Fri 4.13

“Mob boss” vs. “slime ball”
There must be news that’s more important than this.
Oh yeah, there is …

Huge find of “rare earth” minerals in Japanese waters
The Independent
… “some of the most critically important elements in the modern society”, including rare earth elements such as terbium and dysprosium.
… a 2,500-square kilometre region off the southern Japanese island could contain 16 million tons of the valuable elements.
— In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers suggested their finding “has the potential to supply these metals on a semi-infinite basis to the world”
>>> China’s near monopoly on rare earth minerals The Week

Packers hall of famer fears he has brain disease,
says kids should not play tackle football
– ‘favreIf I had a son myself, I suppose I could make him not play, but I would really, really strongly discourage him from playing,’ said Favre in a recent documentary he produced titled ‘Shocked.’
— “When you have ringing of the ears, seeing stars, that’s a concussion. If that is a concussion, I’ve had hundreds, probably thousands throughout my career, which is frightening.”

TPP trade deal “another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country.”
— Donald Trump, as candidate … but now seeking to enter TPP

Trump orders probe of Amazon’s use of Postal Service
The infant will have his tantrums

… the order asked the task force to evaluate “the expansion and pricing of the package delivery market and the USPS’s role in competitive markets,” among other issues.

Google loses landmark case over “right to be forgotten”
The Guardian
Businessman wins legal action to force removal of search results about past conviction.

Arizona governor agrees to 20% raise for teachers
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has given in to demands for pay raises for teachers, who have been conducting a month of protests at the state Capitol and at schools. He has proposed to boost teacher salaries 20 percent by 2020.

Facial recognition cameras find wanted man in crowd of 60,000
— The suspect, who has been identified only as Mr Ao, was attending a concert by pop star Jacky Cheung in Nanchang city last weekend when he was caught.
— Police said the 31-year-old, who was wanted for “economic crimes”, was “shocked” when he was caught.
— China has a huge surveillance network of over 170 million CCTV cameras.

Wisconsin nut job blew himself up,
destroyed other peoples’ homes

Fond Du Lac Reporter
By sheer coincidence, weapons, white supremacist propaganda found in his ruined apartment.
morrow> BEAVER DAM – The man who died in an explosion in his Beaver Dam apartment last month had white supremacist material along with an array of explosive chemicals, guns and ammunition, according to search warrants unsealed in Dodge County.
— Benjamin D. Morrow, 28, of Beaver Dam, was killed when his unit in Village Glen Apartments’ building 109 exploded on March 5. There were no other deaths or injuries.
— In search warrants released Thursday, investigators found that Morrow had a “homemade explosives laboratory” in the apartment. They found his body in the kitchen by the stove, which had a burner on.
… authorities took the unusual step of burning the 16-unit apartment building on March 15. Officials said the presence of dangerous chemicals on-site made it unsafe to try to salvage the building, citing the risk of another explosion or chemical exposure to workers.

Readers invest $1-million in Berkeley hyper-local news outfit
Courthouse News Service
— Berkeleyside announced Thursday that it has raised $1 million from 400 readers to bolster its news coverage.
— Berkeleyside cofounder and publisher Lance Knobel pinned the public offering’s success on four factors: a loyal following of readers, wealthy Berkeley residents who care about their community, the investment culture of nearby Silicon Valley, and the election of President Donald Trump, which has inspired some to invest in institutions often attacked by the president as phony and dishonest.

A well-armed militia …
Black teen misses his bus, gets shot at asking for directions
walkerkid— A 14-year-old missed his bus and it nearly cost him his life.
— Things took a dangerous turn when Brennan Walker went looking for help at a Rochester Hills home Thursday morning and was confronted by a man with a gun.
— Walker was trying to walk the bus route to Rochester High School after he woke up late and missed his bus. His mom had taken his phone away, so he didn’t have that with him to get directions. So he knocked on a stranger’s door for help.  The homeowner answered with a shotgun and fired as the teenager ran away.

Congressional Budget Office says:
80% of savings from recent tax law will go to foreigners
— Nearly one-third of the U.S. stock market is owned by foreign investors, which means they’re benefiting from the $238 billion increase in stock buyback authorizations since the tax law passed.

‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ sues Christian publisher, claims bestselling book was a phony
The Christian Post
We should have known. After all, the family name is Malarkey.
TheBoyBookCover— The subject of the bestselling book “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” has sued the Christian publisher Tyndale House after admitting his tale was entirely made up.
— Alex Malarkey, now 20, was paralyzed following a 2004 car accident that left him in a coma, and he claimed after regaining consciousness that he had gone to Heaven and communicated with God and Jesus.
— His story was turned into a 2010 bestseller,  but Malarkey later admitted the story was entirely fabricated.
— According to the lawsuit, the religious publisher made millions from the tale that Malarkey says his now-deceased father made up.

University Study claims…
Philadelphia soda tax worked

Eureka Alert
— Philadelphia residents were 40 percent less likely to drink sugary soda and 60 percent less likely to drink an energy drink each day.

Deluded Ryan says he practiced “inclusive” politics
… wants the GOP to recruit more minorities, women
CBS News
Below: Ryan with GOP leadership, including all its women, minorities

Paving the way for Foxconn, homeowners will be crushed
Belt Magazine
Good story, but I do wish the reporter had asked the angry homeowners whether they had voted for Foxconn’s manservant, Gov. Scott Walker.

— “I’m a tax-paying citizen and I deserve better than this, to just be kicked to the curb and thrown out of my residence.”

Idaho town of 330 enflamed by racially tinged rape allegations
Washington Post (paywall reroute via Tampa Bay Times)

Shelly and Tim McDaniel, back row, right, are seen with some of their adopted children. Their lawsuit claims that three players on the Dietrich, Idaho high school football team sexually assaulted a mentally disabled teammate — a son of the McDaniels — with a coat hanger. The three alleged assailants are white; the McDaniels’ son is black.

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