Federal judge quashes grizzly bear hunt
“This court’s review, constrained by the Constitution and the laws enacted by Congress, is limited to answering a yes-or-no question: Did the United States Fish and Wildlife Service exceed its legal authority when it delisted the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear?”

Federal interest costs to triple in decade

GOP starts to pull plug on weak candidates

“The biggest impact of glyphosate on bees is the destruction of the wildflowers on which they depend,” said Matt Sharlow, at conservation group Buglife. “Evidence to date suggests direct toxicity to bees is fairly low, however the new study clearly demonstrates that pesticide use can have significant unintended consequences.”

The Kavanaugh Thing

A attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford have sworn, signed declarations from four people who corroborate her claims of sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Frat boy or choir boy? The “two Kavanaughs” raise questions of honesty
>>> Second accuser, Ramirez, would testify before Congress
>>> Arizona prosecutor is GOP choice to question Kavanaugh and Ford
>>> His classmates remember Kavanaugh as “sloppy drunk”
FOX HOST: “Were there times when perhaps you drank so much – was there ever a time that you drank so much that you couldn’t remember what happened the night before?
“No, that never happened,” Kavanaugh said.

Spotify, Ancestry  to Create Music Playlists Based on DNA…

Houston man now suspected of 3 killings, 4 vicious assaults in LA homeless attacks…
>>> He’d been deported 6 times

Teacher says she was fired for giving zeroes to students who didn’t turn in their work

teacher note

What’s the matter with Kansas?
Billboard with ‘vaccines can kill’ message goes up in Kansas City

amazon_hannah-andrea_492-daa1a9d90e61153d37ec093049f5d79f808f9621-s800-c85Andrea Kremer And Hannah Storm Will Be First Female Duo To Call An NFL Game


W Virginia Allows SMARTPHONE Voting...

COSBY LAUGHS OFF PRISON… 180925-bill-cosby-arrest-photo-embed
(doesn’t look too happy here, though.)

‘America’s Dad’ A Sexually Violent Predator…

Fueled by Beto fever, Dems battle to turn Texas blue…

Top official: USA powerless to fight drone attacks…

Crack in beam shuts down San Francisco’s new $2B terminal…

UN laughs as Trump rejects globalism

Rouhani accuses USA of trying to topple Iran…

‘Bolton warns Iran: Hell to pay’…

Trump’s Venezuela Military Option Gains Backers
[ Just in case the fake president needs a cheap, easy war to distract his idiot followers. ]

Fall in love with scripted robot? Growing number are…

Wealth Of Top 1% Surpasses $100 Trillion; More Than Global GDP…

Yale researchers: One out of nine living in USA illegally…

Cruz Chased Out Of DC Restaurant By Protesters…

State Officials Weigh Joint Probes of Big Tech Companies…

NASA can see dark, polluted Carolina rivers spilling into the ocean from space…

Trash piles from Haiti, Dominican strewn across NC beaches…

MAY: Brexit Britain will be land of low tax and opportunity
[She’s gotta try to sell this thing somehow]

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