Thur 4.26

We look for stories that deliver a lot of news in a few words.

“You are unfit to hold public office and undeserving of the public trust … every indication we have is you really should resign …”
— US Sen. Frank Pallone to EPA’s Scott Pruitt

“Insane” US policy will kill Iran nuke deal: Macron
The Guardian
Emmanuel Macron conceded he had probably failed in his attempt during a three-day trip to Washington to persuade Donald Trump to stay in the Iran nuclear deal, describing US flip-flopping on international agreements as “insane.”
— The French president had hoped to convince Trump to continue to waive sanctions on Iran, as agreed by the 2015 nuclear deal, in which Iran agreed to accept strict curbs on its nuclear activities. Macron offered Trump the prospect of negotiations on a new complementary deal that would address Iranian missile development and Tehran’s military intervention in the Middle East.
— “My view – I don’t know what your president will decide – is that he will get rid of this deal on his own, for domestic reasons.”

Ronny, we hardly knew ye
The Hill
jacksonronny— The Navy doctor’s nomination was already in trouble when Senate Democrats on Wednesday released a new batch of allegations, including that he provided a “large supply” of opioid painkillers to a White House military staffer and wrecked a government vehicle after getting drunk at a Secret Service going-away party. 
— Republican and Democratic lawmakers had previously expressed concern over Jackson’s lack of experience leading a large organization and his views on whether to privatize veterans health-care services.
— The VA is the second-largest Cabinet agency, employing roughly 360,000 people. Jackson manages a staff of 70 at the White House Medical Unit.
— >>> Trumpers swamped with legal fees

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end
Streaming music = death of the professional songwriter
Pacific Standard Magazine
–Andre Lindal, having finally climbed to the pinnacle of pop songwriter success, surveyed his works and despaired.
— The heart-throbber he had written for Justin Bieber, “As Long as You Love Me,” was a smash hit, reaching No. 3 on Billboard’s Top 40 rankings. The music video, starring actor Michael Madsen, had garnered over 34 million plays on YouTube in its first year. Pandora users had listened to the track more than 38 million times.
— Then he found that the 34 million YouTube views had earned him $218.

Florida’s “Starry Night House” gets a judicial reprieve
Orlando Sentinel

Mount Dora, Florida officials say the “Starry Night” home of Nancy Nemhauser and Lubomir Jastrzebski violates city code, but the owners got a temporary injunction from a federal judge to stop $100-a-day fines by the city,

The 10 states hostile to rooftop solar
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin account for more than 33 percent of the total rooftop-solar potential of small buildings in the contiguous U.S. but less than 8 percent of net generation in 2017.

Revenge porn site Anon-IB seized by Dutch cops
“Anon-IB was a cancer on the internet, and needed to be removed. We are immeasurably grateful to the Dutch police and all parties who had a hand in getting anonIB shut down.”
— Katelyn Bowden, campaigner against revenge porn.
–>>> Got a grudge? Sorry, cops just shut down biggest hire-a-hacker web site
— Authorities in 12 countries, including the United States, seized servers and arrested four top administrators of, crippling what is believed to be the most successful of the cyberattack-for-hire platforms.

Ford giving up on selling cars in US,
will focus on SUVs, trucks
The Detroit News
— Ford Motor Co. plans to trim $25.5 billion in operating costs by 2022 and cut its North American passenger car lineup by more than 80 percent, eliminating the Taurus, Fiesta, Fusion, C-Max and Focus sedans within a few years.

The long, tortured search for the Golden Gate Killer
LA Times
deangelo-cops.jpeg— He slipped in through backdoors and windows in the dark. First he struck in the foothills east of Sacramento, raping at least 46 women, before he began killing and headed south.
— From 1978 to 1986, he killed 12 people in attacks ranging from the Sacramento County city of Rancho Cordova to the Orange County cities of Irvine and Dana Point. In Ventura, he tied up a couple with a drapery cord and raped the wife before fatally bludgeoning them with a fireplace log. In Goleta, he bound a doctor and his wife, a clinical psychologist, and shot them both.
>>> Who is this guy?
Sacramento Bee
>>> He worked quietly in a warehouse for 27 years
S.F. Chronicle

 You wonder whose payroll this wing-nut is on … 
Former US Senator vows to fight move to pay teachers more
… and hmm, he hates the tax breaks for wind energy too.
— Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn will “work as hard as I can” to overturn a $400 million revenue bill lawmakers say is necessary to pay for raises for teachers, school support personnel and state employees.
— Coburn said he supports more money for teachers and instruction but said it should be found in existing revenue and by eliminating tax credits for wind energy.

–>>> If farmers in just 3 states abandon Trump over tariffs …
— Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania … in each of these states, the number of farmers far exceeds the president’s margin of victory in 2016. If all three states saw significant ag defection, a Democratic challenger could pick up 46 Electoral College votes — enough to tip the balance even if Trump performs up to his 2016 standards in every other state in the union.

They’ll have to destroy this neighborhood in order to save it
In booming Seattle, plenty of jobs, too few homes

— Zach Lubarsky wants to radically reconceive the way Seattle lives. He and fellow activists have waged a data-driven campaign to change the city’s zoning to allow more “density” in single-family neighborhoods, which account for more than half of the city’s land.
— If this pro-density campaign succeeds, neighborhoods like Wallingford could be transformed by a wave of new construction that would gradually replace single-family homes with duplexes, town homes, apartments and other multifamily housing types.
— And that would go some of the way toward solving a paradox that threatens many of America’s most successful cities: the younger workers needed to maintain that urban success can no longer afford to live there.
_>>>Hot new city for fed-up New Yorkers: Columbus, Ohio
NY Post

7 demographic trends shaping US and world
Pew Research
#1: Millennials will outnumber Boomers by next year.
#2: More Americans housed in “shared living” accommodations

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