examiner

Incompetence of NY authorities may let Weinstein off the hook
— Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie mogul whose alleged sexual assaults sparked the international #MeToo movement, may be sentenced to a lifetime of shame and ridicule. Legal experts, however, now indicate he may never see the inside of a jail, let alone go to trial to face his accusers.
The case against Weinstein is “unraveling,” high profile defense attorney and CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos says, citing the infighting between the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the New York Police Department as one of the main reasons he believes the Weinstein case won’t go to trial.

Vermont’s first black woman legislator resigns after threats on her family
Women in the World
kiah morris— Kiah Morris, the first black woman to ever serve in Vermont’s state legislature, is speaking out about her decision to resign in late September after facing repeated harassment — including acts of intimidation at her home that forced her and her husband, who was recovering from heart surgery, to flee to a different town.
— Morris, who was first elected in 2014 and won re-election in 2016, announced that she wouldn’t seek reelection this year — despite running unopposed — after facing vandalism, death threats that were seen by her young son, and a break-in to her home while her family was present.
— Despite her declaring her intent to leave office, intimidation from angry youths who would pound on her house’s windows and doors at night continued until she and her husband, who was recovering from heart surgery, were forced to flee her home in Bennington and move to another town.

500,000 march in London for new vote on Brexit

brexit march
The march comes after another tumultuous week for Prime Minister Theresa May in which she failed to agree a divorce deal with EU leaders in Brussels and infuriated members of her own party by making further concessions in the talks. With just over five months until Britain is due to leave there is no clarity about what a future trade deal with the EU will look like and some rebels in May’s Conservative Party have threatened to vote down a deal if she clinches one.

In Trump country, grassroots push to keep (horrors!) Obamacare

SANDPOINT, Idaho — One month before Election Day, about 30 volunteers packed into a home in this northern Idaho town in the heart of Trump country, preparing to knock on doors to build support for a ballot measure to adopt Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

— Luke Mayville, an Idaho native who’s helping to lead the effort to bring more health care to lower income people in his home state, gave a blunt assessment to the activists: “It’s a tragedy if we lose,” he said. “If we win, we make history.”

— Next month, voters in two other conservative states, Utah and Nebraska, will also decide on Medicaid expansion, and polling suggests they have a good chance of passing. Montana will also vote on keeping its program. Maine voters last year were the first to approve Medicaid expansion through the ballot, although Republican Gov. Paul LePage has done everything possible to block expansion in his final year in office. A few other holdout states — most notably Georgia, Florida and Wisconsin — would also become much more likely to embrace Medicaid expansion if Democrats prevail in gubernatorial contests next month.

“All signs point to a higher turnout election,
” said Michael McDonald, a political scientist at the University of Florida who closely tracks early vote tallies. “Where we can make comparisons, so far the numbers are up from 2014. Which is not a surprise because 2014 was an exceptionally low turnout election.”

The weekend’s Dog & Pony show

So-called caravan of immigrants

pony-wallpapers1No link, don’t bother.

Really, people. There hasn’t been anything this stupid since Jerry Springer quit broadcasting. Trump knows how to incite and inflame his base of morons … not that they’d ever be aware … but the true purpose here is distraction so that Trump and his fellow mobsters can keep looting the US Treasury, and set up the government for more giveaways to the wealthy.

But oh my, that threatening caravan of rapists…

House Dem suggests Kushner gave Saudis an “enemies list” including Khashoggi

( Raw Story) — Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) on Friday shocked CNN’s Poppy Harlow when he said that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner may have slipped U.S. intelligence to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman that led to the alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
— “Let me get to the point that is most disturbing right now,” Castro said. “The reporting that Jared Kushner may have, with U.S. intelligence, delivered a hit list, an enemies list, to the crown prince, to MBS, in Saudi Arabia and that the prince may have acted on that, and one of the people he took action against is Mr. Khashoggi.”

White House proposes new rule that lets employers fire people for uh “religious reasons”
Buzz Feed
— Like, maybe if your employee is gay and that offends your finely-tuned KKKristianity?

Americans top fears: Death, spouse cheating, and corrupt gov’t officials
— It turns out, according to the annual Survey of American Fears, the real Cucuy for most Americans for the fourth year running, is the fear of corrupt government officials. Out of 94 categories, including the fear of dying (which comes in at 54) or a significant other cheating in a relationship (83 on the list), nearly three-quarters of the country — 73.6 percent — reported they are “afraid or very afraid” of dishonesty or wrongdoing by government officials.

>>> Speaking of corrupt gov’t officials, Georgia just canceled the voting rights of 107,000 people …
Read it at The Hill

Starkist admits to fixing tuna prices
USA Today
√ Note to Libertarians: Looks like businesses are not quite capable of self-policing, hmmm?

Sorry, Charlie, your company has engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public.

— StarKist Co. agreed to plead guilty to a felony price fixing charge as part of a broad collusion investigation of the canned tuna industry, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday.
— The DOJ said StarKist faces up to a $100 million fine when it is sentenced. Prosecutors allege that the industry’s top three companies conspired between 2010 and 2013 to keep prices artificially high.

South African city set to seize land in “test case”

Chinese city wants to replace street lights with artificial moon
— Skeptics also worry that fake moonlight could disrupt the body clocks of humans and other animals in Chengdu. The plan calls for the moon to only emit a “dusk-like hue,” one expert told the People’s Daily, and wouldn’t necessarily turn night into day.

Justice Dep’t opens pervert probe of Pennsylvania Catholic clergy

The Afghanistan War Is Over. We Lost.
The Weekly Standard
— The Taliban, which knows the U.S. is desperate to leave, just attacked a meeting between Afghan officials and the top U.S. military commander.

>>> Kandahar vote postponed after top commander killed 
Voice of America

Maybe the politicians are denying climate change,
but may Midwestern farmers know it’s real
The Guardian
— The University of Minnesota forecasts, based on research at Nasa, that Iowa corn yields could drop in half within the next half-century because of extreme weather and soil depletion.
— Yet we expect that the chemists and geneticists will handle it and keep those yields ramping up come hell or high water.
… In western Kansas, they’re having a tough time growing corn even with irrigation and chemicals. It is getting so warm that the plant simply cannot service itself.

Baltimore, short 500 cops as crime wave crests,
sends desk jockeys out to patrol streets
Baltimore Sun
… on Tuesday alone, 11 people were shot and three died.

Did an eye defect help make DaVinci a master?
Courthouse News Service

last supper
Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci excelled in various fields of art and science, but a new study analyzes several works of art to determine if his perception of the world was altered due to an eye condition. If the Italian sculptor, architect and artist of the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper” was crossed-eyed, it could explain his ability to depict three-dimensional features of faces and objects on flat spaces like a canvas, according to the study published Thursday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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