Fri. May 18

Nearly 51 million American households can’t afford middle class basics, including housing, food, child care, health care and transportation, a new United Way study has found.
Politicus USA

North Carolina teacher’s widely-noticed claim of poverty is a lie
— His claim he was making “$53 a day to educate your child” turns out to be Fake Math.
Hate to bash a teacher but a lie is a lie, no matter who’s telling it. 

No immigrant workers, no crabmeat
Voice of America
— “I don’t know what we would do or the whole area would do without them. I mean from the stores to… I don’t even know how to describe it because of the impact that they have. They keep it all moving.”
— Robin Hall, co-owner, GW Hall & Son Seafood.

… The Well-Regulated Militia …
At least 8 dead in Texas school shooting
Breaking news from Houston Chronicle

>>> Oregon dude, pissed at loud kids, unloads withs assault rifle
Raw Story
— An Oregon man has been arrested after he allegedly opened fire on an apartment complex, injuring two, after he became angry about loud children, reports Portland’s KPTV.
— The alleged shooter Franklin L. Tomes, became angry about the noise at a children’s birthday party—so he opened fire with an AK-47, unloading 12 rounds and hitting two men.
>>> Police shoot gunman at Trump resort

“We don’t have that kind of party discipline.”
How the Dems failed to block Torture Queen’s route to CIA.

The Intercept
— “He is irreversibly damaged by torture that was unusually cruel and designed to break him. In my over 20 years of experience treating torture victims from around the world, including Syria, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. al-Nashiri presents as one of the most severely traumatized individuals I have ever seen.”

Beyond injections —  anti-allergy toothpaste
But of course, you can’t get it in Uh-Murrica, because ah…
Popular Science
— The idea is that patients use two dollops of the toothpaste, which comes in a pre-metered pump, daily in lieu of a weekly allergy shot. The toothpaste typically includes six to 10 of a patient’s key allergens; any more than that, Reisacher says, and the efficacy of the desensitization treatment may go down.

Pulitzer-prize winning reporter now works at hot dog joint
The Weekly Standard 

Charlie LeDuff anticipated all the problems that Trump’s election made plain to the rest of us—then he fell into The Hole himself.

UN predicts Russia will keep losing millions of people
Moscow Times

Amsterdamn’s had it with you damn drunken, stoned tourists

Under a plan “to seek a new balance” put forward by the four parties forming the city’s next coalition council, popular activities like beer-bikes and boozy boat trips will be sharply curtailed.

All 34 Chilean bishops resign in child abuse scandal
— Thirty-four Chilean bishops announced their resignation Friday over a child sex abuse scandal within the Church in Chile after three days of intense meetings with Pope Francis at the Vatican.
— “We, all the bishops present in Rome, have tendered our resignation to the Holy Father so that he may decide freely for each of us,” the bishops said in a statement read by a spokesman at the Vatican.

CDC: Hotel pools, hot tubs are major sources of illness
— Between 2000 and 2014, the CDC recorded 493 disease outbreaks related to treated recreational water, resulting in more than 27,000 illnesses and eight deaths. And in almost a third of those outbreaks, the infections could be traced back to hotel pools, hot tubs and spas, the CDC says. In hotels, pools were a major culprit, but 65 cases stemmed from hot tubs or spas.

Almost everybody (but the media) ignores Trump’s tweets

Another step backward for Banana Republic of America
The Guardian
— The asshole’s administration will reinstate a decades-old policy that will strip federal funds from family planning clinics providing abortion or related services.

China buys record amounts of Russian soy, cancels US orders
— China, the world’s biggest soybean importer, almost tripled purchases from Russia amid a trade dispute with the U.S., the biggest producer.
— Russia sold about 850,000 metric tons of soybeans to China from the start of the 12-month season in July through mid-May, according to Russia’s agriculture agency Rosselkhoznadzor. That’s more than during any season before and compares with about 340,000 tons sold during all of the previous period, Chinese customs data show.

Trump warns Kim: He’ll be the next Gaddafi
The Independent
— Donald Trump has warned Kim Jong-un that North Korea will be “decimated” if it does not agree a nuclear deal, and that Mr Kim himself will be treated in the same manner as slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

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