Aug. 27

A Buzz Feed Report
The orphanage where nuns tortured and even killed children
— Barquin in the early 1950s, when he was a young boy, spent a few years in an orphanage called St. Joseph’s in Burlington, Vermont. It had been a dark and terrifying place run by an order of nuns called the Sisters of Providence. Barquin recalled a girl who was thrown down stairs, and he remembered the thin lines of blood that trickled out of her nose and ear afterward. He saw a little boy shaken into uncomprehending shock. He saw other children beaten over and over.
— A nun at St. Joseph’s had dragged Barquin into an anteroom under the stairs and forcefully fondled him, and then she cut him with something very sharp. He didn’t know what it was; he just remembered that there was blood everywhere

noads-lineA  note on the Jacksonville shooting: There really is no point to reporting on the “gun debate” in a nation that refuses to implement reasonable, sane gun laws.

Top student loan official quits, citing White House hostility to borrowers

McCain, from the grave, raises middle finger at Trump

China thinking: Let babies happen
… get rid of a one-child policy enforced through fines but also notorious for forced abortions and sterilization.

US, Mexico reach preliminary deal on NAFTA, Canada awaits
> The Hill

Bloggers claim 400% jump in black business ownership

> Politifact
” … everything that I have seen from Census and BLS data does not show that kind of growth.”
— Robert Fairlie, economics professor, UC Santa Cruz
>>> Facebook’s war on bullshit is kinda … bullshit

Roger Stone begs suckers for cash, says Bogey Man Mueller’s after him
” … the ‘deep state’ liberals want to silence me and pressure me to testify against my good friend, President Donald J. Trump.”

Survey confirms that Americans are nuts
> Pew Research
The idiot 30% of America believes that Trump has:
— Improved the way government works
— Set a high moral standard for the presidency
— Improved US standing around the world.

~ What’s the Matter With Kansas? Maybe its the dry-cleaning chemicals in the drinking water. 

Adaptation to rising seas is thwarted by the constant replenishing of eroded beaches

 Nourishing beaches and building seawalls signal to individuals and businesses that their risks are lower. This makes them more likely to build long-lasting structures in risky areas and renovate and maintain existing structures. As a result, their property values increase, which reinforces economic and political arguments for more risk-reduction engineering.

Pittsburgh becomes largest city without daily print newspaper…

Lane’s Rains Topple Records, Inundate Big Island…

More floods…

ANOTHER hurricane?

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