Thurs. July 12

Secret money funds 40% of Congressional ads
USA Today
— Secret donors funded more than four out of every 10 television ads that outside groups broadcast this year to influence November’s high-stakes congressional elections, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Kantar Media data.
— Leading the way: Organizations affiliated with billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, whose conservative donor network plows hundreds of millions of dollars into politics and policy debates each election cycle.
— Two Koch-affiliated groups account for more than one-quarter of the House and Senate advertising from groups that don’t disclose their donors.simpleline

“I truly believe that today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart.”
FBI agent Peter Strzok.
Via Raw Story

1.6 billion opioid pills shipped to MO in 6 years
(And the DEA didn’t notice?)
The Hill
— More than a billion doses of opioids flowed into Missouri during a six year period, contributing to the state’s raging opioid epidemic, according to a report released Thursday by Sen. Claire McCaskill.
— “It’s staggering. Over six years we averaged 260 pills for every man, woman, and child in Missouri.”

Half of parents admit cell phone use while driving their kids

Russian spies built local-news sites in US
to build trust in advance of fake-news onslaught
— NPR has reviewed information connected with the investigation and found 48 such accounts. They have names such as @ElPasoTopNews, @MilwaukeeVoice, @CamdenCityNews and @Seattle_Post.
— “This effort is not over,” said Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican on the Senate intelligence committee. “It continues to this very day, where the Russians are trying to sow the seeds of discontent in our society, take advantage of the polarization that exists.”

Stormy’s lawyer howls setup after her strip show arrest
— Adult film star Stormy Daniels, who is locked in a court battle with so-called Trump, was arrested after allegedly “fondling” patrons at a strip club — a move her lawyer calls a “politically motivated” setup.

FCC plan would charge people $255 to complain about their cable service
— If the change is approved this week, the FCC will effectively be telling “consumers with limited means” that they “need to start an expensive and complicated formal legal process” before the FCC will seriously address their complaints.

A serious shortage of airline pilots in US
The Conversation
— As air travel is predicted to double, a variety of factors conspire to limit the pipeline of new pilots.

Papa John’s founder quits over racial slur.
Fine. But the pizza still sucks
Twitter comments:

— “Guess we know what pizza Jeff Sessions is gonna be ordering for staff appreciation day.”
— “Shitty ingredients. Shitty racism. Papa John’s.”
— “It seems weird that Papa John was fired instead of frozen and reheated.”

Gov’t contractor admits kids jailed in vacant office building
Center for Investigative Reporting
— It was, an MVM Inc. spokesman said, “a regrettable exception” to the company’s policy to find a hotel instead.


dog-pony-juggleSupreme-to-be Kavanaugh feeds meals to the poor
The Daily Mail (but we don’t link bullshit stories)
” Despite Kavanaugh’s grueling week leading up to his nomination … he managed to uphold the prior commitment he made with with St. Maria’s Meals program.”
√ Since his class helped create the poor by tilting the entire system toward the prosperous, yeah, maybe he’s feeling a little Catholic guilt.

US says “all eligible” children reunited with parents
No link. The AP falls for this one.
The Trump administration (which lies consistently) says all eligible (this phrase renders the statement meaningless) small children separated from their families as a result of its zero-tolerance immigration policy (they threw in a propaganda phrase while they were at it) have been reunited with their parents.
But nearly half of the children under 5 remain separated from their families (how about an actual number?) because of safety concerns, the deportation of their parents and other issues, the administration said. (Oh yes, they are SO concerned with keeping these kiddies safe.)

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