Westmoreland wanted to use nukes in Vietnam … until LBJ overruled him

(NY Times) — In one of the darkest moments of the Vietnam War, the top American military commander in Saigon activated a plan in 1968 to move nuclear weapons to South Vietnam until he was overruled by President Lyndon B. Johnson, according to recently declassified documents cited in a new history of wartime presidential decisions.
— The documents reveal a long-secret set of preparations by the commander, Gen. William C. Westmoreland, to have nuclear weapons at hand should American forces find themselves on the brink of defeat at Khe Sanh, one of the fiercest battles of the war.
— With the approval of the American commander in the Pacific, General Westmoreland had put together a secret operation, code-named Fracture Jaw, that included moving nuclear weapons into South Vietnam so that they could be used on short notice against North Vietnamese troops.
— Johnson’s national security adviser, Walt W. Rostow, alerted the president in a memorandum on White House stationery.
— The president rejected the plan, and ordered a turnaround, according to Tom Johnson, then a young special assistant to the president and note-taker at the meetings on the issue, which were held in the family dining room on the second floor of the White House.
— “When he learned that the planning had been set in motion, he was extraordinarily upset and forcefully sent word through Rostow, and I think directly to Westmoreland, to shut it down,” Mr. Johnson said in an interview.
— He said the president’s fear was “a wider war” in which the Chinese would enter the fray, as they had in Korea in 1950.

Kavanaugh sworn in from video_1538871190612.jpg.jpg.jpg_12768801_ver1.0_1280_720.jpg

Former Yale Law dean: There’ll be hell to pay once Kavanaugh joints court
— Kavanaugh will thus join the court as the black-robed embodiment of raw partisan power inconsistent with any ideal of an impartial judiciary. As the court moves to the right to accommodate Trump’s appointments, Kavanaugh will inevitably become the focus of distrust and mobilization. His very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy; it will damage the nation’s commitment to the rule of law. It will be an American tragedy.

Next on the whack job agenda…

Hirono: They don’t need to overturn Roe v. Wade to destroy it
The Hill
— Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said on Sunday that she does not think the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a member, but that lower-level judicial and legislative decisions will instead undermine the landmark decision, which legalized abortion.
— “It matters if they overturn Roe v. Wade, which I doubt their gonna do,” Hirono told ABC’s “This Week.”
— “But…the states are very busy passing all kinds of laws that would limit a woman’s right to choose. It’s those things that will go before Justice Kavanaugh,” Hirono said.

Wealthy and paranoid on Lawn Guyland
Hamptons residents spending millions on panic rooms to ward off … uh … threats that nobody’s quite made
NY Post

Washington Post writer goes into Saudi consulate…
and never comes out (alive)
Did he ask the wrong questions?

More from the “Kingdom of Fun”
Saudi Women Who Fought for the Right to Drive Are Disappearing
The Intercept
√ Saudi Arabia exists so that people of other nations can say: “Well, things are bad here, but it’s worse in Saudi Arabia.”

Today’s Dog and Pony Show
Hyperloop’s 750-mph capsule
USA Today
dog-pony-juggle— Elon Musk, master of the Dog & Pony, once again shows us how it’s done. His flacks admit that “realistically” 750-mph might be an ahem … well, a bit of an uh… exaggeration.
— And while he’s at it, Musk would like to sell you a battery, a flamethrower,  a seed cap, a ticket to the Moon and a dose of Ambien.
— Step right up …

As the clock marches backward
Feds to boost ethanol in subtle GOP bribe to farm belt
And this from
— Supporters of the federal ethanol subsidy argue that it encourages production and use of the biofuel and thereby reduces the amount of foreign oil needed to produce gasoline, a step toward energy independence.
— But critics argue that ethanol burns far less efficiently than gasoline, driving up fuel consumption and that it increases demand for corn for fuel and artificially boosts the cost of farm commodities and retail prices of food.

Limo crashes in Upstate NY — 20 killed
Albany Times-Union

Florida cop charged with selling opiods — from squad car
ABC News


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