Thur. Aug 9

As tax bill changes settle in, federal deficit spikes 20%
NY Post

√ But that’s just fine since Trump knows more than the economists.

Quick, bury that report
Koch Bros. didn’t like the results of a study they financed, which found that most Americans see a $15 minimum wage, national health care, and free college as pretty darn good ideas. (The Intercept)
>>> Younger doctors embracing idea of national health care

GOP Senators link Supreme Court vote, impeachment of Rosenstein
Roll Call

How to build a Rust-Belt Art Boom
City Lab
art city lab

Alex Jones: Reveal addresses of Sandy Hook victims
— A lawyer for Infowars’ Alex Jones wants the addresses and birth dates of Sandy Hook parents made public—despite those parents claiming they have received death threats from Jones’s supporters.
— The suggestion from Jones’s lawyer comes amid a defamation lawsuit brought against the radio host by several Sandy Hook parents, who claim Jones’s conspiracy theory that the 2012 massacre at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school was a hoax has led to harassment and death threats from his band of loyal fans.
>>> The case for banning Alex Jones  [The Weekly Standard]
— It IS NOT a 1st Amendment issue. Not even close.

The Ugly Destination of Trump’s Iran ploy
The National Interest
trump-iran-hair-on-fire.jpeg— In response to Iran’s internationally certified compliance with an agreement in which Iran willingly subjected itself to some of the most severe restrictions and intrusive monitoring in the history of nuclear arms control, the Trump administration’s response has been to renege on U.S. obligations under the same agreement, to swear hostility toward Iran, to wage economic warfare against it, and blatantly to attempt to destabilize it.
— Trump’s now-familiar methods give rise to some possible motivations for his blast on Twitter. Trump is, of course, a master of commanding and diverting the attention of the media and the public. This stoking of the fire aimed at Iran helped to steal headlines from a miserable Russia-centered week that included the embarrassment at Helsinki. The week continued with a release of documents that knocked down a scenario that Trump and his partisan defenders have tried to spin about allegedly ignoble motives underlying the investigation into Russia’s election interference.A

1400 died in hurricane, Puerto Rico admits

Hundreds of “missing” votes found in tight Ohio race

Yes, police kill black men in disproportion
No, it’s not white cops doing it.
Eureka Alert
–Rutgers analysis of every use of deadly force by police officers across the United States indicates that the killing of black suspects is a police problem, not a white police problem, and the killing of unarmed suspects of any race is extremely rare.
” There might be some bad apples in the police department, but white officers are no more likely to use lethal force against minorities than nonwhite officers,” says Charles Menifield, lead author of the study. “Still, the killings are no less racist but will require a very different set of remedies if we are to change the culture and stop this from happening.”

Entire W. Virginia Supreme Court impeached
— West Virginia’s House Judiciary Committee has adopted articles of impeachment against all four justices on the state’s Supreme Court of Appeals, accusing the judges of a range of crimes and throwing the court’s immediate future into disarray.
— Approved on Tuesday afternoon, the articles of impeachment recommend that the entire bench — Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Allen Loughry, Justice Robin Davis, and Justice Elizabeth Walker – be impeached “for maladministration, corruption, incompetency, neglect of duty, and certain high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Russians kind of pissed at latest US sanctions
The Independent

Millions of Americans giving up on churches

Today Drudge is 90% bullshit. That includes …
13- stories of political spin and speculation
2- Bermuda triangle, erupting volcano, space alien reports
6- Animal stories
6- breathless celebrity reports
7- alarmist screeds on world events.

Of 58 stories on this morning’s report, we tagged 53 as crap. Here are the 5 survivors.

TRIBUNE Terminates SINCLAIR Merger, Sues Broadcast Rival…

Regulators Probe Elon Musk’s Tweets…

Manafort Failed to Declare More Than $16 Million on Taxes…

Once its greatest foes, doctors embracing single-payer health care…

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