Thur 4.12

queen-elizabeth-ii-longest-reign-64 (1)
The ultimate welfare queen

Nope, we’re not providing links to the “Royal Wedding.” We don’t even know, exactly, who is getting married. But this event does figure as a huge dog-and-pony show, which has the effect of keeping a money-wasting medieval monarchy in the public eye.

The Gulf Stream’s weaker than it’s been in 1,500 years
— with serious implications around the world …
Live Science

… scientists reporting in two new studies have found that it’s weakening, by a lot. In fact, the current hasn’t been this sluggish in 1,500 years — a finding that could carry serious (although not disaster-movie serious) repercussions for weather and sea-level rise around the world.

New Zealand bans offshore oil exploration
NZ Herald
— Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is defending her Government’s dramatic ban on offshore oil exploration, saying the transition to a zero-carbon economy “must start somewhere” and promising that no jobs on rigs now operating will be lost.


“I was raped.”
“You remember, don’t you, Mr. Cosby?”

Vermont passes tougher gun laws
Courthouse News Service
The new laws, which take effect Oct. 1, require universal background checks, raise the age of purchase from 18 to 25, and make it easier to take guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves and others.

Parkland teacher who volunteered to carry gun in school leaves loaded pistol in restroom
Miami Herald
sean— According to the sheriff’s office report, Simpson told deputies he’d left his gun by accident. By the time the chemistry teacher realized his mistake, the Glock was already in the hands of a drunk homeless man who had picked it up and fired. The bullet hit a wall.
— Simpson was able to grab the gun away from the vagrant, Joseph Spataro, who was charged with firing a weapon while intoxicated and trespassing.

Oh wait! Trump wants a do-over on that budget-busting bill he signed
Raising the question: Why do we even bother having a Constitution?
— The White House is seeking to essentially take a scalpel to last month’s $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, scratching out any funding that Trump doesn’t personally back.
— Budget experts have said a rescissions package of that scale would likely be unprecedented: One party’s leaders in Congress and the White House have never before unilaterally agreed to unravel a spending deal that has already been sealed.

… “then he spanked me and said, Are you going to mention my name?”
Vice News

Woman who would be federal judge weasels
when asked about school segregation
Raw Story
vitter— A federal judicial nominee on Wednesday refused to say whether she agrees with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision that ruled “separate but equal” schools are unconstitutional when grilled during her Senate confirmation hearing.
— “Do you believe that Brown v. Board of Education was correctly decided?” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) asked Trump judicial nominee Wendy Vitter.
— “Senator, I don’t mean to be coy,” Vitter responded, “but I think I get into a difficult area when I start commenting on Supreme Court decisions, which are correctly decided and which I may disagree with. My personal, political or religious views I would set aside.”

It’s finally happened…
Fox News has descended into Biblical apocalypse forecasting
Beware Planet X!
“We won’t know the day or the hour — so we should be prepared at all times!”

NJ guy stabbed a dude in fit of jealousy and is now a cop accused of some really bad behavior
Asbury Park Press
ATLANTIC CITY – At age 19, Franco Sydnor was convicted of stabbing his wife’s ex-lover four times.
— A few years later, he was hired to be an Atlantic City cop anyway.
— In the next two decades, Sydnor, a city detective, has been accused of sexual assault, physical assault, domestic violence and even throwing a handcuffed man into a wishing well, according to details revealed in a federal court hearing this week.

It’s time for Ryan to cash in
while spending more time with his kids

“The kind of board that (Ryan) would go after would probably pay between $250,000 and $300,000 a year and he could probably get three or four of them,” said Fred Foulkes, a professor of at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. “There would be dozens that would like to have him, particularly companies that have part of their business in key relationships with certain parts of government.”

China: Give Assad a chance to uhm “explain” his chemical weapons attacks
“the pressing concern for now is to conduct a comprehensive, fair and objective investigation on the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria to find out the truth.”
>>> Chemical weapons experts need evidence, smuggle bodies out of Douma 
The Guardian

China wants to give Assad a chance to “explain”

Pompeo, hoping to be Sec’y of State,
failed to “remember” his business dealings with China

Is there even one of these guys who can honestly fill out a form?

Kremlin says there are no oligarchs in Russia,
and this fools only 3% of the population
Moscow Times

Surprise! Poisoned Yulia Skripal spurns offer of Russian “help”
The Independent

China’s building 10,000 extremely ugly rainmakers in the desert
Popular Science

Not pretty, are they?





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