Fri. June 1 & updates

Deadbeat son finally moves out
but calls cops on Dad
because of missing Legos
NY Post
rotondo— Michael Rotondo finally left his parents’ nest Friday, but not before delivering one last parting shot at them — by siccing the cops on his dad over some missing Legos.
— The infamous 30-year-old freeloader — whose parents won a court order to evict him from their suburban Syracuse house — called 911 reporting that his dad, Mark, wouldn’t let him into the home’s basement to search for his 8-year-old son’s Legos.
— The 61-year-old father offered to look for the toys and other items Rotondo wanted to take with him, but the layabout still whined like a baby.
— “This isn’t a game show,” he told “I don’t have to guess what’s behind Door No. 1.”

“Thanksgiving is gonna be particularly awkward this year.”
— Minimally Invasive commenting on Reddit

How Hawaii politicians made the volcano disaster worse
The Hill
… a state-created insurance group  incentivized living next to an active volcano.

Paramedics wanted to enter Parkland school,
where kids were dying. 

— Sheriff’s deputies said NO.
Miami Herald
— During the chaos of the Parkland school shooting, paramedics from Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department were desperate to go inside the building where students were wounded and dying.
— Michael McNally, deputy chief for Coral Springs fire-rescue, asked six times for permission to send in specialized teams of police officers and paramedics, according to an incident report he filed after the Feb. 14 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 people dead.
— But every time McNally asked to deploy the two Rescue Task Force teams — each made up of three paramedics and three to four law enforcement officers — the Broward Sheriff’s Office captain in charge of the scene, Jan Jordan, said no.

The traveling medicine show of truly awful doctors
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
— Like traveling medicine hucksters of old, doctors who run into trouble today can hopscotch from state to state, staying ahead of regulators.
— Instead of snake oil, some peddle opioids. Others have sex with patients, bungle surgeries, misdiagnose conditions or are implicated in patient deaths.
— Even after being caught in one state, they can practice free and clear in another; many hold a fistful of medical licenses.

The endless bullshit of social media
(or … Never Trust a Meme)

Posted by a Twitter propagandist who calls himself Slappy Kinkaid
But here’s the real story from Snopes:
— Allison Mack didn’t “confess” that she sold children to the Rothschilds and Clintons, nor has any legitimate reporting on the case to date stated that sex trafficking of children (rather than adults) took place. The Mack “confession” claim originated solely with Your News Wire, a fake news site with a penchant for publishing exaggerated and fabricated clickbait articles involving pedophilia.

The Housewives of White Supremacy
NY Times
… dozens of YouTube and social media accounts have sprung up showcasing soft-spoken young white women who extol the virtues of staying at home, submitting to male leadership and bearing lots of children — being “traditional wives.” These accounts pepper their messages with scrapbook-style collections of 1950s advertising images showing glamorous mothers in lipstick and heels with happy families and beautiful, opulent homes. They give their videos titles like “Female Nature and Advice for Young Ladies,” “How I Homeschool” and “You Might be a Millennial Housewife If….
>>> Woman issues “white baby challenge” (YouTube)

GOP moderates soften on immigration
— Miami-area Congressman Carlos Curbelo and Rep. Jeff Denham, whose Modesto-area district thrives on agriculture powered by migrant workers, have launched a petition  that would force House votes on four immigration bills, ranging from liberal to conservative versions. Twenty-three Republicans have signed on, two shy of the number needed to succeed, assuming all Democrats jump aboard.

Feds prepare bailout for coal, nuclear plants
Ars Technica
— Leaked memo suggests that the Energy Department could force grid operators to buy power or electric generation capacity from a list of pre-determined power plants for two years, “to forestall any future actions toward retirement, decommissioning or deactivation.”

Dude running for Congress a pedophile, rapist, and proud of it
Haven’t we hit bottom yet?
One of his essays is entitled: “A Man Should Be Allowed to Choke His Wife to Death as Punishment for Cutting Her Hair Short Without Permission, or Other Acts of Gross Insubordination.”
The last time he ran for the Virginia house, 481 people actually voted for him.
>>> Snopes fact-checked this article and rated it TRUE.

Trump’s trips to Mar-A-Lago cost far more than Mueller probe
Washington Post

We’re gonna build a wall and Mexico’s gonna  … oh, wait
The Trump administration is examining ways American industries could hire more immigrant workers on a temporary basis, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told CNBC.
Wait, wait. I thought these people were “animals”

Another nuclear danger
Stars & Stripes (analysis)
… should the Russians initiate the use of tactical nukes on the battlefield, the United States would launch one or two low-yield weapons from submarines, not toward the battlefield, … but toward targets in Russia.

Some Facebook shareholders see Zuck as the Big Problem
Vice News
— Facebook is run like a “dictatorship,” according to some of the company’s shareholders, who slammed CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the annual shareholder meeting Thursday.
— “If privacy is a human right … then we condemn that Facebook’s poor stewardship of customer data is tantamount to a human rights violation.”
>>>Facebook admits its “trending news” sucks, will get the ax

Are ancestry web sites good science? Nope.
… “we come up with statistically plausible distribution of where your ancestors come from.”

No strike! Deal reached with Las Vegas hotel & restaurant workers

Digital license plates roll out in California
cal-digital-plate— California is testing new digital license plates on vehicles — opening up new possibilities and raising new privacy concerns.
— The digital plates use the same technology behind Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader to display large letters and numbers as any other license plate would. But the devices are also able to show ads and personal messages and send data about their locations.

Feds can’t charge dude with crime, but keep his $58,000
Raw Story
— Cleveland resident Rustem Kazazi was strip searched by customs officials at an airport last year because officials suspected he was involved in smuggling, drug trafficking or money laundering.
— As part of the search, officials seized $58,000 in cash that Kazazi was carrying on him — and they still haven’t given it back even though they did not uncover enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

Battle over sports betting has just begun
The Hill
Yup, the sports leagues want a piece of the action
— Dan Spillane, NBA lawyer: “These are our games. [They] are the backbone of the whole business of sports betting, and we think it makes sense for us to be compensated. We’ve invested billions of dollars in creating this product. You can’t have sports betting without our game.”

Revealed: Google’s dream of big payday from Pentagon
The Intercept
drone-military-500x297— Google secretly signed an agreement with the Pentagon to provide cutting edge artificial intelligence technology for drone warfare. About a dozen Google employees have resigned in protest and thousands have signed a petition calling for an end to the contract. The endeavor, code-named Project Maven, is designed to help drone operators recognize images captured on the battlefield.
— Diane Greene, the chief executive of Google’s cloud business unit, claimed that the contract was “only” for $9 million.
— Company emails obtained by The Intercept show that Google expected military drone artificial intelligence revenue to ramp up to an eventual $250 million per year.

Progress in “holy grail” of cancer research: blood biopsies
The Guardian
“This is potentially the holy grail of cancer research, to find cancers that are currently hard to cure at an earlier stage when they are easier to cure,” said Dr Eric Klein, lead author of the research from Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute. “We hope this test could save many lives.”


The Well-Regulated Militia

Uber driver blows passenger away
The Denver Channel

— Police say a driver for Uber shot and killed a passenger in a car early Friday.
That’s a 1-star ride for sure.

Bowler gut shot
If only he’d made that spare

“I didn’t mean to shoot him,” cries judge’s son
Victim might second that emotion — if he were alive

Shocking! Shocking I tell you
Goldman banker charged with insider trading


Makes it up as he goes along….
“We got $6 billion for opioid and getting rid of that scourge that’s taking over our country. And the numbers are way down.”  
— Donald Trump on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 in a Republican rally in Nashville, Tenn.

>>> One-fifth of all deaths of people age 24-35 are from opiods
The Atlantic

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