Thur May 10

simplelineToday’s Dumbest Headline (CNN)
History in the making as Trump welcomes (N. Korea) prisoners home
It’s a dog and pony show, you damn idiots. Kim has already outplayed the US.

Alexa and Siri can hear this hidden command. You can’t
NY Times
— Researchers in China and the United States can send hidden commands that are undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Inside university labs, the researchers have been able to secretly activate the artificial intelligence systems on smartphones and smart speakers, making them dial phone numbers or open websites. In the wrong hands, the technology could be used to unlock doors, wire money or buy stuff online — simply with music playing over the radio.
>>> She’s the accidental voice of Apple’s Siri
Voice of America
siri— Susan Bennett did not expect to find her way onto your phone. Apple did not hire her, and Bennett did not audition for the role. In 2005, she was simply making recordings for a text-to-speech company.
— “For four hours every day, I would read nonsensical phrases and sentences that were created by programmers. The sentences were created solely to get every sound combination possible in the language,” Bennett says.
— Because they were created for sound and not content, Bennett says sometimes the sentences could be very strange – for example, “cow hoist in the tub today” or “fasa ask fasa ask fuzzy.”
>>> Amazon now in model homes, pimping its vision of creepy future
— There’s good reason to not want to live in a house that has thousands of invisible bits of data floating through the air and being scooped up by Amazon. Connected home products are notoriously insecure and more than happy to emit information that you’re not willingly or knowingly sharing.

McCain urges Senate to reject torturer as CIA chief
Arizona Republic
“Her refusal to acknowledge torture’s immorality is disqualifying. I believe the Senate should exercise its duty of advice and consent and reject this nomination.”
>>> Haspel: Torture is immoral, but it was okay when I did it
Vice News
I have a few questions for Gina Haspel
NY Times
I was abducted from exile in Southeast Asia and secretly jailed in one of Libya’s worst dungeons. But the worst torture of my life wasn’t done to me by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s thugs. It was done in Thailand at the hands of the C.I.A.
>>> Haspel lied: The CIA used torture long before 9/11
— No Senators bothered to call Haspel’s lies what they were, but for decades, the CIA had a rigorous interrogation program, codified in a training manual, “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation—July 1963,” which included a procedure akin to waterboarding. The agency also ran an interrogation and assassination program called Phoenix against communist suspects in Vietnam. And never mind its collusion with a variety of thugs in Latin America …simpleline

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Holds Daily Press Briefing At The White House> My daughters just saw Sarah Sanders for the first time.
> Age 8: Mama, what’s wrong with her eyes?
> Me: that’s what happens when you lie too much.
— “Michelle” on Twitter

They set up GoFundMe page, claimed their kid had cancer, but…


Above: Martin and Jolene LaFrance of  Port Byron, New York. Local sheriff says: “The investigation revealed conclusively that the child was never diagnosed with cancer or any other medical condition that was alleged in the GoFundMe solicitation.”

America’s most hated company about to get bigger … again
Why bother having a government, when we could be directly ruled by companies like Comcast?

Beer sales dropping as America chooses booze

Einstein loathed “spooky action at a distance” but…
this experiment proves there’s something to it
Live Science
— “We showed that Einstein’s world-view of local realism, in which things have properties whether or not you observe them, and no influence travels faster than light, cannot be true — at least one of those things must be false.” 

Scientists warn of “ballistic rocks” from Hawaii volcano
— Geologists are warning that Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano – which has been belching toxic gas and oozing lava into a residential area for the past week — could erupt explosively in the coming weeks.
— The possibility of such a sudden eruption will increase as lava flows from Kilauea’s summit crater down its face and magma falls below the water table, the U.S. Geological Survey says. That could create steam pressure that would then explode, it says.
— The volcano could then eject “ballistic rocks” of lava up to several feet in diameter, the USGS said.

Casino boss shovels $30 million to his “pals” in the GOP
— Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has cut a $30 million check to a House GOP leadership fund.
— The donation was sealed last week when House Speaker Paul Ryan flew to Las Vegas to meet with the billionaire at his Venetian Hotel. Also at the meeting was  Norm Coleman, the former Minnesota senator who headss the Republican Jewish Coalition.
— As a federally elected official, Ryan is not permitted to solicit seven-figure political donations. When Ryan left the room, Coleman secured the $30 million “contribution.”

 32 arrested in immigration raid on Iowa company
Iowa City Press Citizen

Oscar Lopez at a community meeting after his dad was hauled away by ICE.

— Iowa Rep. Dave Heaton was on scene at Midwest Precast Concrete, in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where U.S. Homeland Security had arrested 32 men on immigration violations.
— “I saw a bunch of men sitting on the ground,” Heaton said, though he could not get close enough to see if they were handcuffed because police blocked off nearby streets.
— Heaton said he was worried about children of those arrested. “All of a sudden their dad is somewhere else,” Heaton said. “Those kids are in our schools. They play on our soccer and baseball teams like any normal student, and suddenly, their life in one morning has been totally disrupted.”

“It’s what pisses me off about the “they only do jobs americans don’t want to do.” Argument. No, they do jobs that Americans won’t do for less than minimum wage and for fear of their own life.
“The meat packing plants are worst about it. I just wish the owners would get charged more often. ICE raided the plant in my home town years ago and the only management that saw any jail time was a union rep who helped them get stolen SSNs.”
— “Renegard” commenting via Reddit

Just a coincidence, I’m sure
Oh great! Iran, Israel already at war. 
— Israel carried out widespread deadly raids against Iranian targets in Syria on Thursday after rocket fire towards its forces.
— The incident came after weeks of rising tensions and followed Trump’s decision to withdraw from an Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday, a move Israel had long advocated.


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