Final call to save the world from ‘climate catastrophe’

(BBC) It’s the final call, say scientists, the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. Their dramatic report on keeping that rise under 1.5 degrees C says the world is now completely off track, heading instead towards 3C. Keeping to the preferred target of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will mean “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”.
— It will be hugely expensive – but the window of opportunity remains open.
— After three years of research and a week of haggling between scientists and government officials at a meeting in South Korea, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a special report on the impact of global warming of 1.5C.

A new era of cancer lawsuits looms for Monsanto
The Guardian

John Barton, a California farmer who used Roundup for decades and was diagnosed with NHL in 2015, said he was eager to go to trial, especially since Monsanto and Bayer were still telling the public that glyphosate was safe.

About six-in-ten Americans support marijuana legalization
Pew Research

K9 dog attacks his handler, is shot by another cop
Waco Tribune Herald
— A Waco officer shot and killed a police dog Friday after the dog bit its handler while police served a warrant, authorities said.
— Waco police and U.S. Marshals went to the 2000 block of Seneca Avenue at about 12:30 p.m. to serve a warrant for a wanted subject, Waco police Officer Garen Bynum said. As officers approached a house, the police dog, a Belgian Malinois, turned and bit the handler.

Hubble in trouble after gyroscope failure

Google+ to shutdown, after coverup of hack that exposed users
Tech Crunch

The latest from our good friends the Saudis
Turkish officials: Saudi dissident was killed, dismembered and removed from the embassy in boxes
Vice News
Turkish authorities suspect Saudi journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered inside the Kingdom’s embassy in Istanbul, according to multiple reports over the weekend. His body was then removed from the consulate in small boxes.

Limo that killed 20 had failed inspection, uncertified driver
Albany Times Union
The stretch limo, packed with 18 people, drove through a stop sign at the notoriously dangerous intersection and fatally struck two people in the parking lot of a popular country store, before slamming into an earthen embankment. All of the vehicle’s occupants were killed.
… AND! …
Owner of limo company was FBI informant!
NY Post
… testified in Manhattan federal court at the 2010 trial of four men he recruited into an FBI sting operation after infiltrating a mosque in Newburgh.

“Green growth” gurus win Nobel in Economics
— US economists William Nordhaus and Paul Romer on Monday shared the 2018 Nobel Economics Prize for constructing “green growth” models that show how innovation and climate policies can be integrated with economic growth.
— Working independently, they have addressed “some of our time’s most basic and pressing questions about how we create long-term sustained and sustainable growth,

Apple doubles down: NO, our hardware wasn’t hacked by China

Tropical Storm Michael expected to slam into Florida as hurricane

6 cases of rare “polio” diagnosed in Minnesota kids

China admits it’s arrested Interpol chief
Accuses him of bribery. Uh huh.

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