Tuesday June 5

Hundreds of homes lost; lava flow wiping out bay
Hawaii News Now
— A massive river of lava covered hundreds more homes overnight as it poured into the sea, filling all of Kapoho Bay and decimating entire neighborhoods on Hawaii’s Big Island.
— A U.S. Geological Survey overflight confirmed that lava had completely filled Kapoho Bay, extending .7 miles from the coastline.

A river of lava fed by the erupting Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii and its many fissures was moving faster and hotter than ever before as authorities raced to find people who defied evacuation orders and are now surrounded by the bubbling magma.

Mueller: Manafort’s tampering with witnesses
… judge asked to revoke bail and house arrest
The Hill
— FBI agent Brock Domin said in the filing that Manafort and a longtime associate linked to Russian intelligence attempted to contact via phone call, text and encrypted messages two people from “The Hapsburg Group,” which Manafort had worked with to lobby for Ukrainian interests.
— Domin said that Manfort’s attempts at contact were “in an effort to influence their testimony and to otherwise conceal evidence.”
>>> Manafort learns that encrypted messages aren’t really secret
Trump only hires the best people, remember? But Manafort is too dumb to understand the First Rule of Holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.

Coming “carbon bubble” could wipe out $$$ trillions
— and US, Canada in deepest danger
Courthouse News Service
— Mass unemployment, public disenchantment with institutions, a restless body politic – these are some of the features of a brave new world that could come about if prices of fossil fuels suddenly crater due to the rapid development of renewable energy technology.
— In a first-of-its-kind study issued Monday, economists from around the globe used simulations to chart the decline of fossil fuels industries and the repercussions for the global economy.
— Winners include nations like China, which is investing in alternative energy. But trends bode ill for countries who rely on carbon exports to prop up major parts of their economies – including Canada, Russian and the United States.

Miss America in swimsuit? Not anymore

In place of the swimsuit contest, the contestants will take part in a live interactive session with the judges, according to a statement from the Miss America Organization, “where she will highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use her talents, passion, and ambition to perform the job of Miss America.”

One Koch brother going down … serious illness
AP via Snopes
— Billionaire conservative icon David Koch is stepping down from the Koch brothers’ network of business and political activities.
— The 78-year-old New York resident is suffering from deteriorating health, according to a letter that older brother Charles Koch sent to company officials Tuesday morning.

Amnesty: US-led bombing killed countless civilians in Raqqa
The Independent
— “On the ground in Raqqa we witnessed a level of destruction comparable to anything we have seen in decades of covering the impact of wars.”

Gas prices rising, so Trumpy pleads with his Saudi pals to open taps
— The U.S. government has quietly asked Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC producers to increase oil production by about 1 million barrels a day.

How to change the world: CRISPR geeks meet, debate
— Among CRISPR’s many dazzling applications is the promise of rewiring animals to eradicate infectious disease or save an endangered species. It sounds great on paper — edit a mouse, tinker with a tree, save a community — but the realities of culture make it infinitely more complicated.

Gee, why doesn’t NASA sell the International Space Station?
They just might. Maybe Prison Corporation of America, Comcast, Walmart, Delta or some other quasi-government corporation can just … 

Parkland kid’s home “swatted”
— The family home of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg — who was not present — was “swatted” on Tuesday morning, with the caller claiming a hostage situation was happening at the residence.

Sex robots. Good? Bad? Not much evidence either way
Medical Daily
sexbot— “It is speculative whether the development of a sexbot marketplace will lead to lesser risk of violence and infections, or drive further exploitation of human sex workers,” the authors wrote.

Analysts: About half of US housing is overvalued
— Overvalued markets include Denver, Washington, D.C., Houston, Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
— High demand and very short supply continue to drive up home prices. The supply of homes has been dropping for three years. While more homes came on the market this spring, they have been selling at the fastest pace on record, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Americans not too happy with decline of unions
Pew Research
— The number of Americans represented by labor unions has decreased substantially since the 1950s, and a new Pew Research Center survey finds that the decline is seen more negatively than positively by U.S. adults. The survey also finds that 55% of Americans have a favorable impression of unions, with about as many (53%) viewing business corporations favorably.

The DIY surge is bringing Radio Shack back from the dead



Dog-and-pony-showJournalist who faked his own death demands $50,000 for TV interview
Moscow Times
Nothing suspicious about this ploy at all.

 Trump’s cancellation of Eagles visit wasn’t what it seemed
Vice News
— As few as 10 of the players consented to attend, so Trump needed some face saving.

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