Weekend update


√ Cutting through the fog of gov’t lies, diversions and disinformation, we find the following items of interest …

Redding fire update: 5 dead, 37,000 told to flee, looting reported
USA Today
— The Carr Fire, driven by howling winds, grew by about 35 percent overnight to 127 square miles as its fiery tentacles spread to the communities of Ono, Igo and Gas Point. As of Saturday afternoon, the six-day-old blaze had destroyed 500 buildings and stolen five lives. 

Will Austin, embarrassed by link to slavery, change its name?
The Hill

Koch’ers, frustrated by the Trumpenstein they’ve created, mouth off
The Hill
— In a video the network is expected to unveil on Sunday, Charles Koch will warn against “a rise in protectionism” – a swipe at the president’s tariffs and immigration policies.
— On trade, Koch officials vented about what they described as “Depression-era” policies punctuated by farmer “bailouts.” The Trump administration is giving $12 billion in welfare to farmers impacted by retaliatory tariffs.
√ But when all the bullshit subsides, they’re going to donate $400 million to elect more Koch Drones.

‘What Does a Trucker Look Like?’
It’s Changing, Amid a Big Shortage

√ NY Times runs another story deploring the shortage of truckers, again missing the obvious.
According to the “paper of record”…
… The shortage has been percolating for some time, as younger generations expressed less interest in the industry and wages lagged. Driver churn is also a problem — at large fleets, turnover rose to an annualized rate of 95 percent last year, according to industry figures. The median wage is around $42,480 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
[ The story goes on to blather about how the job has to be better marketed to women and minorities, about “pilot programs” to loosen regulation and absolutely nowhere does the reporter ask her industry sources about the LOUSY PAY and HORRIBLE WORKING CONDITIONS. Let’s not even get into all the ways that the companies have found to cheat drivers, who are mostly paid by the mile, not the hour.]

Unions win their battle with Disneyland
Starting wage to go from $11 to $15+
CNN Money
— The deal puts Disney on track to reach California’s mandatory $15 an hour minimum wage three years before it goes into effect. It covers union workers in Disneyland jobs like attractions, store operations, custodial, costume, and transportation and parking.

> 300 synthetic marijuana (K2) overdoses in DC in 2 weeks
— As a food delivery driver who zig-zags through Washington, D.C., David Barnett, 32, says he has seen that “overdoses are happening everywhere,” — even in some of the more prosperous neighborhoods in the city.
— “I’ve seen people overdosing in Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, the H Street corridor,” he says, “and a couple of days ago I saw paramedics helping a woman outside of Union Station.”

Big plan for Texas-sized wind project hits dead end
Yahoo Finance/Bloomberg
— Texas dealt a potential death blow to what would be the largest-ever U.S. wind farm:American Electric Power Co.’s $4.5 billion Wind Catcher project.
— The Texas Public Utility Commission on Thursday unanimously rejected the project as proposed, saying it doesn’t offer enough benefits for ratepayers as currently structured. American Electric said it was evaluating its options.
“Looks like curtains to me,” said Paul Patterson, an analyst at Glenrock Associates LLC. “Almost everyone was opposed to this. Barring any big concessions from AEP, it looks to me like it’s dead.”

Wyoming gives 22 hunters chance to kill grizzly
But some of the lottery winners say that dog won’t hunt

Photo: Tom Mangelsen

— Tom Mangelsen, a Wyoming-based nature photographer, snagged a license. He chronicled the life of the now famous bear “Grizzly 399” and co-authored a book about the bear.
— Mangelsen will use his tag to photograph a grizzly, not kill one.
— “The time has come [in] 2018 to really think about the value of wildlife for what it is for everybody,” Mangelsen says. “The public has the right to see bears and the hunters do not have the right to take that away from the public.”

Idaho prisoners hack e-pads, steal $225,000
> The Guardian
— Prison officials say 364 Idaho inmates hacked hand-held prison tablets and stole nearly a quarter million dollars worth of credits, which can be used to purchase email, music and games.
–JPay tablets are available to prisoners through a contract with JPay, which provides digital services in prisons, and CenturyLink. Neither company immediately responded to a request for comment from the Associated Press.
√ America, where even prisoners are a source of profit.
>>>  JPay expects to make almost $9 million in five years from a contract that is free to (New York) state: by selling profitable, fee-laden services against “complementary” products like tablets.
> Prison Policy Initiative

Maryland governor warns on dam over Susquehanna
Washington Examiner
— Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is mobilizing a massive statewide response to stave off a potential disaster from a dam breach that already has local officials organizing voluntary evacuations.
— Week-long rainfall forced the large Conowingo Dam on Thursday to open multiple spill gates, a warning sign that the dam is having difficulties holding back the water of the Susquehanna River.

Race of mass killers makes a big difference in media coverage
The Conversation

Trade war to raise the costs of Trump campaign flags made, where else, in China
The Independent

A worker makes flags for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign in Fuyang, China.

Fire advances on Redding, CA, city of 90,000
LA Times

reddingfire.jpg— A devastating brush fire barreled into the city of Redding on Thursday night, killing one person and destroying numerous structures as residents ran for their lives.
— The Carr fire destroyed an untold number of homes in Shasta County, hopscotching into subdivisions Thursday night and Friday morning. Officials said hundreds of homes were threatened.
It was a chaotic scene across Redding, a city of 90,000 people, as towering flames whipped along the horizon and evacuation orders expanded by the hour.
>>> Updates from the Redding Searchlight

Bayer paid doctors millions to boost dubious birth control device

… from August 2013 through December 2017, Bayer paid 11,850 doctors $2.5 million related to Essure for consulting fees and similar services.
… A to the US Food and Drug Administration, the device has been associated with “serious risks including persistent pain, perforation of the uterus and fallopian tubes, and migration of the coils into the pelvis or abdomen.”

Teen’s data plan runs out, so he breaks into neighbors house, awakens them, demands WIFI password.
Sacramento Bee
— A Palo Alto, California, couple woke up early Sunday morning to a terrifying surprise: There was a stranger in their bedroom.
— It was a 17-year-old burglar, and he startled the 60-something residents awake to ask for access to their WiFi network. The burglar had a garment obscuring his face, the victims said.
— The homeowner got out of his bed and forced the burglar out of their bedroom. No one was injured. All that was missing from the home were two kitchen knives.

New species found off Hawaii: A whale/dolphin hybrid
Hawaii News Now
√ Note that the news article (written by a summer intern) is wrong about the hybrid’s name. Steno bredanensis is the rough-toothed dolphin.




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