Tue May 8

Louisiana kicks 37,000 out of nursing homes

USA Today
— Louisiana’s Department of Health will begin sending nursing home eviction notices Thursday to more than 30,000 residents who could lose Medicaid under the budget passed by the state House of Representatives.
— “The Louisiana Department of Health is beginning the process of notifying all impacted enrollees that some people may lose their Medicaid eligibility,” Department of Health spokesman Bob Johannessen said. “The goal of the department is to give notice to all affected people as soon as possible in order that they begin developing their appropriate plans.”
— Gov. John Bel Edwards’ staff has planned a press conference Wednesday for more details, a day before the notices are set to be mailed to 37,000 Medicaid recipients in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.

“I work in long term care. Do you realize how many millions of elderly & disabled human beings this will happen to? Low, low estimate is 80% in Nursing homes are medicaid patients. Is this who we are now? We throw our elderly away?”
— Debbie Sederis on Twitter

“How scared and worried I am for them, can you imagine themselves? People will die, it’s genocide of the poor”
— Luna Lovegood on Twitter

“My grandfather was notified that he will be kicked out of his nursing home on July 1st. He has Alzheimer’s and cancer. He lived with us for as long as we could still manage. Not sure what to do now.”
— Carey Adams on Twitter


Cop gets 5 years in prison after beating Wal-Mart customer over a frickin tomato 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tyrone Carnegay

— A former Atlanta police officer was sentenced to five years in prison Monday for beating a Walmart customer he wrongfully accused of stealing a tomato.
— Trevor King, 49, of Stockbridge, was convicted in December on federal charges of unreasonable force and falsifying a police report.
— According to prosecutors, King was in uniform and working off-duty at the Walmart on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive when he saw Tyrone Carnegay weigh a tomato and walk toward the store’s exit.
— King stopped the victim near the door and hit the victim with his baton seven times, breaking two bones in the victim’s right leg.
— As Carnegay lay on the floor bleeding from his injuries, prosecutors said King searched him and found a receipt for the tomato in Carnegay’s bag.

But that’s okay, because Russia is our friend
Russian hackers posed as terrorists, threatened US military wives
— Army wife Angela Ricketts was soaking in a bubble bath in her Colorado home, leafing through a memoir, when a message appeared on her iPhone:
— “Dear Angela!” it said. “Bloody Valentine’s Day!”
— “We know everything about you, your husband and your children,” the Facebook message continued, claiming that the hackers operating under the flag of Islamic State militants had penetrated her computer and her phone. “We’re much closer than you can even imagine.”

It’s not cricket
Yankees, Red Sox to play twice in London
— The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will clash in two regular-season games in London next year — the first ever Major League Baseball matches played in Europe, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced on Tuesday.
— The 2019 series will be played on June 29 and June 30 at the London Stadium, the site of the 2012 Olympic Games, which will be configured for baseball, with an estimated capacity of 55,000.

Google expert: Machine learning no better than “alchemy”
Live Science
— Researchers who work in the field — when a computer “learns” due to a process of trial and error — not only don’t understand exactly how their algorithms learn, but they don’t understand how the techniques they’re using to build those algorithms work either.

Uber robo-driver saw pedestrian, shrugged, killed her
— Uber’s self-driving technology detected a pedestrian before a deadly crash in Arizona earlier this year but didn’t react quickly enough because it had been set to ignore “false positives.”

50,000 U/Calif. low-wagers stage a 3-day strike
Courthouse News Service
— A California employees’ union representing 25,000 low-wage campus and medical facility workers began its statewide, three-day strike on Monday after a year-long impasse in negotiations with the University of California came to a head last month.
— Later this week the union workers will be joined by two other unions in solidarity. Up to 50,000 workers will be out in what could be the largest strike in the University of California system’s history.

Crypto-Jacking is a real thing, and might involve your computer
The Conversation
— The mining script can be very small – just a few lines of text that download a small program from a web server, activate it on the user’s own browser and tell the program where to credit any mined cryptocurrency. The user’s computer and electricity do all the work, and the person who wrote the code gets all the proceeds. The computer’s owner may never even realize what’s going on.

Michelle Obama envy
First Lady’s “guidance” just a cut-and-paste job
The Guardian
Following a backlash on social media, the language was updated to describe the pamphlet as “a Federal Trade Commission booklet, promoted by First Lady Melania Trump.”

Now that NY atty gen’l has quit, what about Trump probe?
Climate Change Investigations
— Odds are that a Democrat will be appointed who will carry on the Trump investigations without interruption. If a pro-Trump person is somehow appointed, then things would change dramatically but we don’t have any reason to assume this would happen.
— This is a big deal because the New York state criminal investigations into Trump and his associates have been running in parallel to the Mueller probe.  Since presidential pardons don’t cover state charges, the New York investigations have been viewed as an insurance policy against a Trump pardon for his many co-conspirators.

Illinois cop says he’ll kill drug dogs if pot goes legal
Raw Story
— The head of a police K-9 academy in Illinois said police might be forced to euthanize some of the 275 trained drug search dogs in the state if the legislature legalizes recreational marijuana.
— According to  Chad Larner, director of Maron County’s K-9 Training Academy, “retraining” the dogs would be “extreme abuse,” and that many of the dogs are not socialized to the extent that they would make good pets if retired.

Suicide rate in Puerto Rico rises as storm recovery lags
— “We have elderly people who live alone, with no power, no water and very little food,” says Adrian Gonzalez, chief operating office at Castaner General Hospital in a small town in the central mountains. The loss of routine has created widespread anxiety among the elderly, he says. “We have two in-house psychologists and right now their [schedules are] packed.”

5 people shot in downtown San Diego
CBS News

dog-pony-juggle— Sessions to “get tough” on border crossings
— Bullshit. People cross the border to find work. Only a crackdown on EMPLOYERS can ever be successful. Do not hold your breath, since the US government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of corporate America.

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