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US considers ban on flavored e-cigarettes over youth ‘epidemic’
The Guardian

Authorities Deny Visa, Green Card Applications Without Giving Applicants a Chance to Fix Errors

— Immigration lawyers call the policy change, which kicks in today, another brick in Trump’s “invisible wall” to make legal immigration as difficult as possible.
–> … birth certificate not enough proof you’re American
” They won’t accept a birth certificate but they will accept a family Bible?”
(Below is a screen grab, not a video.)

Hmm. Witness in fraud case against casino turns up dead
The Citizens Voice

What college rankings really measure – hint: It’s not quality or value
The Conversation
— Schools may want to take as much credit as they can for the education and opportunities they give students. But if a school enrolls the top students to begin with, it’s hardly surprising that such a school would end up on top in terms of other outcomes.

### It’s been more than 6,000 days since we began to fight in Afghanistan.
Do you know where your soldiers are and why?
 (Vice News)

“Women’s committees” plan to strike at McD over sex harassment

New lawsuit alleges Larry Nassar drugged, raped and impregnated teen at Michigan State
NBC News
— A new lawsuit alleges that Michigan State University officials were made aware of a videotaped rape of an underage girl by Dr. Larry Nassar but covered it up, told a coach who reported it to resign, and stripped the victim of a scholarship.
— The federal suit, filed in Michigan Monday on behalf of Erika Davis of California and other plaintiffs whose names were not revealed, says Davis was given a pill by Nassar during an exam in the spring of 1992, when she was 17, and raped as a video camera captured the attack.

Poll: Midwest drifts away from so-called President
— The gap has widened to 12 percentage points, up from 7 in July — and largely because of voters in the Midwest. They have swung 13 points in Democrats’ direction since July. That Midwestern shift is consistent with what Marist has found in statewide polls conducted for NBC in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota that showed Trump’s support there starting to erode.
–> Hurricane killed 3,000 in Puerto Rico, but Jackass in Chief calls gov’t response a “great job.” (AP)

End of the world as we know it!
USA Today!
— Starting Wednesday, White Castle restaurants nationwide will offer a new slider made entirely from plants. The Impossible Slider, created by California-based Impossible Foods, will sell for $1.99.
— A pilot program began in April at White Castle locations in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. Now the plant-based burger will be sold at all 377 locations in 13 states.

EU backs copyright reform in blow to Big Tech
— The European Parliament on Wednesday approved a controversial EU copyright law that hands more power to news and record companies against internet giants like Google and Facebook that promised to fight on.
— The watershed vote in the French city of Strasbourg confirmed the European Union as Silicon Valley’s most powerful critic and follows anti-trust decisions that have cost Google and Apple billions.
— The EU is also leading the political charge on protecting data privacy, and just ahead of the copyright vote warned web firms it could hold them responsible for terrorist propaganda.
— Backing the copyright draft were traditional media, in urgent search of income at a time when web users are shunning newspapers and television with advertising revenue siphoned away by online platforms.

Dem sees rude November Trumpy surprise
(Get ready for the “Fake Congress”)
Opinion from The Hill by Steve Israel
steveisrael.jpg— Armed with the gavel in one hand and subpoenas in the other, a House Democratic majority represents an existential threat to Trump’s presidency. House Democrats will be able to look at his business dealings, his still secret tax returns, his financial relationships around the world and whether he’s using the White House to generate windfall profits for his private enterprises.
… Trump is a president badly in need of a foil in his presumed campaign for reelection. He could respond to every investigation, subpoena and act of Congress as the acts of an illegitimate, unelected Congress. Just as he refused to accept the number of votes he received in 2016, and just as he refused to accept the number of people who attended his inauguration in 2017, he can refuse to recognize the number of Democratic seats in 2019. Prepare yourselves for two years of tweets about the “Fake Congress.”

A shitty Florence scenario: Hog manure everywhere
— Manure lagoons are about as pleasant as they sound—vast open-air ponds of manure located next to the many hog farms near the North Carolina coast. With Hurricane Florence set to wallop the area as a Category 4 hurricane, there are fears the ponds could overflow or even collapse amid extremely heavy rain, sending vast amounts of manure from thousands of farms into rivers and contaminating groundwater.

Manafort in plea talks with prosecutors…

Florida Turning Left? 

Kaepernick jerseys sell out in less than day…

NIKE stock gains back all losses…

Arizona probing GOOGLE location tracking practices…

Legal battle with EU over ‘right to be forgotten’…

Raise a glass! Trump will not defile Emerald Isle
slainte— Trump’s upcoming visit to Ireland has been scrapped, according to the Irish Independent newspaper. But don’t shed a tear for the emerald isle just yet—Irish officials shockingly don’t seem too broken up about their missed opportunity to host the President of the United States.
— “This is reflective of a relationship that is now not functioning, that needs to get sorted and needs structures in place,” Micheál Martin, leader of Ireland’s Fianna Fáil political party, told the Independent upon news of the canceled trip. It was a sentiment echoed by other Irish officials, including one diplomatic source who told CNN that many within the government “were definitely not looking forward to Trump’s visit.”

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