Wed. May 23

Abrams romps to victory in Georgia

abrams— Former state Rep. Stacey Abrams crushed state Rep. Stacey Evans in Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. If she prevails in November, Abrams will make history as the first female African-American elected to a governorship. Republicans, however, have won four straight elections for governor in Georgia.
— In a statement after the race was called, she thanked voters “who believed that a little black girl who sometimes had to go without lights or running water … could become the first woman gubernatorial nominee from either party in Georgia’s history.”

“Deportation bus” candidate defeated
The Hill
— A Republican candidate in Georgia’s gubernatorial race who ran a “Deportation Bus Tour” to the state’s “sanctuary cities” was defeated in the GOP primary Tuesday night.
— State Sen. Michael Williams, who skipped out on running for reelection for his state seat for his gubernatorial bid, earned about 5 percent of the vote in the primary.

30-year old in court, refusing to move from parents house
NBC New York
rotondo— In a real-life case of “Failure to Launch,” an upstate New York judge Tuesday ordered a 30-year-old man to move out of his parents’ house after they went to court to have him ejected.
— Michael Rotondo told the judge he knows his parents want him out of the split-level ranch they share. But he argued that as a family member, he’s entitled to six months’ more time.
… and from
— As Rotondo’s parents sat quietly in the court gallery, Rotondo appeared to crave the spotlight. At one point, the judge called Rotondo up to the bench. Rotondo noted that microphones placed by the media were on the lawyer’s podium. He tried to take the podium up with him.
— Afteward, Rotondo called out to the television camera crews to meet him outside the courtroom for an interview.

They’re already weaseling…
Foxconn, getting massive taxpayer money, cuts back investment in Wisconsin
Nikkei Asian Review
— Foxconn is considering producing small to medium-size displays for Apple, carmakers and others to lower initial costs at its supposed $10 billion factory in Wisconsin.
— Foxconn’s shift to making diversifying displays for cars, personal computers, tablets, mobile devices, televisions and niche products is a change from its previous plan to churn out large panels, mainly for TVs, at the new plant.
— Foxconn and other panel makers face a glut of TV displays that will likely last for years, as many Chinese companies are aggressively adding capacity.

2 in 5 Americans can’t scape together $400 to meet emergency
— Another 25 percent of respondents had zero retirement savings or pension.

Kim, eyeing Singapore meet with the Orange One, fears coup, assassination
Vice News
“For the Kim family, everyone is a potential enemy,” Choi Min Jun, a North Korean defector told the BBC. “The North Korean military, the General Staff Department, the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces, as well as the entire North Korean people, they are all potential enemies.”

Oh! Trade wars are “easy to win”
except this one,
which is “too hard to get done.”
√ Seriously, there’s no need to read beyond the headline. It’ll just be some other bullshit tomorrow.

Sarah Sanders: Being called a liar bothers me
The Hill
“One of the few things you HAVE are your integrity and reputation,” Sanders said.
√ No, Sanders, you mean HAD.

“(Ryan and McConnell) didn’t care who their nominee was, how he got elected or what effects having a foreign power influence our election would have on the nation, as long as they won.”
— James Clapper, former director of national intelligence
Quoted on The Hill

Putin’s “unlimited range” missile crashes after 22-mile flight
The Telegraph (UK)
— “Since its range is unlimited, it can manoeuvre as long as you want,” Mr Putin said. “For now, no one in the world has anything like this.”
— But sources with direct knowledge of a US intelligence report told CNBC that four tests of the missile between November and February all resulted in crashes.

American suffers mysterious sonic injury in China
Channel News Asia
— The US embassy in China issued a health alert after a US government employee experienced an “abnormal” sound and suffered a mild brain injury – in an incident reminiscent of a mysterious illness that hit diplomats in Cuba.

Banks make record profits as Congress set to weaken regulations
— The rollbacks increase the measure at which banks are considered “too big too fail” and subject to tougher restrictions and stress tests from having $50 billion in assets to $250 billion. Additionally, smaller banks with less than $10 billion in assets would not have to comply with the Volcker rule, which stops them from taking large risks with money insured by taxpayers.

Fake Wal-Mart kidnapping was staged to make social media splash
The News & Observer

Four men and the one woman — all either 19 or 20 — plotted the hoax over dinner and behind the Walmart Sunday night before showing up in front to carry out the plan, according to police. Their plan was to film onlookers’ horrified reactions as they witnessed the “abduction,” according to police. Then the group planned to post the video and make a splash on social media.

Facebook will prevent revenge porn,
just give them photos of yourself nude
Vice News
√ What could possibly go wrong?

The Well-Regulated Militia
Man will plead guilty to gunning down 5 in Fort Lauderdale Airport.
NY Times
Esteban Santiago would serve five consecutive life sentences, followed by 120 years in prison for the shooting rampage on Jan. 6, 2017.
√ The weird thing is, there’s so much of this happening in America, that I don’t even remember the original event. 

In 2018, have more died in school shootings or in military service?
As so often happens, it depends on who’s counting.

Support for gun control fades, but still favored by 7 in 10 Americans

NFL owners mull penalty for anthem kneeling
NFL club owners are considering potential 15-yard penalties for kneeling during the national anthem among ways of coping with a backlash over player protests, Sports Illustrated reported Tuesday.
√ Read this AFP version and avoid obnoxious videos on Sports Illustrated site.

Whoops, that “rattlesnake fell into my kayak” story was kinda bullshit
It turns out the kayaker in question “reached out” to grab the snake.

Congress passes patients’ “right to try” measure
— Patients with life-threatening conditions could soon have a new way to ask drug makers for medicines the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t yet approved, after the House on Tuesday voted to approve a version of “right-to-try” legislation.
— The House passed the legislation 250-169. Now, the measure awaits a signature from President Trump, who is expected to sign the legislation into law.

Scientists discover how breast cancer hibernates
— Scientists have identified the mechanism that allows breast cancer cells to lie dormant in other parts of the body only to reemerge years later with lethal force, according to a study published Tuesday.
— In experiments with human cells and live mice, researchers showed that disabling the mechanism — with drugs or gene manipulation — crippled the cancer cells and inhibited their capacity to spread.

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