Wed May 9

N. Korea’s nuclear bait-and-switch
The National Interest
When things sound too good to be true, they usually are.
— So how is one to understand the peace offensive? I hold that it represents the essential third step in the development of a major nuclear power. In step one, North Korea had to develop the technology itself—nuclear warheads and delivery systems. Step two called for publicly testing the weapons to show the world that indeed it has become a nuclear power. … Since then, the United States and its allies have stated that they would deprive North Korea its nukes, one way or another. Step three then—the peace offensive—serves to preempt such an attack.
… the United States and its allies surely cannot strike North Korea’s nuclear facilities if Pyongyang is loudly declaring its willingness to give them up through peaceful negotiations.

Corporate shills scramble to “explain” payments to Cohen
— Besides offering a potential new view on links between Russia and Trump, the revelations bring scrutiny to global companies AT&T Inc., Novartis AG and Korea Aerospace IndustriesLtd.

Why bother writing at all?
Google will “auto-complete” that e-mail for you.
The Guardian
This oughta be hilarious.

A peek at the future of digital electioneering?
Google suspends ads related to Irish abortion vote

Who delivers faster? Pizzerias or drug dealers?
Order both online, and your cocaine will arrived first.
Please don’t snort the pizza.

— In the United Kingdom over 37% of respondents said they have received cocaine in less than 30 minutes when ordered online and over 80% said it would happen on the same day.
— The figures in the US show at least 23% getting the drug in half an hour or less and over 54% would get the same day delivery.

Do Tuesday primary votes show that voters
are tired of electing “the craziest son of a bitch in the race?”

Artificial Intelligence (and video game tech)
take researchers inside human cells
— Current techniques rely on genetic alteration, special dyes, or intense light, tend to change or damage the very cells a scientist is trying to study. Also, those techniques rely on costly equipment that is not available in every lab.
— Until now, there haven’t been good alternatives,

Students say Wisconsin schools snatched away lunches
ABC-TV local
— The superintendent said the Stanley-Boyd School District has been cracking down on lunch accounts that hit zero but denies food was trashed.
–He said the school instead offers those students an alternative lunch.
Nearly as pathetic as the content of this story is that no newspaper or web site reported it, except for the local TV stations. And the station that last reported it can’t spell Wisconsin.

Wow, I guess we’d better junk the judicial system because some guy in Maryland is in love with Trump. 

A sign in Calvert County, Maryland.

DNA evidence gathered to solve Zodiac killer, other cold cases
RealClear Life
— Investigators in San Francisco and nearby jurisdictions are poring over Zodiac evidence again, hoping to use new, more refined DNA technology to obtain a viable sample—likely from one of the letters Zodiac sent to the press. If they manage to build a full profile their next stop may be a genealogy site like GEDMatch.

Georgia mother: In exchange for cash, drugs,
I let men rape my small children
Fox News
morgansummerlin— Officials said the two young victims told adults in April 2017 their mother would bring them to men’s homes to be molested and raped for money. In one incident, the two girls said their mother brought them to the home of 78-year-old Richard Office, who was referred to as “Pop.”

Coal collapsing faster; wind, solar pick up
— More coal plants are now projected to retire more quickly than experts thought a year ago, according to energy-industry analysts who gathered in Chicago Tuesday.
— Three energy sources—wind, solar and natural gas—are expected to divide up the spoils, they said at the American Wind Energy Association conference.
>>> California’s move to require solar panels on new homes

Fact Check: True
GOP Candidate says Trump backed by 58% in Ohio
See? It’s not so hard. Republicans CAN tell the truth when it makes ’em look good.

Groundhog’s (last) Day
What is it with the trigger-happy cops in the US?
They’re afraid of groundhogs now?

dog-pony-juggleGrab the popcorn! Bring the kiddies!
— “Questioning” of torture queen Haspel (oh, she’d never do it again, my gosh no.)
— Iran “deal” (the backsliding will soon begin)
— N. Korea prisoner release. (Photo op)
–“Christians” upset about NY fashion show (they’re not outraged when children are taken from their refugee parents, but they are furious when some fashion model wears a pope’s mitre.)

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