E-mails prove Harvard admissions favored those with links to big donors
NY Post
— Harvard University “rolled out the red carpet” for applicants with ties to influential donors, according to stunning emails revealed as part of a lawsuit that claims the school’s admissions process is discriminatory.
— The correspondences revealed Wednesday show that officials catered to certain recruits with upstanding pedigrees over others, including the student who received the royal treatment after his family gave $1.1 million over the course of four years.

Nebraska’s new tourist slogan: It’s not for everyone.
(Yeah, we knew)
The Hill

Hmm. Dead men tell no tales, eh?
Turkish media claims one of Khashoggi’s assassins has (ahem) met with an accident
Raw Story
— A man identified by the Turkish government as a suspect in the gruesome torture and murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi has reportedly died in a “suspicious” car crash.

Cops: No clue about missing girl whose parents were murdered
Wausau (Wisconsin) Daily Herald

Brit leaders,
unable to admit Brexit would be a disaster,
now want to put it off a while

— The U.K. and the EU might “create an option to extend the [Brexit] implementation period for a matter of months,” U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday, after talks with European Union leaders stalled in Brussels.

Two Florida cops to prison for role in framing black teen
Miami Herald

It’s a good bet your salt contains microplastics
National Geographic

Most Americans say abortion should be legal
Pew Research
— By a wide margin (59% to 36%), Republicans say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. In 1995, Republicans were evenly divided (49% legal vs. 48% illegal).
— Views among Democrats have shifted in the other direction over the past two decades. Today, 76% of Democrats say abortion should be legal in at least most cases. In 1995, 64% favored legal abortion in all or most cases.

 Bay Area so expensive, even tech elite put off having kids
Business Insider
— About 60% of tech workers can’t afford homes in San Francisco, Business Insider previously reported. Now, there’s another hair-raising stat to add to the list: 58% of tech workers said that the increased cost of living in the area has caused them to put off having kids, according to a survey by Blind, an app that lets (mostly tech) workers chat anonymously about the workplace.

Today’s Dog & Pony Show:
White House vulgarian makes empty threat to send military to border
√ Which is a great distraction from the headline below … 

Deficit rising, so Republicans say cut Social Security and Medicare

— The federal deficit grew by nearly $800 billion over the first fiscal year of Trump’s presidency, during which the Republican Congress passed a tax cut targeted mostly to corporations and the wealthy, which is projected to add more than $1 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years.
— The White House and GOP leaders promised that despite all projections to the contrary, the tax cuts would pay for themselves. That hasn’t materialized so far.

As Trump slams Fed, its policymakers are tuning him out — and moving ahead with rate hikes
LA Times
— There was no mention of The Vulgarian or his unusual public criticism at the Fed’s Sept. 25-26 monetary policy meeting, according to an official account released Wednesday with the standard three-week delay.
— The meeting’s minutes also indicated that Fed officials are undaunted in pushing ahead with more planned hikes in the central bank’s benchmark short-term rate as the U.S. economy strengthens.

Study claims there are more car crashes in states with legal pot
— As the push to legalize marijuana gains momentum, so is evidence that more permissive policies on the drug are putting motorists at risk.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found, in a study to be released on Thursday, that traffic accidents are rising in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. That followed stark warnings from the National Transportation Safety Board, which on Tuesday issued several recommendations to combat drug-impaired driving.

Boxer signs richest contract in sports history: $365 million …
… with new combat sports streaming network
Fox Business
— Under the deal’s terms, Canelo Alvarez, who owns a 50-1-2 record as a professional boxer, will fight on DAZN’s streaming platform, which recently launched in the U.S. The platform charges a $9.99 monthly fee for access to combat sports events around the world, including Bellator MMA.

Curious timing: Saudis pony up $100 million to help US …
… just as White House lets them off the hook for murder
Chicago Tribune
— The United States received a payment of $100 million from Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, the same day Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Riyadh to discuss the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a State Department official confirmed Wednesday amid global calls for answers in the case.
— Saudi Arabia publicly pledged the payment to support U.S. stabilization efforts in northeastern Syria in August, but questions persisted about when and if Saudi officials would come through with the money.
— The timing of the transfer, first reported by The New York Times, raised questions about a potential payoff as Riyadh seeks to manage the blowback over allegations that Saudi agents were responsible for Khashoggi’s disappearance. The State Department denied any connection between the payment and Pompeo’s discussions with Saudi officials about Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributing columnist.

Heavyweight investors seek to oust Zuckerberg from world’s most miserable platform
— Four major U.S. public funds that hold shares in Facebook Inc on Wednesday proposed removing Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg as chairman following several high-profile scandals and said they hoped to gain backing from larger asset managers.


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