Stable Genius’s China tariffs backfire as deficit with China balloons
Raw Story

Young Americans embracing socialism
Christian Science Monitor
“I don’t think we’ve done a good job at all of sharing the dividends from growth in a way that’s … good for society.”

Bernardo Vigil Rendon works at a bicycle shop in Baltimore owned by its employees. The pay isn’t huge, he says, but the job comes with perks that are unusual for such a small shop: a retirement savings plan, no staff cuts in the off-season, and a familial atmosphere. [ Michael Bonfigli/Special to The Christian Science Monitor] 

No wonder it works so well 
there may be Viagra in that herbal supplement

Is the FDA doing anything about it? Nope.

— The Food and Drug Administration has identified hundreds of supplements tainted with pharmaceuticals — from antidepressants and erectile dysfunction remedies to weight-loss drugs — since 2007, a study published Friday shows. Even after FDA tests proved the supplements contained unapproved or recalled medications, many of the products continued to be marketed and sold, the analysis finds.

Arkansas now among the enlightened states to require photo ID because… ah because…
Courthouse News Service

Ho-hum, another big Facebook data leak– 29 million, this time
Don’t be surprised if you make some new “friends.”

After Soyuz Failure, Space Is Now Weirdly Inaccessible to Astronauts
US has pretty much mothballed its rocket program, relying on our great friends, the Russkies

— All crewed launches have been suspended by Russia’s space agency following yesterday’s Soyuz rocket failure. That’s a problem, because much of the world relies on Russian rockets to get both cargo and people into space. Consequently, we’re now facing the very real possibility of having an uncrewed International Space Station—something that hasn’t happened in nearly two decades.

Finally, some get wise to Saudis
The Guardian
— A high-profile investment summit in Riyadh later this month is rapidly becoming a fiasco as prominent businesses and media groups have pulled out over Saudi Arabia’s alleged involvement in the disappearance of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
— The president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, said he would not be attending, and the Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC have withdrawn as media sponsors.
— The world’s business elite were due to attend the Future Investment Initiative (FII), which begins in the Saudi capital on 23 October. However, some of the companies involved say they are withdrawing pending the outcome of investigations into Khashoggi’s disappearance, while others have pulled out unconditionally.

> More than 60 percent of Americans who have some European ancestry can be identified using DNA databases — even if they have not submitted their own DNA, researchers reported Thursday.
> Enough people have done some kind of DNA test to make it possible to match much of the population, the researchers said. So even if you don’t submit your own DNA, if a cousin does, it could lead people to you.
> They said their findings, published in the journal Science, raise concerns about privacy. Not only could police use this information, but so could other people seeking personal information about someone.
— NBC News

√ What has the nation come to? Why on earth would we spend UNTOLD MILLIONS of dollars on TV and Internet advertising to support/oppose a Supreme Court candidate? See the story on Vice News… 

Right-wing dark money backing Kavanaugh outspent the left-wing “smear campaign” by millions

Writer sues creator of Shitty Media Men list for defamation
Buzz Feed
— New Orleans writer Stephen Elliott is suing feminist activist Moira Donegan for defamation over his inclusion in the “Shitty Media Men” spreadsheet that was quietly distributed among women last year, sparking intrigue until it was made publicly available online.
— Donegan has admitted that she was the creator of the spreadsheet that included allegations against men in media that ranged from flirting and weird lunch dates to accusations of rape, assault, stalking, harassment, and physical violence. Donegan circulated the link without any password protection to allow other women to add their own allegations to the list, which was widely circulated in the media industry.

Casino boss drops tens of millions more to $lime GOP
√Adelson gives out of the goodness of his heart, and because he truly believes in Republican principles of small govern… oops.

World using more oil than ever —
100 million barrels a day
Wall Street 24/7

Federal judge threatens ICE with contempt
if it deports man he released in criminal case
— U.S. District Judge James Gwin said during a bond hearing Wednesday for Cesar Veloz-Alonso that he didn’t think the 39-year-old construction worker, who was deported four previous times in the past two decades, was a flight risk or a danger to the community.

Bitcoin miner imprisoned after stealing electricity from trains
The Independent
Xu Xinghua from Shanxi province pleaded guilty to stealing 104,000 yuan (£11,300), which was used to mine 3.2 bitcoins. At the current price of bitcoin, Mr Xinghua’s bounty would be worth around £15,000, however at bitcoin’s peak, it would have been worth close to £48,000.

dog-pony-juggleAmong the Dog & Pony stories we’re not covering:
Kanye West, Banksy, Michelle Obama, First Lady Trump, any and all royal weddings, Conor McGregor…

You’re welcome!

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