Wed. May 30

typewriter-realnews.inkWe pretty much leave the “Muller Probe” be. It’s going where it’s going, and all will be revealed in time. In the meanwhile, we avoid whole mountains of pointless speculation, spin, bullshit and wishful thinking.

“Everybody knows N. Korea will never de-nuclearize”
Politicus USA
>>> CIA: N. Korea won’t shuck nukes, might flip burgers
The Hill
— Officials also told NBC News Kim might be willing to open a Western hamburger franchise in Pyongyang as a gesture of goodwill toward The Moron.

Ambien maker to Barr: Racism is not a side effect of our drug
USA Today

Southwest tries vainly to look good after
clueless agent questions mom of biracial son
Aside from the obvious, does this mean a Southwest employee thinks that a FACEBOOK POST is more authentic than a passport? My God!

Southwest Airlines has apologised after one of its officials asked a California basketball coach to prove that she was the mother of her bi-racial son.
Lindsay Gottlieb, who is white, and her fiance Patrick Martin, who is African American, were both present and showed the official their son’s passport.
She says after showing his passport she was asked for further evidence through a Facebook post or birth certificate.

Just what we need, bigger more powerful corporations
Bayer wins US OK for Monsanto deal, to create ag giant

Journalist who fled Russia shot dead
arkady2— He was critical of Russia’s military engagements in Ukraine and Syria and moved to Kiev with his family for their own safety. Arkady Babchenko’s memoirs of the Chechen campaigns were published in English under the title ‘One Soldier’s War.'”
–In recent years, he became a highly vocal critic of the Russian government – a stance that put him at great risk.
>>> Ukraine blames Russia for murder of anti-Kremlin journalist
Claims the Moscow Times

This guy is selling his Facebook data on e-bay
“I realized that I’d been selling my data for free for ages, and decided it was time to cash in.”

Are avocados toast?
California farmers place big bets on climate change
The Guardian
avocado.jpg— For farmers planting crops they hope will bear fruit in 25 years – including avocado trees – climate change must be reckoned with now.
— “I can look out my window and see trees that don’t have a leaf on them and others that are completely leafed out.
— The trees are totally confused.”

Walmart CLAIMS it will fund college degrees for its US workers
But it’s bullshit, as we will see. It will turn out to be an extremely limited program at “for-profit” so-called universities in Walmart’s orbit. The degree will be more or less worthless, except to Walmart. Nice headline, though.
— Walmart Inc. will fund college degrees for its U.S. workforce, the latest benefit rolled out by the nation’s largest private employer to reduce turnover and counter criticism over its treatment of staff.
— The retailer’s 1.5 million employees can now pursue associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in business or supply-chain management at three nonprofit schools for $1 a day, according to a statement Wednesday. Walmart will subsidize tuition, books and fees and provide support with the application and enrollment processes. As many as 68,000 employees might sign up, Walmart executives estimated. They declined to disclose the potential cost of the program.

Tesla on autopilot smashes police car

A Tesla in autopilot mode slammed into a police cruiser in Laguna Beach, Calif., on Tuesday. Police say the patrol vehicle was unoccupied. Police say they’re looking into whether lane markings are creating difficulties for the technology. Lane markings? That’s what this “high tech” depends on? 

Is Ancestry.Com to be trusted?
— It markets its DNA kits with promises that tug at the heartstrings: Discover ancestors. Strengthen family ties. Understand your life.
— Aided by venture capital and a flood of savvy marketing, Ancestry LLC has grown to become the world’s largest DNA testing conglomerate. Since 2012, it has lured more than 5 million people to spit into tubes and add their genetic code to the world’s largest private database of DNA. It has also banked away the world’s largest collection of human spittle, numbering in the hundreds of gallons.
… A three-month review by McClatchy, including visits to Ancestry’s headquarters and a main testing lab, reveals a pattern of breached promises to customers, security concerns and inflated marketing pledges that could give consumers some pause.

Vegas hotel & food workers, fearing robots, plan strike
— Each day, Vegas hotels and restaurants dish up 60,000 pounds of food. It takes nearly 50,000 real-live humans to prepare and serve all those crab legs, potatoes, and chocolate cakes, and now they’ve made it clear: they don’t want to lose their job to robots.
— Members of the city’s Culinary Workers Union voted last week togo on strike after June 1st, when their union contracts are set to expire at 34 different casino resorts.
>>> Flippy The Robot cooking 300 hockey-pucks burgers a day
Faux News

You NEED these 13 vitamins, but taking them in pill form won’t help
Popular Science
— No article or Instagram influencer can tell you whether you need supplemental vitamins. You’d need to go to a certified nutritionist who can analyze your diet, or even to a physician who’ll do testing to evaluate your measurable vitamin levels. Barring that, though, your best bet is to think more carefully about where you get those 13 essential vitamins from.

Judge thrwarts evil DeVos plan to collect $$$ from students
defrauded by her buddies’ bullshit universities
Courthouse News Service
— A federal judge has blocked Education Secretary Besty DeVos’ plan to force more than 60,000 defrauded students to repay loans for education programs that some borrowers describe as “worthless.”
— U.S. Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim found the U.S. Department of Education illegally enacted a rule to make former students of the now-defunct, for-profit Corinthian Colleges repay at least some loan debt.



Trump to meet with “prison reform expert” Kim Kardashian at White House
Vanity Fair
kim-kardashian-simpsons-cartoon-character— After months of back-channel talks between Kim Kardashian and Jared Kushner, the high priestess of reality television is coming to the White House. By late afternoon on Wednesday, Secret Service agents will wave Kardashian and her attorney through the southwest appointment gate to the West Wing, where they will meet Kushner to discuss prison reform before he walks with them to sit down with President Donald Trump, likely in the Oval Office, along with White House counsel. trump-simpsonAccording to a person familiar with the meeting, Kardashian plans to ask Trump to pardon a woman serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense. (White House staffers have joked about who will get to accompany her to the West Wing, and what they should wear for the occasion. The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.)

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