Mon. July 23

“When a man unprincipled in private life…is seen to…flatter and fall in with all the nonsense of the zealots of the day—it may justly be suspected that his object is to throw things into confusion that he may “ride the storm and direct the whirlwind.”
          — Alexander Hamilton, 1792

Millions of educated, experienced workers tossed aside
as employers insist they can’t find help
Washington Post
… millions of part-timers, temps, older workers and others who have done everything right, but are still struggling to find good jobs. We heard from hundreds of them. And once we knew where to look, we found their stories hiding in plain sight, in the Labor Department’s data.
… “When I was young, just out of college and inexperienced, I was often offered the job on the spot,” she told us. “Imagine my surprise when — now that I have both a college degree and over two decades of work experience — I often can’t even land the interview.” The difference? “I’m not the cute little 20-something that I used to be.”

3-D printed guns get go ahead in Trump court deal
The Guardian
— From 1 August, thanks to the Trump administration, a commercially available software blueprint will allow people to make their own guns using ABS plastic resin and a 3D printer.
“This settlement would enable convicted felons and domestic abusers to download schematics online and print their own illegal and untraceable guns.”

While in ICE custody, thousands report sexual abuse
√ It’s the headline you just knew was coming. These people are completely vulnerable and helpless.
— Many of these people don’t have access to lawyers because they’re not entitled to one. So who they’re going to report these things to is very difficult if you don’t have that access to a lawyer. And then beyond that there is this fear of deportation if you tell someone.

“Phenomenal achievement” will help cure millions with malaria
— The medicine is specifically for the recurring form of malaria – caused by the parasite plasmodium vivax – which makes 8.5 million people ill each year.
— This type of malaria is a particular challenge to get rid of as it can remain dormant in the liver for years before reawakening many times.

Uber “vomit fraud” will make you want to hurl
Miami Herald
— Uber policy is to charge $80 if a passenger vomits or spills a drink on the seats or any surface difficult to clean. But the charge can increase to $150 in cases of “significant quantities of body fluids (urine, blood or vomit) in the interior of the vehicle.”
… and whaddaya know, some of those drivers might be dishonest. Trying to get Uber to right this wrong ain’t easy.
>>> Gee thanks! Uber, Lyft driver films passengers, puts ’em online

Dying groundskeeper to testify in “Roundup Gave Me Cancer” trial
“For the past 40 years, Monsanto has known the primary ingredient in Roundup can produce tumors in lab animals,” attorney Brent Wisner said during opening remarks to jurors.

Spring is springing sooner, and that’s not good
— Flowers are blooming before there are bees to pollinate them. Hard frosts are still occurring long after winter’s snow melts away, decimating fruit orchards and budding plants. Allergy season is getting longer.

There’s a better way, says Florida sheriff, then proves it
The Guardian
… while it’s difficult to attribute cause and effect when it comes to social issues like crime, over Sheriff’s Young’s tenure crime in Gadsden has roughly halved and juvenile arrests are down by more than 75%. The county is also sending 65% fewer inmates to state prison than it was eight years ago.

Why the Kremlin loves to send its moles to college in US
butina thoughtful— If the charges against Maria Butina are accurate, she’s only the latest in a long line of Russian agents to infiltrate U.S. universities. Dating back to the Soviet era, Russian spies have sought to take advantage of academia’s lax security, collaborative, global culture, and revolving door with government. Russian intelligence understands that today’s professor of international relations may be tomorrow’s assistant secretary of state, and vice versa.

China’s robot subs to launch new era of sea power
South China Morning Post
— China is developing large, smart and relatively low-cost unmanned submarines that can roam the world’s oceans to perform a wide range of missions, from reconnaissance to mine placement to even suicide attacks against enemy vessels, according to scientists involved in these artificial intelligence projects.

North Korea’s nuclear “production capability is still intact,” says Army Gen. Vincent Brooks, the commander of U.S. forces in South Korea. [CNBC]

Costco ducks slave labor claims
Courthouse News Service

The stat that baseball geeks adore actually sucks
Eureka Alert
The sport’s big stars, definitely overpaid, may be overrated too.

The father of gene therapy is out of prison, and talking
— W. French Anderson entered prison reeling from his conviction for child molestation, but also defiant. He felt certain he would be freed on appeal and quickly return to his USC lab, where in the decade before his conviction he had published 99 scientific papers. It wouldn’t work out that way.

Papa John’s board adopts “poison pill” to foil nut-job founder
CBS News

Drought forces emergency measures for west’s wild horses
ABC News
… volunteer groups in Arizona and Colorado are hauling thousands of gallons of water and truckloads of food to remote grazing grounds where springs have run dry and vegetation has disappeared.
— Federal land managers also have begun emergency roundups in desert areas of Utah and Nevada.
— “We’ve never seen it like this,” said Simone Netherlands, president of the Arizona-based Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

Trump supporters, a bunch of stable geniuses:

trump insane truck
No truth to the rumor that Sarah Sanders was driving this car.

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