Wed. July 18

Trump again casts doubt on NATO
NBC News

The Demented One suggested he would be unhappy defending “tiny” Montenegro if it were attacked, calling into question NATO’s central principle of mutual defense.
√ BTW, Putin’s operatives attempted a coup and assassination in Montenegro
— Fourteen people are currently on trial in Montenegro accused of plotting to kill the prime minister and stage a coup to bring a pro-Russian party to power. The government says one of the aims of the plan was to stop the country from joining NATO. The Kremlin has denied any link to the alleged plot.

• “Montenegro has been under continuous pressure by Russia for more than a decade. Russia even tried to assassinate their President. Trump’s comments weaken NATO, give Russia a license to cause trouble and thereby actually increase the risks of renewed conflict in the Balkans.”
— General Wesley Clark, former supreme commander, NATO

• “I know more than the generals.”
— D. Trump

The $5 billion EU fine equals 2 weeks of Google revenue
Vice News
— “Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement its dominance as a search engine. These practices have denied rivals a chance to innovate and to compete on the merits. They have denied European consumers the benefit of effective competition in the very important mobile sphere. And this is illegal under EU antitrust rules.”

The Well-Regulated Militia
“Good guy with a gun” fails to mention that he shot his own mother

bobbywilsonazsenator…  he appeared at a Moms Demand Action forum in Tucson earlier this month. Bobby Wilson told the crowd he was “living proof” that the only one who can stop someone trying to harm somebody is a “good guy with a gun.”
— He neglected to mention that the person he shot was his mother. … Because she was trying to shoot him. Oh, boy, these gun nuts have all the fun.
>>> Girl, 9, killed by stray bullet in bedroom

Sinclair weasels in bid to please FCC
— Sinclair said Wednesday it believed it could now win quick approval. “We call upon the FCC to approve the modified Tribune acquisition in order to bring closure to this extraordinarily drawn-out process.”
√ Something smells rotten in Washington. Always! 

Americans divided on party lines over Kavanaugh nomination to so-called Supreme Court
Pew Research

Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians, lawmakers
The Conversation
— Several issues emerge from this new mode of transportation, including whether riders should be required to wear helmets and whether the vehicles should be allowed on sidewalks. And, should drivers be permitted to use them while under the influence? I want to warn local government leaders, electric-rideable companies, and users of sidewalks about the three ways that electric scooters can harm health.

Researchers explore possible link of processed meats, mania
Eureka Alert
— The findings of the Johns Hopkins Medicine study, which was not designed to determine cause and effect, were published July 18 in Molecular Psychiatry. Specifically, it found that people hospitalized for an episode of mania had more than three times the odds of having ever eaten nitrate-cured meats than people without a history of a serious psychiatric disorder.

Judge: US violated Constitutional rights of migrant kids,
must now treat them for PTSD
Mother Jones

Russkies next chess move: Charge former US ambassador with crimes
Washington Examiner
— Putin’s team wants to question former ambassador Michael McFaul and at least three National Security Agency officials in connection to a case involving Bill Browder, a hedge fund manager who has led an international effort to impose sanctions on Russian officials implicated in human rights abuses.

Yep, the fall elections will be hacked
The Weekly Standard
— Only Virginia has replaced its outdated machines, leaving 13 states still dependent on electronic, paperless voting machines. Pennsylvania’s officials, for one, have said they want to improve their system but can’t afford the upgrade to paper ballots this year, even with federal support.

World’s NO.2 national park, in Canada, is becoming eco-train-wreck
— Waters are drying up: flows from the Peace River have decreased 9 percent, and flows from the Athabasca have decreased a whopping 26 percent. In these low waters, chemicals similar to those produced by the oil sands developments near the park are concentrating. Air quality has declined.
— The impacts on wildlife and the Indigenous people who live in the region appear dire—mercury concentration in eggs are high, locals report spotting deformed fish and rabbits with two genitals, fewer muskrats, fewer bison, and the list goes on. Out of 17 environmental indicators that the report focused on, 15 were found to be in decline.

Congress is now so weak that they need “permission” from a White House apparatchik to criticize Herr Trump. This per Vanity Fair

— According to three sources familiar with the situation, Kelly called around to Republicans on Capitol Hill and gave them the go-ahead to speak out against Trump. (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan held televised press conferences to assert that Russia did meddle in the election.
Trump ass-kisser wins in Alabama
NY Times
√ Shocking result from our nation’s most progressive state

Big secret: When wife earns more than hubby …
NY Times
— “Blokes are threatened by wives who earn more, which surprises nobody but is interesting that you can actually find it in the data,” said Justin Wolfers, who studies the economics of the family at the University of Michigan.

Feds: Russian agent traded sex for political influence
“offered an individual … sex in exchange for a position with a special interest organization.”
√ Hmm. Makes you wonder just which special interest organization that might be. 


Comey urges voters to elect Dems
Raw Story
√ But if he’d have shut his fat mouth in 2016, we wouldn’t be in this fix
and then there’s this…

“I will never ever vote for a Democrat! Screw off James Comey!
— Taylor Adams, via Twitter


Mexico may legalize drugs
— Mexico’s incoming president has granted his interior minister “carte blanche” to consider legalizing drugs. The new Mexican government has promised to respond to record-high violence with a package of judicial reforms.

Millennials would retire early, but have saved little



Raw Story fell for this piece of bullshit:

Trump himself gave OK for 12 Russia indictments,
hoping to strengthen his hand with Putin
√  WTF? He played the weakest possible hand with Putin. This stinks of backfill and flop sweat. White House amateur spinners desperately trying to take the edge off Trump treason.

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